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What happened to the turkey?

November 26th 2006 9:31 pm
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Remember us waiting, and Mom saying "Turkey" and licking her lips? Nobody ever came with turkey. I could tell Mom was upset. She just got me ready to go, and we went up the street. I don't know where we were going or what we were going to do, but Mom was upset.

A friend of ours came down the street, right up to us. He asked us what we were doing and Mom told him. She said we had to find our turkey because the lady that was supposed to bring it didn't. Our friend said that he had three turkey dinners in his bag (I thought I smelled turkey) and we could have one because one was extra. Mom got real happy. Her friend put the turkey in Mom's sack on the back of her wheelchair, and we went home.

Mom put the turkey in the microwave. The good smell filled our apartment. When it was done Mom and I sat and ate turkey. Boy it was good! There could have been more, but Mom was happy so I didn't care so much.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!


Ordinary Day

November 24th 2006 5:27 pm
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Mom and I had a pretty ordinary day. We went out and went to two grocery stores. I got to smell some things I hadn't smelled before. I always wonder why Mom buys the same things all the time when there is so much stuff in the stores?

I had a good walk, going along with Mom. On the way home there was a little black dog. I wasn't sure about it. Was it the "Devil Dog" or not. The lady started to let me smell her dog, but she got scared and pulled him away. Just as well, I was too confused to act right.

I watched over Mom while she napped. Today she laid down right after she ate lunch. Usually she does a couple of things. I couldn't believe that Mom let Puddin lay on her! Puddin doesn't know how to clean herself, and is always all wet from licking too juicy. I hear Mom say all the time, "Eew, you're all wet again." Doesn't Puddin know what's wrong? I don't think so.

Right now I'm laying on the couch watching Mom at the computer. The computer's the only thing I'm really jealous of. Mom spends too much time on it and not enough loving on me! Grrrrr! Still, if it makes Mom happy...


Turkey Day 2

November 23rd 2006 6:40 pm
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The neatest thing happened! We stopped waiting and Mom took me outside. We started going down the street, and there was a guy Mom knew. He asked us if we'd had our dinner, and well, we hadn't. So he gave us a dinner! "They" had given him an extra dinner and he, Mike, was glad to give us one.

It was good, too. Mom and I ate the turkey. Mom ate the vegetables (yuck) and the potatoes and gravy (hey, Mom). We both felt really good after eating the dinner. I like Mike anyway, because his dog, Kaluha, and I are friends. Kaluha is a golden retriever, she's my age, so she doesn't act all crazy when we meet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Turkey Day

November 23rd 2006 11:41 am
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Good Morning! Mom keeps saying "It's turkey day, it's turkey day." and licking her lips. I kind of remember eating a lot of turkey a while ago, is this what she means?

I got a short walk today, well compared to yesterday they're all short walks. Mom obviously wanted to get home. Now I'm laying behind her while she types on the computer. I hate the computer. Mom doesn't pay enough attention to me when she's on it.

Well, I guess we're waiting. Mom says so. I'll write more later.


Biscuits or No Biscuits

November 22nd 2006 9:28 pm
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Today was pretty much like every day. I woke up and Mom was still asleep. She can really sleep. I'm awake at least an while every day before she is, but I don't wake her up. You see, she's disabled, and needs all her sleep.

Anyway, finally Mom woke up. She wasn't feeling good, I could tell. She ate breakfast and took her medicine, then she laid down again. Oh golly, I'd sure like to go outside. I can wait though. And sure enough! She didn't lay down for long and she told me how much she loves me when she got up.

We went and got her coffee. Mom really likes her coffee. It makes me nervous, though, because some got spilled on me once and it hurt! She drinks it fast, though, and then I relax.

While she was drinking her coffee, we were going up the street. She didn't tell me where we were going. Sometime she forgets to tell me, then I get to guess. This time we went all the way to her medicine place. I like going there, they give me a great big biscuit!

On the way back, we stopped and got Mom's lunch. She shares that with me. It's usually the same thing, like it was today, a bacon cheeseburger, yum! I like it when I get some of that bacon; and I spit out the lettuce, so usually Mom pulls the lettuce off and eats it herself.

When we got back, after we ate the food, Mom laid down with her book. She read for a while and then went to sleep. I don't know how long she slept, but it got dark. Mom woke up and took me outside.

In the daytime when we go out Mom rides this thing with two wheels. At night she walks really careful and just a short way. I don't care which way we do it, I always get enough walk in my day. Today especially. The medicine place is the farthest we ever go. Yawn! I think I'll go to sleep now.

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