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Happy New Year!

January 1st 2009 11:22 pm
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Whew, we posted the Highlights of 2008 in our Schnauzers Rule Group on New Years Eve. It was really fun to review all that happened over 2008. If mom hadn't been so busy painting etc. our guest rooms, she would've had more time to write about more stuff! Actually, it's a really active group and there was a lot to review. It was fun to see what our group was up to. Thank goodness that SAMSON started the Schnauzer Scoop or we wouldn't have remembered half of it!

Mom and Dad were up REaLLY late last night. Every one slept in until 9am, ate at 10am, and walks didn't even start until around noon. Is this any way to start a new year...apparently mom thinks it was a luxury. Humph...keeping to my schedule is a luxury.

I heard mom is going out of town for a couple of days. I never like that, but Vickie will come to stay with us. We like her! Then we're going to have a lot of visitors for the rest of the month. We're excited that amongst the visitors is my human sister & her baby. Mom brought in this wierd contraption to trap the baby - it's a seat with all these wierd toys attached. It was funny to watch Finnegan sneaking up on it to see what the heck it was. But if it keeps the rugrat from wandering around my dog bed, I'll be happy!

These are my new years resolutions as posted in Schnauzers Rule:
promise to nap as much as possible with mom or dad, be happy every time mom or dad comes home, walk at a pace that Molly is comfortable, and ignore the brothers as much as possible. I know I can keep all of those!!!

Well, time to go snooze next to mom. Oh, and Happy New Year everyone.





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