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Molly Wog isn't just a dog

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Pets Prayer

June 20th 2008 5:28 pm
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Dear Lord:
Please watch over our humans, they are so weak. They have no claws or teeth, they can't run fast or fly away, neither can they burrow or build a nest in which to be safe. They smell bad, do strange things that aren't altogether intelligent, have no real ability to communicate with us, although we are able to figure out what they want.

Lord, grant us the ability to watch over our humans, care for them, cheer them when they are down, make them laugh, smile, and shower them with our love. We pray that we can bring a little joy into their otherwise mundane existence.

Lord, please let them know that when we insist on getting attention, it is so we can check their emotional well being and boost their morale When we pester them for different foods, toys, etc., it's so they will learn to see us in ways they hadn't considered, bringing them closer and back into the fold ... which they are part of but keep forgetting about.

They expect us to know what they want even though sometimes they don't know what we want. Some of them really try and we know they love us but some of them are so dumb yet our love for them remains intensely unfaltering.

Lord, when we die, please make sure to send us ahead to where ever our humans are going to be, so we can pave the way for them, vouch for them and be there for them when they too die..

Please allow us to continue proving the humans are worth the effort. You placed these humans in dominion over us, but you charged us with the task of caring for them and showing them your love every day, through us.

God bless these mere mortal humans, they know not that we are their guardian angels sent in love to task them so that they may grow to be part of your plan.



Dogster Diary of the Day and remembering Duffy.

June 1st 2008 12:07 pm
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Last week on Memorial Day, I was chosen as dogster's diary of the day. Wow - what an honor. I met some great new pals and lots of friends congratulated me. It made me & mom really happy. But more important was that the message about the K9s at war got out there. We're REALLY happy about that!

A couple of days later, I found out that my cousin, Duffy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He is a 13-1/2 year old Westhighland Terrier that lived with my Uncle & Aunt and he is a brother to one of my pups Maggie. Duffy started acting poorly so they took him to the vet. They found a tumor that took up the entire abdominal cavity that compromised some of the internal organs. At his age he might not have survived the surgery that would only have been exploratory not curative. Because of his pain, everyone decided it would be best to let him cross the bridge. We know he's with Boomer & Annie and lots of other pups from our family. But we know his family misses him a lot. Duffy, you can run free now. We all love you, sweet angel! WE will always remember you, and we'll meet up again.



Remember our Troops & K9s

May 24th 2008 8:22 am
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I would like to take a moment on this Memorial Day weekend to thank and think about our present and past troops who have served our country.

Also our K9s who are serving in our current war. There is a great website honoring them, and if you click on the "Operation Military Care" link you can see how to help them. One of our dogsters mothers contacted the website admin & felt it was a valuable effort.




April 14th 2008 8:26 pm
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I've been tagged by my friend Baby!

Name 4 jobs you have:

1.) Being cute
2.) Having fun with the other pups in my house
3.) Being friends with everyone in the neighborhood
4.) Stealing toys from the boys

Name 4 places you have lived (or stayed at):

1.) The house I was born in
2.) The house I live in which is in the same city!
3.) Nowhere else!

Name 4 places you would rather be:

1.) On a walk
2.) At the park
3.) With my family
4.) At the beach

4 friends I am tagging...



It's Spring!

April 14th 2008 8:27 am
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It's so pretty outside. Sometimes I go sit outside and sit under the walnut tree. Darn thing doesn't drop any walnuts anymore for me to snack on!!! But mom says it's better for my weight. And we're walking a lot more now that's it's light after mom gets off work. So I'm slimming down some. That's good. I love our walks in the neighborhood these days. There are so many flowers to sniff, and the squirrels and raccoons are very active leaving stinky trails behind them for me to smell. Life is good.


Socks crossed the Rainbow Bridge today

March 29th 2008 7:24 pm
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One of our kitties, Socks, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He was 15 years old. Mom & dad weren't home, but Elizabeth found him asleep in his bed this am. He was up walking around, eating and purring just yesterday. We grew up together. Socks is a big beautiful fluffy black & white long haired cat with white paws (the socks!). He has always been sweet, loves to get his pets. When he was a kitty, he nursed on me. When he was still young but bigger than me, he would hold me down and clean my face! Finnegan & Socks even became friends. We will miss him a lot. Annie, our angel sister, will watch out for you Socks. She will introduce you to some of her friends on the bridge. We love you big old sweet boy.



Pee yew

January 22nd 2008 8:42 pm
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Stinky schnauzer boys kept running in and out of the rain today. They are so messy. Georgie and I basked in the warmth of our cozy beds and Dad's adoring eyes. Mom got those boys when she got home though, chasing them down with a towel. ahahahahahaha........



One of the diary picks of the day!!!

January 21st 2008 9:24 pm
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Wow - what an honor that my diary was chosen as one of the diary picks. Woof! Georgie was picked last week. Guess we're just fabulous sisters with something to say - BOL!!! Actually, we're quite humbled out of all the thousands and thousands we were singled out. Mom - you should buy a lotto ticket - this is our lucky day!!!



Tummy problems

January 19th 2008 3:39 am
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I've finally fallen prey to whatever is ailing this pack of schnauzers. Everyone has had tummy problems on and off. I look good, feel good, still running & playing & eating. But now Paula, our walker, says my poop is bad! Mom says I act more like a schnauzer than a typical shih tzu. I hope I'm not becoming one of them!!! I like being different from the rest of the pack! I'll have to watch myself. Those new grooming sessions at the shih tzu place will keep me in line!



New groomer

January 15th 2008 12:14 am
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We went to a new groomer this weekend. Their specialty is shih tzus!!! I've never seen so many shih tzus in one place. There was every color and size and length of hair!!! Unbelievable. The owner immediately grabbed me and started talking baby talk to me!!! Wow - nothing like being treated like the princess that I am. They have 8 groomers and 4 bath people. The place would've been (human) knee high in hair if they didn't clean up! And they did a really nice job on the schnauzers too. I guess their cuts are not much of a challenge after dealing with shih tzu hair all day - BOL. We like our new groomers. Also, they have chickens outside. Dad took us over to meet them before we left. I know Finnegan wanted to chase them but dad wouldn't let him.

I can't wait to go back there again and get spoiled. I guess those schnauzers learned who really rules!


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