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RIP Roxy Laroo 7/9/99-12/6/10 I had to let my baby soar...

Today makes 2 years without my girl

December 6th 2012 4:55 pm
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2 years ago I let you go
2 years... I let you fly
2 years ago it hurt me so
on the day I said "goodbye"

2 years have passed, they passed so quick
it's crazy how time goes by
and everyday I wish to see you on the other side of Skye

Back then I cried because my Heart was broken,
because I missed you being here
but now I cry because I remember you ...
all the memories, so vivid and clear.

I can feel your face resting in my hands
the way I'd cup your chin
The way you'd gaze into my eyes
and admire me from within

So solid and unfaltering
a Love so strong and true
You belonged to me, you were my girl
and I belonged to you

Everything I asked you to be
I could not ask for more
As you were to me, I am to you.... Devoted to the core ~

I miss you Roo


Those 6 last breaths

January 27th 2011 9:16 pm
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Six breaths...

6 long and labored breaths she took,
fighting the entire way.

6 times I heard myself repeat "You're a good girl Roxy, I love you",
wishing she could stay.

Though it has been more than a month,
it feels like yesterday.

Those 6 last breaths my baby took,
my mind painfully continues to replay.

Looking back,
Reliving it,
That sad and somber day.

--The other night I placed my hand upon her Urn and it felt just like I had my hand on her head. I haven't felt that in so long. I wish she was here. I would lay with her and talk to her and never let her go.


Roxy Laroo

December 7th 2010 8:19 pm
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Roxy was perfect for us. She was everything. For the past 11 years we were lucky to live and breath her. How blessed were we? Roxy was a one family dog. When we used to board Roxy, the boarding staff told me "after a while most dogs adjust but Roxy never does".... that was the last time I ever boarded her. She was OURS! Dedicated and devoted to her core. She could sense every emotion. She knew what we were feeling. She gave the sweetest kisses and went wherever we went. She loved swimming and traveling and being wrapped up in blankets. She was beautiful and she loved our "photo shoots". She never refused, she would stay still as a statue until I got THE shot. She loved her bandanas and sweaters. She would turn bright red when she was nervous or hot. I had to put sunblock on her. She loved our daughter Skye from the minute we brought her home and when we would leave, every single one of Roxy's toys would be in Skye's room along with a white fur spot at the foot of the crib. Roxy was the first to greet Skye every morning and the last to leave at nap time (I always had to coax her out). She loved the boat and we would call her "Boat Dog". She loved her toys. Her favorite was her "indestructable" Jollyball (which she mastered tearing apart) and her soft 9" ballie. The soft ballie was her "soothy", she would fall asleep with it in her mouth (she had it and didn't let it go even when we had to let her go. She literally never released it upon the closing of her eyes and her last breath) She is being cremated with it. She always greeted us with a toy. She used to sleep with us until she became a bed hog and decided the couch was better and less crowded. She loved car rides. She loved to play as much as she loved to just hang out. She loved whatever it was that we did as long as she was there. She was strong and in her weakest state she still shined for us. She got up each and every time to greet us with a wagging tail and happy eyes. She was a fighter and she beat the odds. She amazed us on a daily basis. She battled cancer and rallied for us. She lived for us. She stayed strong for us. Faithful, devoted, dedicated, missed and mourned by us........ Our pain is still so fresh and raw. We miss our baby girl.... Roxy Laroo... Once a Pooty, always a Pooty


From Daddy

December 7th 2010 4:08 pm
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Roxy, this is your daddy. It is now tuesday and we had to say good by to you yesterday. Now I sit here with tears coming down my face wondering if it will get any easier. You were our four legged baby that has been with us since the begining of our life together. From our little apartment, to our new house, all the diffrent living situations we went through while we were traveling, our wedding day, when Skye was born, every thing we have been through in our relationship you were there. I am going to miss laying down with you and just letting you lick me to death with your gentle kisses, some people say you were just licking the salt off but I know that they were kisses because you loved me as much as I loved you. You mean so much to me, is hard to imagine our family without you. I will always be thinking of you and the times we spent together. You are always in my Heart. Love You, Your Daddy.


RIP Roxy Laroo 7/9/99-12/6/10

December 6th 2010 1:25 pm
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RIP Roxy Laroo 7/9/99-12/6/10 Today I had to let my baby soar... she fought it 'til the end and passed with her ballie in her mouth, her head in my arms and her Daddy holding her face. "Roxy, you're a good girl. I love you"

Today has been the hardest day of my life. My Roxy has been battling cancer. The cancer was discovered Oct 8th, 2010 and at that point it seemed she had reached her limit. I cried and cried and she rallied for me. I got her on an appetite stimulant and she started to eat. She defeated all odds and held on and on. We spent 10 days in the Keys and she was thriving. She was so happy living in the moment. We then returned home and she was content for another month. Again she lost her appetite and she was fading away. She was so fatigued but she kept on living for me. She dropped from 60 lbs to 35lbs in a matter of 3 months. I tried everything to get her to eat. I cooked EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. Tried this and tried that... her appetite stimulants stopped working (I even tried to double the dose). She had gotten so skinny but she still was so happy to see me. Lastnight I put a twin mattress in the living room and we slept together. She didn't get up not even once. She had rough nights. I knew today was the day so we started the day with a smores poptart and milk and a frolic on the beach (even though it was freezing). I feel so lost and empty. I lay in her bed and just breath her in.

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