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"A Dog's Life by Skeeter".

My Summer Adventures

July 30th 2005 4:01 pm
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Well it has been along time since I have wrote in my diary, but I am back.
Summer is the funniest time of the year for me, always outside playing with
my toys. I exspecially enjoy playing with my frizbee, I carry it around all day
long. Every morning and night me and daddy go for long walks around the
neighborhood, it is so enjoyable just spending time with daddy. Dad has
been building a new pole barn out in the country so when ever he goes out
there if it isn't to HOT I get to go with him. It is so much fun there because
there is all kinds of critters to chase, I exspecially love chasing the bunny
rabbbits. My friend Annie is always there to and she is so goofy because she
is always chasing all the butterflies in the field. Me and Annie have become
best of buddies, she is a Brittney. She has a brother Albert a English Bulldog,
he tries to keep up with us but with his short little legs he doesn't last long.
I don't like most dogs but Annie is pretty cool, we have become really good
doggie buddies. Sometimes I wish I lived out in the country so that I could
run like this all the time but I am happy where ever momma and daddy are.
With my age I don't last that long running anymore anyways, now when I come
home I get a bath and take a long nap on the couch. Well happy Summer and
Happy Trails to all the doggies.

Love Skeeter


Snowy Days

December 23rd 2004 3:27 pm
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Today was a wonderful day for me, I woke up and there was over 22 inches of snow on the ground. I was so excited and couldn't wait for momma to get dressed so we could go outside and place. I am a snow baby, just love to play in the snow for hours. We went outside and all the trees were fallen over from the ice that followed the snow last night and alot of people were with out power. We were outside playing with my favorite tennis ball and I would run to get it and just slid all the way across the top of the snow. After awhile I was so excited momma said I was goofy because I would just take off running and dive nose first into the snow. I had snow all over me and wasn't cold at all but momma insisted that I put my winter coat on. I'm glad the other doggies weren't out because they would probably have laughed at me. We played for hours then came into the house and cuddled by the fireplace. Momma had doggies transport today but had to cancel because of the weather but she will get the doggies to their new forever homes tomoorw. I am just glad that we got to spend the quality time together today.

Happy Howl-i-day To All


Doggie Transport

November 27th 2004 8:14 am
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Well today is the day that my momma is helping tranport 5 little puppies from Cincinnati,Oh to Boston, MA. I am not allowed to go because I am not friendly with other doggies, but I am willing to give up this time with my momma so that these little babies make it to their new forever homes. This is a great thing that all these people do to help these doggies get out of kill shelter and to have the opportunity to have a happy life. My momma has helped alot of doggies over the years and to see how happy she is when she comes homes, only makes me love her more.
It does how ever make me sad to know that she would love to have another doggie in the family and to know that I wouldn't be nice to a new comer. But I do know even with this disappointment that she loves me unconditionally and would not have it any other way. I am her first dog and because of me she realized just how precious doggies are and this is how she started doing the rescue. My momma figured if she couldn't help a dog by bringing it home, at least she would help it get to a good loving home. Well its time to take a nap so when momma gets home we can go outside and play.



The Sadness of Some Dogs Lifes

November 27th 2004 8:03 am
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My momma does doggie rescue and I see her cring alot about the abuse and neglect that people show their pets. It is reality that all dogs are not as happy as I am and it is a shame, because we all deserve a life of happiness and if it isn't with the person that agreed to take care of us it should be in their nature to give us to someone that would be willing to give us a chance and show us the love and compassion that they would want to receive. I know there are alot of doggies in the world that are not treated well and never feel the love that I have experienced in my life, but I can only pray that one day someone will come along and take them away from the unhappiness and they will live their lifes to the fullest. All animals deserve the right to live a happy loving life and it is up to us to help the unfortunate ones get there. We have to stop the cruelty now :(

Insight of Hunanity: Until he extends the circle of compassione, man himself will not be complete. All things are connected.

God Bless everyone,


My Big Adventure

November 6th 2004 5:59 am
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Well today was my first real Pheasant hunting day, I know that it may seem alittle
weird my first hunting day when I am 8 years old. But I am a very nervouse, shy doggie and I am extremely gun shy. But awhile back my daddy took me out to pretend hunt and when he shot his mussle loader I wasn't scared at all. So today we went out with dads friend and his doggie Annie to go hunting and I did a great job.
There were lots of Pheasants to point at and chase, it was alot of fun. I know that I'm not the perfect bird dog but even though I don't do everything I am supposed to do, my daddy was so proud of me. I have always had it in me to hunt but just couldn't get myself to not be afraid of loud noises. I would actually run all the way back to the truck the first time that the gun would go off and jump through the window and be sitting in the truck when my daddy got there. He is very understanding when it comes to me and I know that even if I don't make it as a hunting dog, I will always be his number one buddy. I am very lucky to have my daddy because other dogs like myself may not have been so lucky because alot of people would get rid of their hunting dogs if they were not hunters. I love my daddy so much, well it is time to get to the couch for a nap, it has been a long tiresome day and I need rest. O theres my pillow, talk soon.


Trick Or Treat

October 30th 2004 4:30 pm
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Last night was Trick Or Treat and I had a amazing time seeing all the kids dressed up and coming to my door for candy. Unfortunately momma wouldn't let me go play with them because I am so unpredictable with little ones. I had my Bone Head costume on and everyone thought I was just adorable, but then again when am I not adorable according to my momma.
My momma is the greatest, we have so much fun together and she spoils me rotten. But I still couldn't get her to give me any of that candy in the bowl, guess it was for the kiddies. Anyways there a doggie in our neighborhood that goes Tricker Treating every year and it was really exciting to see him this year, his name is King and he is a beautiful PitBull. Couldn't understand though because his daddy let him walk around with all the kids, maybe I'm just not grown up enough yet. Well Halloween is over now and I get to look forward to my favorite holiday, CHRISTMAS . Wonder what Santa will bring me this year, hopefully its something I can tear up or eat. What ever I get it will be something great from momma and daddy.
See ya :)


Halloween Night

October 19th 2004 11:47 am
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Well as you all know it is almost Halloween and I am all ready for this night.
My mommy has already bought me my costume and I am looking forward to the big night that I get to walk around the neighborhood and see all the little monsters. Hopefully I won't be to scared when the time comes because last year I wasn't to good with the little children because they are just alittle to hyper for me. I know that I'm not a young pup now but I am still learning to change my habits in life. Anyways I was a female pirate last year and thought that I looked adorable, my daddy on the other hand thought it was ridiculous to dress me up. But I say what ever makes my momma happy is fine with me.
This year though I'm not sure what my costume is yet, but I know I got one because my momma was so excited the other day when she brought it home for me (daddy rolled his eyes of course). Well it is nap time now, so it is time for me to go to dream world and think about all those birdies in the world that I should be outside hunting. Sounds fun but I think I will stay on my couch with my blanket and pillow where its alot warmer place then outside in that rain. Good Night :)



A Dogs Adventure

October 14th 2004 4:43 pm
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Today I went on my first actual hunting trip, this is something unusual for me because I am extremely gun shy. My new pal Annie went with me, and our daddies to the field to see how we would do. It was all fun times running around the field and chasing birds, but then my dad put me in the truck because his friend was going to shoot his mussle loader. The mussle loader let out a loud bang and out of the truck I came. I was surprised by my actions because I wasn't scared at all, he even shot it a second time and I didn't run away. Off into the field I went looking for pheasants when all of a sudden I spotted one in the distance. I could hear my daddy and his friend talking about how good I was doing standing in point at this bird. Then all of a sudden I darted after it and ended up killing it. I know that I wasn't supposed to kill it myself, but it was alot of fun. I even ended up chasing a possum all around the field until I caught it. I know that I am 8 years old and my daddy was probably disappointed in me when I didn't end up being a hunting dog,
but I could tell this day and every day that he still loved me so. I am a lucky doggie to have such a loving dad that takes me places and we get to spend time together. Now my mommie probably isn't so happy with me because she really doesn't want me to kill anything and she is upset with me ( for a minute) when I kill her birds in our back yard. But she doesn't stay mad at me for long because I am her pride and joy. I just wish that other people that own German Shorthair Pointers as myself would continue to love them even though they do not end up hunting dogs. I am very lucky :)

Note From Mom:
Skeeter is a very special girl to us, our lives would not have been the same without her. It doesn't matter to us if she hunts or not because the unconditional love that she shows us and all the happy times we have with her is enough for us. She is my angel, my companion and my best friend for life that I will cherish our time together forever.


Love Of Skeeter

September 18th 2004 1:37 pm
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I was 8 weeks old sitting in a cage at a flee market in Dayton, Ohio when this nice lady (my momma) came up to meet me. She picked me up and I was so excited to get out of the cage and have someone love on me. I was a scared puppy because I hadn't got much loving up to this point and only wanted someone to take me home and be nice to me. There was a guy there who wanted to buy me and put me in a run outside and hunt me. My momma knew this person would not take care of me the way I should be taken care of so, even though she had never had a dog before she decided to save me and take me home. I went to my new home where I met my new cat sisters. They didn't much care for me at first but once I left them alone they didn't much mind me anymore. I put my new momma and daddy through some tough puppy years, but they did not give up on me and now I am a angel at 8 years old. I have had a great life, I go out in the fields with my daddy to run and chase birds (not hunt, because I am gun shy), my mommy gives me everything I could possibly ask for. Every day when she comes home she has something new for me. I have my own bed, pillow and a basket full of toys that I totally enjoy. I am still scared of alot of things like thunderstorms, firecrackers, gun shots and other loud noices, but I know that no matter what my momma and daddy will protect me and love me forever. They are GREAT.

Notes from mom:
Skeeter is a very loving and affectionate girl, that likes to play all the time.
She lives for every moment she gets to spend with her mommy and daddy.
They are her world and the only thing in the world that matters to her,
well besides her frisbee. Skeeter has brought us a life time of happiness and
has made our lifes full.

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