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A familiar smell

May 9th 2013 4:27 pm
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I was at the Bridge running and playing with all of my friends, as usual. About 6:30, May 5th, my Terrier nose smelled something familiar, but I didn't know why.

I stopped playing and looked at the gate. There was a big-headed Beagle just coming through. I didn't recognize him, but he smelled like mom and dad!

He said his name was Buddy and he told me all about his life; how he had gotten the scar on his neck from a collar that was too tight, how his ear became mangled and how he had been abandoned and was living alone with a cat. A cat! And he liked the cat.

Then Buddy told me he had been adopted on Christmas Eve of 2010 by my mom and dad from the family that had rescued him. And his life became full. And he knew that he was loved. Buddy said while he was with mom and dad a cat had come to their new house and she was now part of our family. She made him feel at ease. And Buddy told me about Max coming to live with them, too. I knew Max. He had belonged to our friend's family.

I told him all about my life with mom and dad and how wonderful it was. I was glad that he had the opportunity to come into the lives of mom and dad and know love like I had known.

Buddy told me that mom and dad asked him to give their love to me and he brought a piece of their hearts with him.

Mom--dad--we are both thankful to you for our lives with you. We love you and miss you as much as you miss us. Until we greet Max and Kit, we'll trade stories with each other of our times with you.

Love, Checkers


It seems like yesterday

July 27th 2012 5:33 am
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that I just held you in my arms,
went for a walk with you,
enjoyed a ride in the car,
watched you tilt your head at me from across the room as you were casually mentioned in a conversation.

It has been three years and I have missed you every day. You were a very special dog who taught me a lot about animals and myself. I thank God that you were a part of my life.

You will always be a part of me, Checkers.

Love mama.


Mom and I thank you

July 4th 2012 8:32 pm
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Thank you my dear friends, for remembering on this special day, what would have been my 18th birthday. Mama is very touched that I was remembered by so many of you. Thank you, Buddie, Maggie, Peanut, Willow, Rebby, Mike, Josie, Zaidie, Flicka, Lucas, Maxi BBF, Zoe, Scarlett, Elise, Anya, Pippi and Cheeky, Sandy, Kiki, Abbie, Wishbone, Bailey, Buttercup and PDPC and George, my Aussie pal!

You, any many more like you are what make Dogster the best place on the web. I am most honored to be called your pal. As July 27th approaches, mama will remember you all.

xoxo ~ Checkers

Happy Birthday, America!


Mom was worried

February 12th 2012 5:17 pm
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This morning about 10 am Kit and Buddy went out. Kit was out and about for the day, but mom wanted her to stay in the house because it has been under 20 degrees all weekend.

Mom thought for sure when they got home about 3 that she'd be sitting on the porch waiting for their return. No Kit. Buddy went out and mom called but no answer.

Surely at 5:30 Kit would come home for dinner. But no, no Kit. Mom was worrying. She wouldn't even feed Bud because she wanted to feed them together so he does go after her food.

Going to the door every 30 minutes and yelling "Kit," and "Catgirl," and meowing didn't get her to come home. Mom decided to feed Buddy at 6:30 because he hadn't eaten since 8:30 or 9 in the morning.

At 8 pm mom decided to get dressed real warm and go out searching. Fearing the worst she was going to walk out to the highway. But as she got to the end of the driveway with her high-powered spotlight and yelling for Kit, she caught to glowing eyes running toward her from up the street and around the corner. She could see them through the brush! "Kit, come on home!" "Good Kit, keep coming!"

She was was happy and Kit was happy. She came in and ate her dinner and now she is stretching out and warming up.

I wasn't really a dog who liked cats, but I know how much Kit means to mom, so I was watching out for her. She is a smart cat and doesn't go anywhere near the highway or even a car when it is running.

Welcome home, Kit.


An anonymous Snow Man

December 16th 2011 8:37 pm
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I don't have any snow yet, Mr. Snowman...I do not know who you are, but thanks for stopping by my page.



Pumpkin Pie

November 13th 2011 5:34 pm
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Today I received a great piece of pumpkin pie--but it was sent anonymously! I want to thank you pie sender for thinking of me. I am thankful to have you think of me.


BOL! BOL! Where is the camera???

August 9th 2011 2:13 am
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More like where is my diary entry??? When I posted it, I got a message that it was posted. Now it is gone.


Missing you on your 2nd Anniversary

July 27th 2011 10:52 am
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Tonight is your 2nd anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge, Checkers. In some ways it seems like only yesterday I held you in my arms, and in others it seems like it was so long ago.

What comforts me most is the cast ornament of your paw print as I touch it each night before bed. It helps me to know that you are near me. Of course, I always carry your memory in my heart.

You were my first dog and you taught me so much. So much about animals and so much about myself.

I love you.

~ Mama


My best friend closed his eyes last
night, As his head was in my hand.
The Doctors said he was in pain,
And it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through
my head, As I cradled him in my arms.
Were of his younger, puppy years,
And OH...his many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart thats filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "You should cry no more,
GOD also loves our canine friends,
HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!

--- Jan Cooper --- 1995


I felt your heart smile today...

June 26th 2011 7:53 pm
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so I peeked in on you and saw that you were playing with the cutest Jack Russell Terrier. He was about 10 years old and he was mostly white with black patches. I felt you smile when he was teasing you with his stick--like I used to do with my toys. You made me so happy! I saw you smiling and laughing and throwing him his chewed up ball. I noticed him stretch out with his front paws on the ground and his rear in the air--then he looked at you with those eyes. Then I saw you go over to the truck and I noticed you were crying. I don't want you to be sad when you remember me, mama. I want you to remember all the fun we had together. I had hoped that playing with Tee would fill your heart with loving memories of me, not sad feelings of missing me.

I know you miss the close times with me and the kisses I would give you. I miss the feel of your arms holding me tight. You have BuddyB now...give him time, mama. He has never known love like yours. He doesn't know how to show affection because he never received it. Budders loves you, mama, and one day he will tell you in his own way. Be patient with him. He is one lucky pup to have found you and daddy. I know.

xoxo ~ Checkers


Power of the Paw for the kitties...

March 15th 2011 9:53 am
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A friend of the family had a fire over the weekend and lost everything. She was able to get out of the house safely but she hasn't seen her two kitties since and is more concerned for them.

Praying that the if the kitties got out safely they were able to find shelter. I have been looking at the Rainbow Bridge for them, but I haven't seen them yet. Their mom is very upset about losing them; they were her world.

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