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Donde estas M & Mom?

October 16th 2007 10:02 am
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Mom and Dad came down 2 weeks ago for a weekend trip. Boy, was I glad to see Mom (she was here a few days earlier than Dad)! I spun my tail around and jumped for joy that Mom started sneezing profusedly. hehe She's allergic to me more than ever, but she loves me to bits anyways and enjoys burying her face in my thick, luxurious fur:)

Mom and I had fun going on walks, spending time together "getting the shoogie" (codeword: for other dogs), and playing fetch & "kill the stuffed animal" at 2 AM (my peak play time). I'm so starved for a playtime friend, I try to make up for it when she's here.

Also, I protect the house with my barking, but Mom's been trying this weird "shooot" noise on me. It sounds like the one that Cesar Milan uses on his show. In any event, it startles me into stopping my barking. Only problem for Mom is that Gramma refuses to rein me in. She lets me do whatever I want, spoiled grandchild that I am...heehee

I even got yummy galbi bones to bite and chew b/c they made a feast for Auntie T. She's tough on the outside, real soft & dewy on the inside:) Anyways, she gives me extra galbi bones when nobody's looking. Also, Uncle R also came over- he'd been in the Korean Marines for nearly 3 years, and finally finished his term there and came back to So Cal. The fambam has missed him, so it was a nice reunion. I didn't like him initially, because he's more of a cat person, but I like him now.

Mom also bought me some chewy sticks, called Pizzle sticks. I love these things, and though they gave some to Ruby, she just doesn't like them! These are Godiva in the dog culinary world, and yet, Ruby just likes the simple things- her food & water. She rarely even eats biscuits or any treats for that matter, just galbi bones (Mom thinks its cuz Ruby was abused as a puppy, and never got access to yummy treats). Its cool though, cuz she gives her leftover cookies to me (more for me)! Yay! hehe

The funniest night was when Grampa and Mom took me for a walk together. Mom had Ruby in hand, but b/c she's not walked regularly, she got a little frantic and escaped from her collar. She would not return when called, and she nearly got run over by a taxi cab. She even stood smack in the middle of the street and wouldn't move out of the cab's way like a stubborn mule. Anyways, she had fun sniffing the neighborhood's bushes, and investigating new homes before Mom and Grampa were able to catch her. Mom was really exasperated with Ruby, and vowed not to walk the both of us again at the same time.

Mom plans to take Ruby to her house (along with me) when they come back to So Cal and buy a house. They're planning on getting us a large yard, and Ruby will finally come to live with us indoors:) She'll have to be potty trained, but since Ruby already goes on the grass, it won't be much of a problem she thinks.

Mom's called to say she's coming back down to So Cal for another visit in about two weeks. I miss her, as I don't have anyone to play with. Grampa is cool, but he's so busy with work. The highlight of my day is going on 30 minute walks with Grampa, or else I'd be bored to death. Now that Sapphire is no longer with us, I have nobody to bug. Ruby is already imperturbable, so she's not much fun either.

Mom also said she's bringing my new sister, Bella. I didn't like that feisty ball of fur the last time she was here, but Mom has reassured me that she has calmed down quite a bit. She was just a puppy then (though Mom always raves about what a great, sweet puppy I was), but you just can't beat that terrier blood. Oh well, I hope I get sufficient time to hang out with my FAVORITE person in the whole wide world-- MC! Mom gets jealous b/c I love him more, but she doesn't mind-- at least its her fiance (and not a stranger). hehe I will sleep on his side of the bed, curled up right next to his head, but I refuse to do the same with Mom. Mom always gives me too many kisses, hugs me randomly, and pets my soft fur even when I'm half asleep. Dad never does that to me, AND takes me on lots of walks AND gives me treats. He gives me my space, basically. Mom, on the other hand, is more expressive, so loves to squeeze me and kiss me and hug me. ICK!


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