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Seven Months

November 15th 2013 1:40 am
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It's been seven months since I went to the rainbow bridge. I must say that Mom didn't learn a thing from training me. LOL! Each dog is different and only so much can be expected to transfer from one dog to the next. At least Rambo is getting enough treats. I put on ten pounds eating all the treats I could get.

Mom is doing pretty well. She doesn't cry anymore. She does get teary eyed at the mention of my name and memories of other people.

I try to tell Mom that if she just trains like crazy it will be all right. Rambo will shape up and be a good service dog. She has trouble getting motivated, I know. Still she is a good trainer. She trained me and I was perfect, just kidding.

Mom will be okay. I am happy here across the rainbow bridge. I wait for Mom here.


Another Puppy

July 1st 2013 2:51 am
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Poor Mom! The lady who bred the first puppy decided Mom couldn't give him enough exercise or playtime! She didn't know my Mom! So Mom didn't get a puppy and now she's looking at one that five other people are looking at. I sure hope this lady has a heart and gives her puppy to Mom. Mom is really sad and missing me I can tell and it worries me. She needs that puppy to get on with life! Lots of people are praying for her though and that will help her get the right puppy.


Mom's New Puppy

June 4th 2013 10:14 pm
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Let me first say that I am glad Mom has a new puppy to bring home soon. Then I will say that I didn't think she was going to get him because it took her so long to pay the deposit. I had to pull all kinds of strings to keep that puppy there for her! Whew! I sure hope Mom appreciates it. I'm sure she does. Mom always appreciated me. And I am having the best time playing! I found Sheba and Casey and we are friends. It sure is nice here. I still miss Mom though. Although she is getting along pretty well without me I know how she misses me. I wanted to write this so she would know I am well and having fun.


Almost Three Months

May 19th 2013 3:47 am
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It's almost three months since Donovan died. I hurt when I think about it and I cry. He was the best dog. I never minded sharing him with other people he had plenty of dogginess to go around.

The new dog will have to be different. He will have to stay by my side. Tom will see to that. Tom never understood that Donovan was not a problem for people that he was a blessing in many of their lives.

My new dog will be named Gordon. There is a man named Gordon in my group of people I know. I am not naming Gordon for him. I found out that Gordon means "spacious fort" and I like the sound of it for calling my new dog. It's something I can say with meaning. I also like the nickname, Gordie. As time goes on it will probably be the nickname more than the name that I call him by.

I just hope Gordon is like Donovan with me. I miss Donovan so much.


Donations Needed

April 25th 2013 2:33 am
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It's three weeks today that Donovan was euthanized. I miss him with all my heart. But life goes on.

I need to train another service dog to replace him. In order to do that I have to attend a special service dog school with my new puppy. I can afford the puppy, but I cannot afford the school.

There is a payment of $800 prior to starting the classes, with an additional $400 due at the start of classes. Then as if that weren't enough there is a final payment of $400 due six months into the program. This comes to a total of $1,600 none of which I have.

Time is of the essence. I have sent in an application to the school. I know I qualify. I am poor though and it would be a year before I could have the money to pay for the school on my own.

It would be wonderful if some of you would contribute via my Wix website. The url is:


Rainbow Bridge

April 6th 2013 1:43 am
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Donovan has crossed the rainbow bridge. On Thursday morning, the 4th of April 2013, he was euthanized. He died like he lived, with quiet dignity.


Time to Go

April 3rd 2013 1:18 am
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I am having a rough time. My nose is stuffed up and my stomach hurts. Mom says I'm going to get euthanized whatever that means. She says that I don't need to worry, that I will feel better soon. She tried to get me to eat some raw hamburger earlier, but I just couldn't. It upset her and I'm sorry but I was just too full.
Mom and Jean have bought me canned dog food. I wish I felt like eating it. I just don't feel well enough to eat, and like I said my stomach doesn't feel good. Mom says it's almost time to go. I like to go. Maybe I'll meet a lot of nice people and they'll all pet me and scratch my butt. That would be marvelous. Mom says I'll meet Sheba and Casey. Sheba is another boxer Mom says. Casey is a mutt, half border collie half german shepherd. They were with Mom long ago. Mom says I'll like them. I just wonder where Mom will be. I don't want to leave her alone but she says not to worry that there will be a puppy soon.. I hope it's a good puppy not like the other two we had. Well I need to get Mom in bed so I'll say good night.


I'm All Better!

October 13th 2011 1:52 am
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Kensington vet hospital called and told Mom nothing grew. That means the e.coli that I had is all gone!
Of course that means no more hamburger. I kind of guessed there were pills in the hamburger but it was so good I just ate it pills and all.
It really isn't worth being sick just to get hamburger. I get good treats most of the time anyway. Mom did just run out of treats but we should be getting some in a week or so. P.A.W.S. delivers my food and treats as well as Luna's food. She doesn't like treats. Mom is thinking of putting Luna's treats in with her food and seeing if she will eat them that way. I'm going, "Mom, I'll eat her treats." Mom won't let me have them though.
Mom is really glad I'm better. She keeps petting me and saying I'm a good dog. I figure that's because I took my medicine and got better. Let's just hope that I don't need anymore hamburger.


Quite a Summer and Fall

October 9th 2011 3:47 am
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I went to the vet for a dental checkup and the vet said, "Those teeth have got to go!" All my upper teeth were crowded and had turned sideways. That let pockets form between my teeth and all the pockets were infected. I got 16 teeth pulled. I have my front teeth left and my large molar on the bottom. I had to take clavamox for ten days to take care of the infection in my gums. The dental surgery happened on the 19th of August 2011.
About the time that my mouth was healed, my mom noticed me peeing blood. She took me to the vet again and they did a culture. I had e.coli and had to take keflex for a month. I am just done with the keflex and hope that there is nothing else wrong. I feel good and the weather is just starting to be cool like I like it.


I'd like to know what's going on!

September 1st 2011 10:13 pm
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First I went to the vet and they made me go to sleep. Then while I was asleep they did something to my mouth. I was really groggy when my mom came to get me. When I got home I kept trying to sit up and figure out what was different, but I kept falling over. Mom finally put me on the couch and propped my head up with pillows. Thanks Mom!
The next day was great! I got raw hamburger, two big mouthfuls. Then I got canned dog food! I still don't know what they did to my mouth but I like all this hamburger and canned dog food.
I think I figured out what they did. They took most of my teeth out. It doesn't matter. They hurt anyway besides I'm not supposed to bite anybody anyway.
One thing bothers me. Mom stopped giving me hamburger, and she is not giving me other treats. She keeps saying, "Soon, soon." Soon seems like a long time away.
My mouth feels a lot better. It's not puffy anymore. I can feel where my teeth were but that doesn't worry me. I still have my front teeth so I still look tough.

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