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No Such Thing As Too Much Fun!

Oh the Dignity of a little Doggie!

January 20th 2007 9:38 pm
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hello everybody.. i so, hope your day was..(all togather now) FUN FUN FUN.. Well 99% of mine was.. but oh the dignity of a little Doggie (ME) was reduced to a most embarassing moment.. But lets go back a ways, a few days..
When i arrived at my furever home i had been accustom to eating, pooing and sleeping..Of coarse I was only 7 weeks old BOL.. But as soon as i got to my new home that all changed. Pop's knew I was overwhelmed so he held me alot for the first few days.. From high on the safety of pop's arm I could watch the other critters all running and jumping and playing.. I studied how they did it and soon decided I was ready to enter the fun arena.. I had so much fun being a pup that i would have to hurry up and wee, anywhere, to get back to playing as soon as possible..Then it happened the training started.. "go here, do this, do that, Dont Do This, Never ever do that!".. you all know the drill.. I got so tired of all the Don't Do That's, that i decided to make up my own rules for acceptable behavior.. basicaly I kept it simple.. Do what my training taught me unless i was not in eye sight.. BOL Most all my lessons went smooth and I got the biggies almost all down pat.. there are a few I still wonder why i can't do them.. so being the lil' joker, i keep on trying to convince the Pop's it'll be ok just this one time.. Or oh, pops all the other pups are doing it...If that doesnt work i try and act all mad at him.. turning my head away when he calls..or tries to sneak puppy breath kisses.. (that allways gets him).. any ways when all else fails I just wait till he is working and sneak off to try what i wanted to with his adult suppervision.. well pups.. today I learned that ole" Pop's is pretty smart and though i will still adventure on, one thing i may not try again is : "When they sat dont eat that, i may come closer to listening..cause today i snuck off and went right back to coffee table.. stood up on my little paws, and reached and stretched untill i snagged the news paper.. all wrapped up in plastic bag.. then i took me a few bites.. (Ok, Ok, they know not to leave anything anywhere near the floor now!) 'cause an hour later i went out to..(well you know what i went out to do).. i searched and searched for the bestest spot.. found it and then it happened.. somthing wasnt right.. YIKES~~~~~~> i took off for the house in a sideways twisty turnee kinda paniced run.. little paws dig'n deep for more speed and every step i took somthing slapped up against my tail which redirected me momenterly till i was banging into walls and running in circles trying to see what was up back there! Mamma G. saw me and knew what it was automatical.. she walked causually over to me.. grabbed my hinny and pulled a piece of news paper plastic from a place i'd rather not talk about...Oh The Dignity Of a Little Doggie and bad choices.. I'm thinking Pop's realy does has my best intrest in mind, and though i'm sure I will test the limits of his knowledge.. I bet i wasn't the only one that learned a little someth'n today.. BOL so pups.. be pups, and Pop's be Pop's and somewhere in it all we will grow up togather.. Have a fun tommorow and if you find yourself in an embarassing moment..Pup's or Pop's, just do the best ya can.. learn from it and move on, cause in the end, life was one whole plastic string of learning daily from start to finish.. Take care of your business, if ya need help get it and the only real embarassing moments are watching someone else experience what you wish you had tried.. Puppy life Rocks! woohoo! hey I think I will go try to eat a rock! Later all.. ~ Jokee Joke Joker~


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