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Woof! Woof! Woof! (Merry Christmas)

December 25th 2006 9:31 pm
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I got a whole jar of my favorite treats! The only thing I can't figure out is why Mom only gives me a few at a time. She should let me eat until I'm full, right?

Today was really quiet, and kinda weird. Mom took me out like usual, and we went to the usual places, but no one was there! Even my Pet People store was closed! Vons was open, though. We went in there and Mom got her some food because her favorite food place was closed too. It just was real strange to see all those places dark with no people in them.

When we got home Mom was restless. She finally laid down and took her nap, thank goodness! But when she got up she was just as restless. Poor Mom, she has a hard time resting and relaxing. It's a good thing I'm around to show her how.


Another Good Day

December 11th 2006 6:52 pm
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Mom didn't sleep good last night, which is why I was so surprised. When Mom took me out really early and we walked around the complex. It was ok, I mean, I had to go, but it wasn't fun if you know what I mean.

Then we went in and Mom laid down and read until this man came. He looked around a little, and left. (Mom says he was an inspector for Sec. 8 whatever that is.) I got Mom to take me out again and we went everywhere.

We went to Target. None of our friends were working, and no one wanted to pet me so we went to Pet People. Jack was at Pet People. Oh Boy! I like Jack. He plays with me as well as giving me treats. Mom didn't let me beg too much for treats. So I just had a dozen or so and then we went to Vons. Mom got her cheese. Oh, I forgot Mom got pickup bags at Pet People. Mom also got a goodie at Vons. We sat outside and ate it. Mom shares good.

All that was left was to go to Wendy's for Mom's lunch. We went through the drive-thru lane like usual. Today there were cars. I think they get nervous when they see us in line. They stay away from us good.

We got home and Mom ate her lunch. Then she read her book. Sure wish I knew what that was all about. It makes her happy and calm, so it's ok with me. Then Mom closed her eyes and took a nap.

When she woke up we just took a little walk for night time because Mom took a big nap. Now she's on the computer, writing what I tell her. Soon we'll cuddle on the couch. My favorite part of the evening. Good night everyone.


A Normal Day

December 8th 2006 6:55 pm
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Today we went to see our friends at Target. There were only two of them around, so we left after talking with them. Then we went to Pet People! I love Pet People! They give me lots of treats. Mom buys all my dog food there, and the cats' food too. Mom dragged me out of Pet People while I was still trying for one more treat. She let me have one more drink of water and then we went to the grocery store. Mom goes to the grocery store about four times a week. She only gets things when she needs them. Finally, we went and got her lunch from Wendy's. Then we went home.

I got my nap. Mom got her nap. We went outside and walked a little. Now it's time to watch tv with Mom until bedtime. I like it when Mom sits on the couch with me and pets me.


Sweet Day

December 3rd 2006 2:00 pm
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If Mom would have fed me some of her lunch, it would be a really sweet day. I guess I can't complain much though. She did take me down to Pet People for treats. My favorite guy wasn't there though, so I only got a few treats. My favorite guy is Jack. He practically feeds me lunch. Yuuuummmmm.

The air today is just right. It's not hot, and it's not cold, so both Mom and I are happy. That means even though she ran me right into a sign post I'm not mad at her. I wasn't paying attention, and I know when we're heading home Mom is not as sharp as when we're heading out. Poor Mom, she all but cried when she ran me into the sign post.

Now we're home. I'm laying behind Mom's computer chair telling her what to write. Behind Mom's computer chair is also the open door to outside. What a nice day! If K-Rae would come back in and play with me it would be great. K-Rae is a special friend of mine. She always says "No food for you, dog!" and then gives me some. ("Well, all right, just one bite.")

Did I say it? Life is good.


A Doggie Day

December 2nd 2006 7:14 pm
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Woof! Woof! Woof! Talk about a good day! Mom just walked me today. We didn't go anywhere, we just walked the long walk inside where we live. We did it twice. Once early and once late.

Arf! Almost forgot! We did go someplace, but we went with K-Rae in her car so that doesn't count. We got water for Mom, and juice for K-Rae.

So now I just get to lay around until bedtime, and then cuddle Mom. Life is good!


Money Day, or Following Mom to the Bank

December 1st 2006 7:30 pm
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Today was what Mom calls Money Day. It's the day her social security gets direct deposited into her bank. So off we went! We stopped at Pet People first and I got treats. Suzie sure likes me. She opened a new jar of treats to give me some. Yuuuummmmmmy! I didn't eat my breakfast before we left home and the cool air was making me hungry.

It's winter in southern California. Upper 40's at night and upper 60's in the daytime. Or in dogspeak, coldish at night, and comfy in the daytime.

I like the weather now. I don't get hot and pant a lot. I still drink a lot of water because it's good for me. They have water at Pet People, but not at the bank.

People at the bank are funny. You'd think a bunch of people standing along two ropes would love to say hi to a nice dog. Most of them, though, are just staring at the wall were the people are waiting for them. Usually there's one guy who pets me, but not today.

A guy opened the door for us to get in. Mom has a little trouble because of her wheelchair and holding my leash. She always says her third arm doesn't work. Huh? What third arm? Mom, you're "joking" again, right?

Mom fell today. After we went to the bank, and she got her hair cut. I pooed, and Mom went to pick it up. She fell just like that. I'm like, "Com'on Mom, get up." She got up pretty quick, but her hand had little cuts from the palm tree. Mean palm tree, biting my Mom. Mom also looked furry from the bark ground cover she fell in. Mom, you look funny! Oh yeah, Mom picked up my poo while she was laying on the ground. Lucky she didn't fall in it.

We went home by the food place Mom gets her lunch at. So you know Mom wasn't hurt much. We met a friend part way home and talked to her a while. That lady can really talk. I took a rest, and only got up when the lady and Mom quit talking.

Then, just when we were on the last piece of the way home, Mom turned and we went to the office of where we live. We paid our rent. Then, finally! We went home.

My friend, K-Rae was still there!!! She sat and talked with Mom. I could tell Mom was getting tired because she didn't talk much. I guess we might be moving. Darnit! I don't like moving. I have to worry about the cats. Cats don't move well, and they get moved in last so I have to worry the whole time. Maybe we won't have to move. Keep good thoughts of us staying put, ok people?


Long Walk Day

November 29th 2006 7:34 pm
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Mom had to go get medicine again today. So we walked alllll the way up to her pharmacy. It was interesting today because a big machine was working on one of the lots along the way. Because it was, we had to go out into the street for a little bit. We were lucky, there were no cars coming at all.

I like the new girl at the pharmacy. She brought me my biscuit before she got Mom's medicine. The girl was a little afraid I'd bite her fingers. I'd never do that. Sometimes I try to grab at the treat if you move your hand just as I go to take it, but if you just give it to me I take it really easy.

We walked home a different way, so we wouldn't have to go out in the street again. Mom and I did not like being in the street. Instead, we went and saw some friends at Target. The one lady is going to have a baby! I'm excited! Maybe I'll get to see it when it's real little. I like babies.

When we got home it was just in time for Mom to go to her chiropractor appointment. Her friend who drives Mom didn't show up, though. She called instead and asked us to change the appointment, so we did.

Mom took a nap instead. So did I. When we woke up, Mom took me outside. Mom's real good about taking me out real quick after she wakes up. Now it's tv time. Mom promised she'd sit with me tonight and watch tv.

Last night she was on the computer all night, looking for boxer breeders. What does she need that for? She has me, I'm her boxer!

Well, woofing off for now!


What happened to the turkey?

November 26th 2006 9:31 pm
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Remember us waiting, and Mom saying "Turkey" and licking her lips? Nobody ever came with turkey. I could tell Mom was upset. She just got me ready to go, and we went up the street. I don't know where we were going or what we were going to do, but Mom was upset.

A friend of ours came down the street, right up to us. He asked us what we were doing and Mom told him. She said we had to find our turkey because the lady that was supposed to bring it didn't. Our friend said that he had three turkey dinners in his bag (I thought I smelled turkey) and we could have one because one was extra. Mom got real happy. Her friend put the turkey in Mom's sack on the back of her wheelchair, and we went home.

Mom put the turkey in the microwave. The good smell filled our apartment. When it was done Mom and I sat and ate turkey. Boy it was good! There could have been more, but Mom was happy so I didn't care so much.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!


Ordinary Day

November 24th 2006 5:27 pm
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Mom and I had a pretty ordinary day. We went out and went to two grocery stores. I got to smell some things I hadn't smelled before. I always wonder why Mom buys the same things all the time when there is so much stuff in the stores?

I had a good walk, going along with Mom. On the way home there was a little black dog. I wasn't sure about it. Was it the "Devil Dog" or not. The lady started to let me smell her dog, but she got scared and pulled him away. Just as well, I was too confused to act right.

I watched over Mom while she napped. Today she laid down right after she ate lunch. Usually she does a couple of things. I couldn't believe that Mom let Puddin lay on her! Puddin doesn't know how to clean herself, and is always all wet from licking too juicy. I hear Mom say all the time, "Eew, you're all wet again." Doesn't Puddin know what's wrong? I don't think so.

Right now I'm laying on the couch watching Mom at the computer. The computer's the only thing I'm really jealous of. Mom spends too much time on it and not enough loving on me! Grrrrr! Still, if it makes Mom happy...


Turkey Day 2

November 23rd 2006 6:40 pm
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The neatest thing happened! We stopped waiting and Mom took me outside. We started going down the street, and there was a guy Mom knew. He asked us if we'd had our dinner, and well, we hadn't. So he gave us a dinner! "They" had given him an extra dinner and he, Mike, was glad to give us one.

It was good, too. Mom and I ate the turkey. Mom ate the vegetables (yuck) and the potatoes and gravy (hey, Mom). We both felt really good after eating the dinner. I like Mike anyway, because his dog, Kaluha, and I are friends. Kaluha is a golden retriever, she's my age, so she doesn't act all crazy when we meet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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