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The life of Frantic Frannie, the Aussie

I realized it has been over a year since I last entered!

December 22nd 2007 3:35 pm
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I am now a mature mostly trained service dog. My momma was going to get my CGC testing done, we have been practicing like mad!! However, with our cold weather and snow we have not scheduled a test since it will be handled outside!

My momma says I am all done with the training part. She wants to continue the low sugar alert training. I am 95% there, I have mastered the retrieve, she thinks I may be a blue retriever! BOL! I love to retreive everything, includung the stuff mom tosses in the garbage!

I also love the lil kid here, she thinks she is my trainer and I let her believe it! Well all you guys, it is awesome being my momma's SD!!


WOW SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 31st 2006 7:57 pm
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Last night it got alot colder than before. It had been raining and muddy. My mom made me spend most of yesterday in my crate. She doesn't appreciate mud like me!!! I think the little puppy prints are cute on the carpet. Anyways, I got up this morning and my mom had a funny look on her face and she said everything was white. She took me to the door and all I could do was lay down and shiver. Man it was bright and COLD!! She took my collar and said it was ok. My doggy mom jumped over my head and gave me courage. I jumped into that white chilly stuff and fell in love. Mom shut the door on me, but it didnt matter. I was having fun. By the time she called me in I had little bitty ice balls all over my legs! Boy that was fun.


Today is a new day

December 16th 2006 3:33 pm
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My Mom just told me about my very own webpage for all to see. I grabbed my toys and went for a run around the house because this is fantastic news!!

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