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Quotes from my diary about our Dogster experiences.

January 18th 2014 3:32 am
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Mom has been reviewing my diary today, and wanted to share a few things we learned along the way.

After the unexpected loss of a pup friend: "It's overwhelming although these are people & dogs I have never met, but have dealt with so often through dogster. When I can step back from the pain, it's amazing to look at what has just occurred. We've created a network of love & support & strength across the world around a little pup. We're all helping each other through this. I'm sure there are not a lot of us who have ever personally met, but we feel as if we have a huge group of friends out there. This is a very powerful lesson."

Mom's thoughts on why she participates in some of the pups helping pups groups: "Mom feels that dogster gives her & us a lot. She feels a sense of community in learning to care for us, and feels it's our responsibility to give back to that community. She's not a know-it-all, just wants to help & learn. So she's got me working through what are supposed to be my "retirement" years. But she still lets us have fun in groups too!!! My favorite thing of course.... So I don't mind, if we can help 1 other pup or family, we're happy to do it!!!!"

About our friends in Schnauzer's Rule: "No matter what, we are always here for each other. To celebrate accomplishments & milestones, to welcome our new pups, to problem solve issues, to share a laugh, to support one another through illness, to grieve when one of us crosses the rainbow bridge. I've never "met" a better group of pups & parents! No competition, no judgment. Just here. Thank you to everyone!"

After Milly, the Schnauzer's Rule founder, crossed the Rainbow Bridge: "Dogster and Schnauzers Rule has brought a sense of community into our lives. We experience births and deaths, joy and pain, happiness and fear, laughter and tears. We share much with other parents about how to raise our dogs, how to care for them, how to keep them healthy. We share our triumphs, our mistakes. It's such a microcosm of the rest of our world. But there is something a little different about this place. These people are really nice people. Everyone that's here is a bit dog crazy & sees life from a positive perspective. At least that's our experience. We love giving what we can to others, and feel that it's returned 10 times more. We are blessed. We are thankful."

After being chosen diary of the day: "We love dogster for the community it provides, the opportunity to meet and to share with others. Today exemplified that - everyone was so generous with messages, gifts and invitations to become friends. I met some great pups today, and some of my old friends came out to say hi even though they haven't been around much, and of course my daily yappy pals! It just goes to show that we continue to be here for each other in good times, hard times and fun times. Thank you dogster for providing this place for all of us to be together! And thank you to all my furiends! You're the best!"

Thank you Dogster! It's been a great experience!


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January 18th 2014 at 8:57 am

No more a friendly shoulder to get support for a loss of a beloved furfriend




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