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Those Cats!

February 7th 2007 8:31 pm
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And my mom wants to know why I have a problem with cats. Well, let me tell you. They set Duke and my dog bowls on fire in the span of a minute. One of those catballs is talented enough to turn on the stove with the knobs removed. Cool thing is that we got brand new bowls to toss around the back yard. No one knows which cat did it, but as much as cats bug me I am glad none of them were hurt. After all, reluctantly they are my family. yuk. I thought cats were snacks, but I am learning that I am not allowed to chew, bite or chase any cats. bummer. But they taste so good. Duke prefers birds. He gets in major trouble for hurting birds. Mom does not like fighting, or hurting other animals, not even mice. She was not happy when Duke and I got a possum. We won. The possum lost. We had to go to the vet immediatly. We just can't have fun. We have a big yard to run and play, but mom says no violence. Sheesh.


What Cold?

January 26th 2007 7:05 am
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You just have to have a big thick fur coat like me! I am not cold at all. I run and play and drive Duke crazy. He just watches me from his hole. I feel sorry for him. I wish he could run with me. He hates winter and I hate summer, but at least I get a haircut in the summer so I am not too hot. Poor Duke.


New Years Eve 2006

December 31st 2006 6:39 pm
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We got to eat dinner early today, because Mommy & Daddy are bringing us in the house soon. There will be a lot of noise soon, and it hurts Duke's ears. I kind of bugs me too. So, we will be kicking back in front of the TV. Hope there are some good shows on. Happy New Year Everyone!


More fun for me.

December 29th 2006 7:10 am
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Mommy and Daddy are going to fix up the back yard. Something else I can get right in the middle of. They are going to level the back yard because Duke and I dig holes. Then it rains and we have big mud puddles. I love mud. My mom does not like me muddy because of my fur. She says I become one big mud porcupine. What is that? Can I eat one? So we are getting some more grass. That would be ok, as long as they let me help. Duke will be in the house when they do work, so he won't hurt his leg. It will be up to me to cause all the trouble, but I am up to the challenge.

I got in trouble last night. Seems that I got too close to Chase and she swatted me. Then I tried to give her a nip on the rear end, just to show her who the boss was. I have issues with cats. My mom took me in the bedroom and let me watch TV so I would not bother "The Cats". Sheesh, what is a dog to do?


The day I met Santa 12/17/06

December 18th 2006 6:51 am
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My mommy and daddy took Duke and I to get our photo taken with Santa. What is up with that. This guy smells worse than I do. Duke tried to pull Santa's hat off. (you go, Duke!). We finally make cute enough faces, and our parents were happy. I did hear mommy tell daddy, we are not doing this next year.


The day I met my new mommy!

December 12th 2006 1:18 pm
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I was alone in a big empty cage. I was being so cute so I could get attention. It worked! A couple came to see me. They walked around but came back to me. I was trying my best to be adorable. I must have done some thing right because the next thing I know, My sign is stamped "I have a home!". Right after I had my spay surgery, I went to meet my new vet. I love him. I was a very sick puppy because something went wrong in surgery and my new parents realized I was not well. I had to have two IV's and had to stay with my new vet for a week. My new parents came to see me every day. I was so happy the day I finally got to see my new home. But there was already a dog there! I wanted all the attention. We had a few scrapes, but my new parents were very understanding of my "issues". Now Duke and I are best buds. I am half his size in height, but I make up for it in weight because I am an Akita mix. We hang out together all day and kick it in the house at night. Since I am a watchdog, I am on guard all the time. My mommy tries to get me to sleep at night. She even lets me on her side of the bed to calm me down. I am very high strung. I have alot of energy, but we have a big yard to play in during the day. I usually run by myself because Duke is a disabled dog. Duke and I still play ball. Duke helps me guard the house. I did not like him at first, but now he's ok.

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