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My human brother

July 19th 2008 11:43 pm
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My 19 year old human brother, Andrew, crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He was broadsided by an SUV while riding his motorcycle. We love you & miss you sweet brother.

Georgie & family


Thank you to our friends

July 20th 2008 9:35 pm
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Thank you to everyone for your support and love, pmails, candles and gifts. You are all so generous. This group is an amazing family and we are so thankful for your friendship. It is comforting when you are going through what our family is right now. But it doesn't take a tragedy to appreciate all of you every day. Again, thank you.

We'll likely be offline for several days but hope to get back in the future. Everyone hug your babies for us and take care of each other.

Georgie, Finnegan, Winston, Molly, Angels Annie & Socks and mom Nancy


Not in the plan

July 20th 2008 11:06 pm
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To all who share in the grief and joy of the life of Andrew

Most days are filled with activity and the hope of accomplishing a list of responsibilities compiled by both necessity and desire.

Our lives usually include some relationship with others... our family...friends, neighbors, community of faith or just ordinary contact with the usual flow of people around us.

Special events may occur marking specific and additional purposes to be involved with projects or intentions beyond our usual routines.

But sometimes... when one may least expect it... something happens that is... "not in the plan".

Terrible consequences come... seemingly out of the blue... that were...

"not in the plan".

No one is prepared to lose someone they love... someone they know who gives so much of self in loving and caring ways.

This great loss is "not in the plan".

And so we wonder... we stand helpless and questioning... alone and together.

We continue to do the things that are expected of us... even in the tragedy of our grief... asking God for strength... for direction... for compassion... and for justice.

Yesterday was NOT IN THE PLAN.

Today is forever changed.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We cling to this promise... to God's wet tears flow... as we keep on keeping on... as we continue to ask and wait... as we hold one another's hands and hear the heartbeat of sadness ring in our ears.

"Peace I leave with peace I give unto you. Not as the world gives... give I unto you. Let not your hearts be troubled... neither let them be afraid." John 14:27


Dizzy Dame!

August 6th 2008 7:25 am
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My vestibular dysfunction symptoms are back again, just not as bad as the first time. I didn't get out of bed, so dad picked me up. When he put me on the floor I fell over and couldn't get up. Mom carried me out to the backyard and set me on the lawn. I could get a good grip and was able to weave across the lawn to do my business. I couldn't eat out of a bowl or mom's hand but was able to eat shredded chicken on a plate. My head tilts a lot so that worked best. Mom then found a shallow bowl for rice and chicken - yummy - and I did pretty well. I'm also able to drink out of a shallow bowl. So back on my medicine and mom says I have to stay locked up in her room away from the other dogs. Paula our walker will be by in a few hours so she can let mom know how I'm doing. If I'm worse, I'm going to have to go see the vet right away. I don't have nystagmus so it's not nearly as bad as before. Mom trimmed all hair off my feet and I can walk, just with a lean off to the side and not in a straight line. I will probably have to go to the vet anyway just to make sure something else isn't going on! Always something'!!! Finn, Winston & Molly were only concerned with getting at the extra chicken I got - BOL!!! Nothing wrong with them.



A little better this time

August 7th 2008 5:02 pm
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My symptoms aren't as bad as they were last time with this darn dizziness. I can eat and potty so that's a big improvement from the last episode. I'm back on my medicine so no nausea or vomiting this time. I learned last time how to compensate most of the time so it's easier this time around. I take a few tumbles on uneven ground (usually lawns or when I try to sniff trees - mom always worries about me hitting my head!). But I am able to navigate up and down the 2 steps to the backyard and front yard without hurting myself. And I can walk my whole block, although I get tired and have to rest a couple of times when the dizzies really get going. Mom leaves the light on for me at night so I don't get so disoriented. We really have a good system down for coping this time! I haven't gone to the vet yet, but mom is thinking about it tomorrow just to make sure everything is ok. Otherwise, it's just waiting out the symptoms. I'll be glad when I can go off my block back to my regular route!




August 9th 2008 5:17 am
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Last night I went on a walk all the way around the block! I tumbled a couple of times when stepping up onto grass that is higher than the sidewalk, or uneven ground. But on sidewalks I was fine. Since I lean to the right, I approach trees on my left and I don't run in to them! My symptoms seem to be lessening. No more nystagmus, only the head tilt and lean to the right. Mom doesn't need to carry me around so much but is still close to make sure I don't get hurt. I can even go up and down the 2 steps at the back and front doors without falling. And like we noticed, I learned to compensate last time so it's not so scary. If the door is open wide enough I can start at one end and can get down the stairs while moving sideways before I fall off! And of course leave room for those pushy boy dogs. Just goes to show how smart us schnauzers are! Last time my symptoms lasted 2 months & started with a hospitalization. This time I may be over it in 2 weeks! Woo hoo!


Missing Andrew

August 16th 2008 9:48 pm
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Today is 1 month since Andrew was taken from us. It's been hard on mom & dad. We're all staying close and giving lots of love.

My vestibular problems are kinda better. Mom is going to take me to the vet because it seems something is acutely going on with my vision and hearing. We hope it's just old age.

We are also so sad to hear about sweet Miracle and all her medical problems. She is all about love and sweetness. I know her mom is happy she is back home, but it's such a scary thing to go through. We hope she recovers without any more problems.

We're so sorry that Jetta so quickly followed his grandma to the Rainbow Bridge this week. Also, our friend Elsa crossed the bridge 1 day before her 15th birthday. This week was Lexie's 1 year anniversary of crossing the bridge. She was Annie's BFF, so we sent lots of love to her mom.

Lot's of change going on. PoP helps everyone get through these things, and kindness. It's nice to have friends.



Anything for a treat

September 15th 2008 3:38 pm
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Yesterday, Finnegan was playing with his agility equipment and I usually demand to go over the jump bar so I can get a treat. Mom always says "Georgie, you're 13 years old, still have vestibular symptoms and a little hip arthritis on one side, I don't think you need to do this!" She finally gives in. She places the bar at the lowest setting (only an inch or so off the ground) so that I'm not really jumping, just running with a little hop, a lot less than going up the stairs into the house. But then she'll only let me do it a couple of times. I look beautiful as I sail over the bar, and stand up tall and demand my treat. Afterall, I was bred to be adored by all! I can always talk mom into giving me a treat especially when I do something adorable!



Dizzy Dame!

October 6th 2008 10:24 am
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That's what mom calls me now. It seems to be a permanent state. I have to stay on meclizine all of the time because I seem better on it than off. It's supposed to be for nausea and vomiting, which I haven't had in a long time. But every time I come off of it, I start getting vestibular symptoms again. My neurologist can't explain it, but she said if it helps, stay on it. But she doesn't think I have anything like a tumor (whew!!!). So we're checking out a few things. But for the most part, we're just going with the flow. I still enjoy my walks, cuddles with mom & dad, and eating. And I'm still playful. So mom's not complaining! Afterall, I'm doing pretty well for 13 years old!!!


Precious Pet Time

October 6th 2008 10:44 am
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This is posted in one of my pal's diary CASH

Thank you Cash for sharing this with all of us. It is and you are precious!

Precious Pet Time

I am your dog, and I have a little something I'd like to whisper in your ear. I know that you humans lead busy lives. Some have to work, some have children to raise. It always seems like you are running here and there, often much too fast, often never noticing the truly grand things in life.

Look down at me now, while you sit there at your computer. See the way my dark brown eyes look at yours? They are slightly cloudy now. That comes with age. The gray hairs are beginning to ring my soft muzzle. You smile at me; I see love in your eyes. What do you see in mine? Do you see a spirit? A soul inside, who loves you as no other could in the world? A spirit that would forgive all trespasses of prior wrongdoing for just a simple moment of your time? That is all I ask.
To slow down, if even for a few minutes, to be with me.

So many times you have been saddened by the words you read on that
screen, of other of my kind passing. Sometimes we die young and oh so quickly, sometimes so suddenly it wrenches your heart out of your throat. Sometimes, we age so slowly before your eyes that you may not even seem to know until the very end, when we look at
you with grizzled muzzles and cataract clouded eyes. Still the love is
always there, even when we must take that long sleep, to run free in a distant land. I may not be here tomorrow; I may not be here next week. Someday you will shed the water from your eyes, that humans have when deep grief fills their souls, and you will be angry at yourself that you did not have just "One more day" with me. Because I love you so, your sorrow touches my spirit and grieves me. We have NOW, together.

So come, sit down here next to me on the floor, and look deep into my
eyes. What do you see? If you look hard and deep enough we will talk, you and I, heart to heart. Come to me not as "alpha" or as "trainer" or even "Mom or Dad," come to me as a living soul and stroke my fur and let us look deep into one another's eyes, and talk. I may tell you something about the fun of chasing a tennis ball, or I may
tell you something profound about myself, or even life in general.
You decided to have me in your life because you wanted a soul to share such things with. Someone very different from you, and here I am.

I am a dog, but I am alive. I feel emotion, I feel physical senses, and
I can revel in the differences of our spirits and souls.
I do not think of you as a "Dog on two feet" -- I know what you are.
You are human, in all your quirkiness, and I love you still.
Now, come sit with me, on the floor. Enter my world, and let time slow
down if only for 15 minutes. Look deep into my eyes, and whisper to my ears Speak with your heart, with your joy and I will know your true self. We may not have tomorrow, and life is oh so very short. --

Love, (on behalf of canines everywhere)

I thought you might want to read and ponder the message this little dog is sending (in between the tears) and forward it on to those you


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