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Ode to a friend

January 27th 2009 12:24 pm
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My bizarro twin isn't here anymore. They tell me that he died in a freak accident, but I don't quite understand what that means. I keep thinking he's going to come around and play with me, but he's nowhere to be found. He's not even at the Paco Collars studio, and that's his place of business!

Usually when I get to visit Ana I have Paco to hang out with. This time it's just me, the people, and some crazy mutant puppy that everyone (including Mom!) thinks is cute and I think looks and acts like she's part cat or something. Plus, nobody seems to have noticed that she doesn't have any FUR. Not to be judgemental, but that's just kind of weird and everyone is acting like it's normal.

OK, OK. I like the puppy. I even play with her and she smells like grape candy. But still, she's not Paco.

Usually I think I'm pretty smart about people. But right now I'm not quite sure what's going on - everyone's sad, Paco's not here, and usually Ana vacation is a big party (for me of course). But everyone seems happy that I'm here (and that puppy really needs to learn that I am the Queen of the Universe, so it's good that I'm teaching her young), so I guess things will be OK.

Ana even let me in the bed. I love being in the bed.

Anyway, people are telling me that Paco is gone, so I guess that means I don't get to see him anymore. I'll miss Paco. He was my first real pit bull pal (besides Gunther of course - but he doesn't count, he's my brother), and he was a good pal. He was smart (smart enough to keep up with me!) and he had a funny sense of humor. He also talked. A LOT. I don't mean silent dog-dog talking, I mean lots of crazy noises that made the humans laugh a lot.

Paco also knew a lot of neat tricks. He even did tricks that I didn't do, like balancing things on his nose. I told him that I was too dignified to do these kinds of circus acts, but Paco really loved doing that stuff. And I have to admit that I liked watching him - he was a funny guy, that Paco. We just had a lot of fun together at the studio especially, and when there were lots of people to charm I of course would go be the social butterfly so that Paco could retain his own dignity. We all have to be dignified in our own ways of course.

I have a thing for dark boys, especially the ones with underbites. At least Pester's around to serve as the resident smart small troublemaking dark dog. But I'll still miss Paco. Pester talks a lot too and he has an underbite (a sign of intelligence and wit) but he doesn't know the nose trick. And I don't think he knows "bang bang!" trick either. Paco taught me that trick.



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