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The Life of a Very Spoiled Pooch

The Antics of a Picky Diva Pup

May 2nd 2007 8:05 am
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Ha ha. I've been worrying mommy lately. See, I'm a super picky eater. When I was a baby and mommy first brought me home, she bought me some dry food and tried to get me to eat it. Nope! I went DAYS without eating. Mom thought I'd eventually get hungry and give in, but nope. I literally went 5 days before she finally bought me some canned food. Ever since then, I've eaten canned food, with a little dry thrown in. Mom leaves out dry food so I have something to munch on, but I won't eat it consistently.

With the recent rash of food recalls, Mom and I are left with no canned food options. Either the ones I've eaten have all been recalled, I don't like the brands (and refuse to eat them), or Mom doesn't think they are nutritionally good for me. So, we're back to dry food. Mom has been trying several different brands, and we found 2 that I like, and will eat, just not enough to keep me healthy. We sent a call out to our Dogster friends about what to do now. The great pups sent back lots of advice and Mom tried some of it. Here are the results:

Putting some chicken broth over the dry food - Mom did that 3 times. I refused to eat it every time.

Putting some tuna on top of it - Refused to eat it

Putting some yogurt on top of it - refused to eat it

Putting some cottage cheese on top of it - first time ate all of the cottage cheese and most of the dry food. The other 2 times, just licked the cottage cheese off the top of the food. See how sneaky I am?

Mom even made a concoction of dry food, tuna, and yogurt and mixed it all up. I refused to eat it.

Last night, Mom decided to try her hand at making something for me. So, she sauteed some carrots, celery, and zuccini and then added some chicken. After the chicken was browned, she poured in about a quart of stock, and added some brown rice and then let the rice cook. It was kind of like a thick puppy soup. She put it in the freezer to cool it off, and then gave it to me. I wasn't sure about it at first, but then I ate almost all of what she gave me. She was so happy!!!!!! I just hope she doesn't try to add any dry food to it. :)

The funniest thing is that when I'm at daycare, they put a little bit of water on the dry food that mom sends with me. And I eat it. Not a lot of it, but I still eat. But, if mom tries that - NOPE! It's fun making mommy frustrated. ;)

Mommy said that she was going to try her hand at some other recipes. I hope I start getting home cooked meals now. I'll have to just keep being picky. BOL. Mom did say something about supplements and she wasn't sure that what she made had everything I needed. She thinks that in tonight's meal (which is leftovers from last night) she might add some cottage cheese and flax seed. Good thing I like those 2 things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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