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Beach time

July 1st 2008 3:25 pm
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Today started great like every day with a long walk along the water front. It's crisp and clear today although it's in the 60s. I love this cooler weather, especially with the clean air. After mom & dad came back from breakfast, mom & I took the car up to uncle's house and dad took his motorcycle with sidecar. He's going riding today with my uncle. My aunt is hanging an art show. She's an artist and teaches classes too. So mom & dad will be spending some time in the art galleries. I prefer the smell of the sea and the interesting scents left by who knows! Leaving my mark behind is my art.

Mom & I went to the beach today. I ran and ran and ran...something I seem to do only at the beach. I ran up to greet other dogs and people. Everyone was so nice to me. I chased more seagulls and sniffed the stinky seaweed. It was heaven. Mom had her digital and video cameras today ~ you would've thought I was a movie start the way she kept filming and shooting! But she says it is a very important memory that she will keep furever. She only has 1 video of my sister Annie who is an angel now, and she wishes she had more. She thinks everyone needs to take lots of photos and videos of their pups!

Anyway, I had a ball at the beach. When we got back to the car, hawks were circling overhead so mom picked me up the last few feet...just in case. And then mom gave me a treat and a big blackbird tried to take it away. So I had to get in the back of our car to finish it!!!

Then mom did a surprising thing...we went to uncle's and I had a BATH!!! I don't like baths but I get a lot of hugs & kisses afterwards so I guess it balances out. Then after saying goodbye to my furcousins, mom took me to a doggie boutique!!! I got some special treats, and something special that I'll wear in the 4th of July parade!!! And of course mom bought some toys for Finn, Winston and Molly ~ just don't tell them.

Now I'm resting. I am 13 and need to rest up for my evening meal and walk. This is the life!!!





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