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What I've Learned About Valentine's Day

February 12th 2007 5:20 pm
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NOTE: This was a diary entry written as a contest entry!

Valentine's day is a day that love is expressed between individuals. It isn't just a commercial day for exchanging cards and flowers and candy. And it isn't limited just to the U.S. I've come to recognize it as the the day we declare & exchange & celebrate the love that we carry within our hearts every day. That's how I think of Christmas too! And Thanksgiving! And Mother's & Father's days! And birthdays! And a bunch of other days!

My mom tells me that she has learned about unconditional love from her doggies. How they give back no matter what she puts out. I happen to be a very good dog who puts out a lot of positive energy - I'm very obedient, always calm unless given the ok not to be, great walker on a leash - I could go on. My sister Annie seemed the epitome of sweet love but she was great at getting mom to do whatever she wanted - very dominant with a sweet sugar coating - she fooled mom!!! She always got affection first cuz of her kissy face!!! Now mom listens to Caesar Milan and is learning about being assertive while staying calm. And SHE NEEDS IT with my new little brother Finnegan. He lived in homes where they didn't have time for him, so he didn't learn alot. So now he's growing up with training, with mom using Caesar's ways. Boy - we've all gotta keep calm ... but ya know what, he can now sit, stay, wait for his turn to eat, and walk on a leash ...all in a few weeks! Mom's been glued to that tv set with Finnegan telling him - "Look at that big boy Daddy. Now that's how you want to be!"

So I've been watching, EVEN THOUGH I don't need to, but just in case I can learn something to handle that Finnegan. (And don't tell anyone, but I have a BIG crush on Daddy....I would love him to be my Valentine!).

Thank you Caesar & Daddy for making all of us dog families happier!

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