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Nice weekend

April 13th 2008 11:04 pm
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The temperature has been in the high 80s all weekends. It feels like summer! We have to take our walks early which lets us get early sniffs in the neighborhood before everyone else stomps all over it. The squirrels and raccoons have been active. I love sniffing them! We get really long walks on the weekends too. Mom is way more patient then - BOL!!!

Mom went to a Dog Specialty show today. She spent a lot of time with some very well known mini schnauzer breeders. Dad got a lot of photos for them. One of mom's friends dogs won a Major in puppy class. They also watched the Giant Schnauzers. They said they were big and beautiful. There were also about a half dozen standards showing. Dad wants to buy a big ranch and get LOTS of dogs. Hmmpf...I think we have too many as is! Mom saw this one breeder we were going to get a female mini from last fall, but we ended up with Winston instead. I'm not sure which is better!!! Mom said she waited in line behind a rottweiler to get a hot dog for lunch - BOL!!! Dad should've gotten a photo of that. Of course they had to check out Molly's breed - shihtzus. Wierd little chinese princesses BOL!

Mom brought home some super homemade treats from the show. YUMMY. They come from a specialty bakery here in town. The owner helped mom choose the perfect low fat no wheat ones just for me!! And of course she brought some new toys home for my bratty brothers. But they chase each other with their toys instead of bothering me so that's ok.

The bad part of mom & dad going to the show is they saw all these beautiful well groomed schnauzers, so we all ended up getting baths tonight!!! But then we get lots of hugs, kisses and sniffs from mom & we get told how pretty we are and how good we smell. I guess it makes it alright.

I love weekends with mom & dad.





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