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I'm healthy!

June 20th 2008 1:59 am
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I went to see Dr. Porte today! When I came in, everyone was worried that I was sick, but mom got to say nope, just here for her checkup. Everyone was so excited to see me, I got lots of hugs and I gave lots of kisses. Now I don't give kisses to anyone, but these people have saved me life, afterall! I even gave Dr. Porte one on the face ~ and those are reserved for mom only. She was really proud of me.

It took a long time to go through my chart just to find out what was due - BOL! It was time for my annual blood tests and a rabies shot - yuck. We talked about not doing the shot because of the studies that say immunity probably lasts up to 7 years. But we have lots of raccoons, skunks and squirrels in our yard and decided this will be my last one, and we're not going to do any of the others. I was good and mom gave me 2 treats while I was there. Dr. Porte said I'm doing really well and to keep doing what I'm doing. Don't change a thing! I was hoping he'd say to give me more treats, but alas he didn't. He said my weight and nutritional status look good, I'm getting plenty of exercise, I'm alert, maybe my vision is a little fuzzy but I can still find those squirrels so I'm not worried. So far so good! Not bad for an old gal.





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