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Molly Wog isn't just a dog

Vacation - YAY!!!!!

August 5th 2007 8:38 pm
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Thursday: After a long car ride, we finally got to the house where we're staying at the beach. The house we're staying at has a whole acre for us to roam around...we spent the rest of the day doing that and getting used to the new house. I think we're going to like it here.

Friday: Today we took a long walk exploring the bluffs along the beach. Also today the lady that owns the house we're staying in brought her 2 schnauzers over. Finn had SO much fun catching balls, chasing & wrestling with them. It's a Schnauzer Fest! Georgie & I walked around looking pretty for all of the boys and got lots of pets from the humans. They're the ones with treats, afterall.

Saturday: Another action packed day! After exploring our land today, we went to the beach. There are several leash free beaches here. There were SO many dogs to play with today! Lots of labs & golden retrievers running into the ocean. We met a 1 yr old schnauzer puppy named Chia, just like a chia pet I guess. She was a lot of fun. Finn liked running in the water. Georgie liked peeing on the jelly fish. We saw one big shephard licking a jellyfish - yuck! I liked sniffing all of the seaweed!

Then when we got back to the house, our 2 new schnauzer friends Mason & Rascal came over again. The boys had so much fun chasing the ball & each other. We ran around together just like we were old pals, watching people walk by our yard, sniffing at everything & just hanging out.

Whew, another exhausting day. Mom is very proud of our good behavior. She gave us extra treats & hugs tonight. Well, gotta go snooze some more. That's what you do on vacation!

Sunday: Well, today it was raining when we got up. Mom says you never know what it's going to be like at the beach! So we didn't do too much exploring today. But we did go for a fun walk. There were a lot of little trails to follow. The temperature was so cool!

We had a slow ride home because of traffic, but boy was it nice to be back home in our own yard. I'll miss my new friends but I have new photos to remember them!

We love going to the beach and can't wait until the next time!




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