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Part of the tree fell down in our backyard

October 6th 2008 1:54 pm
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Lucky for me and Duke, it was in the middle of the night!!! It landed right where Duke likes to lay. Which probably accounts for his bad mood right now. Daddy is going to cut it up into smaller pieces when he gets home. But in the meantime, I have been rolling around on my back next to the fallen tree and biting leaves. So much fun. You never know what you will find when a tree falls. I found an old mouse's (yes, real mouse) head. Daddy tried to get it away from me. By now the neighbor is outside. Daddy yells to mom "get the mouse's head away from Lexi" Mom pried the dried out mouse head from my teeth and threw it away. Man, I never get to keep anything good.


Hee Hee You should have seen my fur!!!!

October 5th 2008 10:43 pm
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It rained here off and on. I was so happy that I was giddy. I like to throw myself on the ground and roll around. Sometimes, this is not a good idea cuz I get dirt in my nose. Yesterday, it was a good idea. The ground was perfectly wet and I rolled around in the muddy dirt. I looked like a porcupine. Then the rain stopped. I dried out looking like a porcupine. Daddy was going to brush me, but mom said no way, it would hurt me to brush the mud off. I got cleaned off today. I almost look like a princess again. Today was fun, cuz I was rolling in the leaves. They would get stuck to my fur, then I would shake and they would all go flying off in different directions. Look out, Duke...incoming!!!! Hee Hee. Fun Fun Fun!!!!


All right, who turned up the darn heat again?

September 30th 2008 10:32 pm
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It is crazy weather here in So Cal. Yesterday, lite rain thunder and lightning. Today, hotter than blazes. I felt bad for mommy cuz she was sick and had to take grandma to 2 doctors to Target (woof woof) and to Walgreens. Since grandma has cancer, mom tries to keep her out of extremes (heat or cold). But while she is worrying about Grandma, she was worring about us. She saw the temperature climb and climb. She got grandma taken care of, then rushed home to us. Gave us clean bottled water. Dumped bottled water on us and my river rocks. Went inside and turned on the A/C for the cats. Molly finally got out of the truck and hid in the nice and cool Molly tunnel. Now grandma wants in on Molly's treehouse. A family construction project. Grandma and Daddy get along like they were mother and son. Makes things alot easier. They share a love of power tools. Hey! that reminds me...ummm Dad, could you and the weedeater come into the back yard please. We got stuff growin. Pweeeze? I'll be layin on my river rocks till Thursday according to Dallas Raines at ABC News. He better be right. Woof!

Lexi the mud plastered dog.


My side of the story...

September 29th 2008 11:13 pm
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It was true, we did kind of sleep in this morning because the weather was weird and dewy. Mom was waiting to see if it was going to rain. Dad came in to take us outside before he went to work, because the sun had come out. Paisan is used to going into the bedroom after Duke and I go outside. Well, things did not go quite as Paisan had planned. Dad normally lets Paisan in the room when he leaves for work. So, there was Paisan, waiting by the bedroom door unaware we were in there still. Dad opened the door and Paisan stepped into the room. We made eye contact. I never saw him jump that high before!!! He jumped up past me, onto the bed and then slid underneath the bed. I was pacing back and forth on the bed looking for him. Mom was getting mad at me cuz I kept stepping on her. Paisan was not making a sound. Dad got our collars on us, and literally had to drag me outside. I kept looking back for Paisan. Mom said she was very proud I let Paisan escape. See, I technically was a good dog!!!!. We just need to keep to our schedules, everyone (mom).



Our water contamination problem

September 27th 2008 12:11 pm
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Well, it is really not a problem for Duke and I, because we have the best mom and dad. They went and bought cases of bottled water for us and the cats. The entire city's water supply has been contaminated somehow. At least we won't be getting sick!!!!

So, guess what I did? What I do every day...I put my front paws in the water bowl and splash some on my river rocks before I lay on them. This gets the water a little dirty cuz my paws are dirty.

Dad was not pleased to see that I splashed the bottled water all over my river rocks. Mom said better that than to hose her off with the contaminated water. Dad agreed and I was no longer in trouble.

Dad went and got some more water and cleaned out the bowl. I only do this once a day. They don't even want the contaminated water on our fur. Dad said tomorrow he is just going to pour bottled water on my river rocks so I will leave the water in the bowl alone.

Yay for mom and dad!!!!


Does anyone want to adopt Duke?

September 23rd 2008 11:40 am
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He is driving me crazy!!!! Bark Bark Bark Bark....that is all I hear. I know his ears are sensitive, but now so are mine! I try to hide under the jasmine bush, but it does not block the barking sounds of Duke very well. Duke keeps getting in trouble, cuz he is being extreme. Yesterday, mom had to threaten the hose. I of course welcome the hose, but I was already wet from laying on my river rocks. The whole reason for the barking? Our neighbor behind us, whom Duke has known for years, is painting his garage which backs up to our yard. Since we can see him and hear him, Duke must bark. The neighbor even talks to Duke, but bark bark bark. Now, Duke is in the doghouse, so to speak. Our city code enforcement people will be visiting soon if Duke does not quit. Dad is thinking mom can train him with a soft muzzle until he learns not to bark. They don't need a citation from the city. Our city is so strict it is almost stupid. Please, please quit barking Duke. If he does not quit, I am putting him on Ebay!!!BOL. Actually mom and dad discussed taking him to the vet to have the ears checked again....just in case things have gotten worse. But, we were just at the vet, dad!!!! Oh well. Thanks, Duke.
I am going back to my river rocks and my jasmine bush! Try to be quiet, ok Duke?




September 19th 2008 12:45 am
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Go away big scary stray dog. Mommy!!!! Daddy!!!!!!!


Hey, I made mom laugh today

September 11th 2008 5:28 pm
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It was a typical day, Duke and I barking at anyone that moved. We live in a 4 unit duplex (we are in the back house). All of a sudden a strange truck pulls into the driveway. Is that uncle Scott?? Did daddy get a different rental car??? Who is it????BARK BARK BARK, It was the landlord. He was here to see the girl in the front house, but she was not home from work yet. As you know, mom always comes outside when we crazy bark, so she came into the back yard to quiet us. We are allowed to be here, but barking is not a good thing when the landlord visits. Anyway, he knows mom is sick so he came by the fence to see how she was doing. I was doing my "stay away from my mommy" bark. She said to me "Lexi-go get your ball!". So, I tore off to find my favorite ball and raced back to the gate, ball in mouth. I looked at the landlord. Mom laughed...she said "Lexi, he is not going to play with you!". Right after he left, mom played ball with us for a few minutes. See, all that barking was worth it!!!!


Feelin' better already

August 26th 2008 3:04 pm
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I will be glad when things settle down here. Yes, I have been emotional. I don't like it when Daddy is not here. He has been gone too long for me. Mom told him I got his side of the bed dirty but he said it was ok. Mom has been cleaning and hopes to have the sheets washed and dried by the time Daddy goes to sleep tonight. I am sad about little Cooper. oh no, more dog tears.....gotta go.


Offline for a couple of days

August 22nd 2008 12:00 pm
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Wait, I have to wipe away some dog tears, OK....we will be offline for a couple of days. Mommy and Daddy's 4 year old nephew was hit by a car and did not survive. Daddy is leaving for Utah to be with his family. Mommy is sick, but trying to get everything ready for him. Sniff Sniff....I am going back under the Jasmine bush to cry some more dog tears. Thanks everyone!!!

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