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Life changes and there you are!

March 13th 2008 9:39 pm
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Lots has changed since my last diary entry. On 3/9 we announced that we would once again be Schnauzers Rule admin. The other admin invited Mom to rejoin. She has been working less and increasing her amount of time on dogster, and my health was great. Lots of members were really supportive. I'm really happy to help again.

Then on 3/10 I had my 13th birthday. It started out a sunny warm day. Mom had big plans so that I would have a day that was all about me! We were going to the dog park, then to our favorite dog store for a new collar & treat and then to go get some food. While she was getting ready to walk us, I had this wierd episode where my legs went out from under me, my eyes were bouncing side to side and I was shaking. After being held for a couple of minutes it went away! Oh boy, now I had to go to the vet!!! So mom grabbed me and we were on our way. We stopped at the big church yard with trees, grasses, flowers and I walked around off leash like we always do there. Mom thought I looked ok although I wouldn't let her out of my view. We saw Dr. Arnold again, and even a neurologist. Everything was back to normal so they decided I didn't need to do anything differently other than go back if it reocurred. The differential for what I had was either a mini stroke, vestibular disease or worse something like a tumor. So the rest of my birthday turned to be low key with a short walk on my block!

Then the next morning, Dad found me shaking, unable to walk, my eyes bouncing back & forth again. I had gotten sick all over the house during the night. So back to the vet - sheesh! Dr. Arnold saw me again and wanted me to stay there all day so that could observe me for a while. Mom reluctantly left me but promised she'd be back right after work. We did get to visit with some of our favorite vets Dr. Kim & Farkus who took care of me before. When mom got back, Dr. Arnold said she wanted me to stay overnight because I wasn't any better and I wasn't eating or drinking. She said my symptoms pointed to vestibular disease (also called old dog's disease - can you believe that!!!) so that's how they were treating me. Mom crawled into my cage and held me for close to 4 hrs before she left. I saw a few tears in her eyes when I raised my head and tried to focus my eyes on her but I could barely hold my head & eyes still. She told me she'd be back tomorrow. Next day, Dr Arnold reported that I was better on medicine, I was eating and walking!!! So mom could pick me up in the afternoon.

So yesterday I came home. Whoopee!!! Mom took me out to the backyard with Finn, Winston & Molly. They were racing around and I was getting so dizzy!!! I was walking with my head tilted and stumbling toward one side. Finn kept bringing me a toy and dropping it for me to play with him. He watched me for a minute, then stuck his nose under my chin and walked next to me, trying to help me walk. He's a pretty good brother!!! After stumbling around the yard we got to eat dinner. Mom took me for a walk 3 houses away with me weaving all over the place, but I sure loved it.

Today I'm walking a little straighter, but still with the head tilt and stumble. I fell once but didn't get hurt since I'm pretty close to the ground. I got 2 walks today! I made it 4 houses down this morning and tonight all the way to the end & back!!! It's a struggle and takes a long time but mom is patient. I even walked up & down the 2 steps to our back yard but mom didn't like that because the others were rushing past me & I was practically falling! But mom, dad and I are all happy about my progress. Dr. Arnold is going to be happy! Now I'm resting on the couch next to mom, dictating my story. I can't really focus on the computer screen so she's helping me out.

My pals on Schnauzers Rule have been really awesome! I got lots of pmails, rosettes, special gifts and candles. They are the best friends. I can't wait to get back & play with all of them.

What a week it's been!!! Must be due to daylight savings time - we lost an hour and my world turned upside down. Well, tomorrow is another day.





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