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My Home...My Madhouse!

May 23rd 2008 12:40 am
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Ever since Bella & Milo have been here, it's been a mad house! My home has been turned upside down by that darn Bella. I take my job as Sheriff of the K's home very seriously, but Bella doesn't. Even when Mum tries to shoosh me, I'll keep going- I've got a family to protect! But Bella will listen to Mum, and stop immediately. @_@ In any event, Mom hasn't been giving me as much attention as she did Bella. I'm not really miffed by it, b/c she's not my favorite anyway. My favorite human beans are Dad and Grammpa- they stuff me with treats when nobody's looking, that's why I' ve got a big ol' belly (though they both deny it). Mom doesn't give me any treats (rarely, if ever), as she's worried about my weight gain.

Since I've been living with Gramma and Grampa, especially after Sapphire passed away, I've been fatter than ever. Even Gramma is worried that I'm overweight- the vet said I had to lose 30 percent of my bodyweight. Mom has put me on a diet, but she can't keep up with Dad's random treat giving. Once she has me in the new house as many weeks at a time as possible, she'll make sure my diet is working.

I don't even eat that much, I eat maybe a 1/4 portion of what Bella eats, but then again, she burns off all her energy jumping, running, kissing, so uncouth I tell you! She's also a real PRINCESS so her big ol' hiny won't let me kiss Mumsie like I used to when Bella wasn't around. Mom promises she'll try to treat us more equally- its just that spending quality time with me is difficult when Bella is constantly in the way. It also doesn't help that Bella demands attention, whereas I don't. Mom wants to make sure I am happy...

Gramma worries that Bella has taken the seat of first chair in the dog world. How impudent that is, right? Well, I try to keep up with her, but I'm 4 yrs older, my legs are much shorter, I'm fatter, more low energy, and I can't run half as fast as she does. Mom always says she's got the legs of a Greyhound, and the neverending spitfire, energy, and stamina of a Jack Russell Terrier. I'm more of a lap dog- I like walks, but I don't like wet water, don't really like the beach, and prefer to be held, rather than walked. It's cuz Mommy raised me like her little prince, and deep down inside, she still thinks of me as her little prince. The one, the only, the original:)

I was also the one that picked Daddy for me. Mom's always had such excessively high standards when it comes to men, but when she brought Dad over to me as a potential, I knew he was the One right then and there. I didn't once bark or try to bite him like I do with other ppl. He was the One for me, AND for Mom. I knew he was a sucker for my puppy eyes when he tried to hold me the first time we met. There was no fear, just surprise and happiness in his eyes when they locked with mine:) hehe

Last night, I slept with Daddy. Dad spooned me so we slept on the same side of the bed facing the same direction. It was so cute, Mom tried to take a pic of it but it came out too fuzzy. I like sleeping on dad's side, i don't sleep on Mom's side anymore unless she asks me to sit with her.

I mostly ignore Milo, but I get jealous when Bella playfights with him, and not me. I also worry that Ruby might be hurting Milo, and try to snap at Ruby if she gets too rough with Bella. She is my younger sister after all. she's a pretty good deputy, though she's prone to flightiness and tantrums (she's got a real stubborn streak, just like Mom. I don't- just like Dad). hehehe

Mom says she's going to bring me to our new house once things die down. I am originally her dog, but especially since Sapphire passed away, they REFUSE to let Mom take me. Ever. So she'll have to pull teeth to get me away from them, but its better for my health b/c Gramma is too tired at the end of the day to feed me my special diet with extra cod liver oil for my coat and Angel Eyes for my tear stains. Mom believes its very important, but it won't get done if I'm at Gramma's house all the time.
I guess its a good thing though- i'll have two homes to protect. My work doubles, but so does my territory! hehehe

Mom and Dad have been taking me for walks lately in the neighborhood. Mom doesn't really like it b/c me and Bella get way too hyper, and then jump all over her so she can't get the leashes and harness on (Bella has to wear a harness otherwise she'll escape). But she still tries t do this as daily as possible, esp. b/c I NEED the exercise. I'm too fat for my own good, I don' twant to end up dead before I hit 10! Mom gets worried whenever she sees people or dogs-- I bark at them out of fear, but it looks like aggression. I can't have anyone get too close to me, I just don't like strangers, what can I say? Bella doesn't seem to mind, though...she's fine with new people. But its ok, Mom blames herself b/c she was a very busy law student when she was raising me. She didn't have time to go out at all, not even to eat. She always ate food her Mom prepared for her the weekend prior or take out, and thens tayed in all day...STUDYING. I studied with her, but I forced her to take play breaks with me. Those were some good times, Mommy still remembers how sweet of a puppy I was to her all that time. Such an angel...It was her fault I was not properly socialized, so she blames herself for not getting me out more. Oh well, that's just the way it will be...

I love my family though! I protect them as well as I can, and won't let anyone hurt Bella. She's my new sister now, and erstwhile deputy police officer too. hehe


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