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The Life of a Very Spoiled Pooch

My photo shoot

April 10th 2007 7:26 am
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Hi everypup! I have been super busy lately. I'm doing agility training, which I LOVE. One of mommy's friends came to the last class. I love her. It was super fun. I love to run through the tunnels and jump. And bark at the other doggies. I sound mean, but I'm just letting everyone know I'm there, and to stay away from my mommy. I'm super protective of her.

But, last week was a super busy week. Wed was agility. Thursday I was tired and recovering. Friday was daycare, then mommy and I went right from daycare to my granparents' house where there are 8 doggies to play with!!!! Then Saturday, mommy, grandma, and I went back up to Madison and I had a photo shoot. Mommy set up an appointment for me to have my picture taken by a professional photographer. I was a little nervous, but not super scared. The photographer's husband was the assistant, and I'm not too sure about men. I didn't like him touching me too much, but he did give me yummy treats. :) I got to play, and sniff around. And mommy even took some pictures with me. I wasn't scared at all when mommy was in front of the camera with me. We haven't seen the pictures yet, but mommy can't wait. They should be super cute!!!!!

After the photo shoot mommy and grandma had to run a couple of errands, and then we went to PetsMart. I love it there! But, since I was tired, I was kind of cranky. Mommy was buying treats anyhow, but she had to open the bag while we were still in the store so I'd be quiet!! Ha ha. I knew she'd eventually cave. :) Then it was back down to grandma's house where I played some more, and helped mommy feed llamas and ducks. I herded/chased the ducks. And then I was nipping at the llamas when they were naughty. They kept trying to eat the duck food while mommy was feeding them. Mommy was proud that my herding instincts were coming out. Then we all went for a walk with mommy and grandma. Even though I'm a city girl, I like to spend a little time in the country. It's fun to run through the grass and play with the other animals. There was a little altercation with my sister, her daughter, and me, but I'm ok. I only got a couple of scrapes on my back paws and thigh. Luckily I'm a tough girl and fought back hard. :) But mommy was worried and carried me back up to the house and checked me out. Then I got to lay between mommy and grandma on the big electric blanket. I got totally pampered. I even got to sleep with grandma in the big bed on the pillows.

Sunday, all the doggies and I were tired and spent a lot of the day sleeping. Of course there was some play time, but it was mostly sleeping. Then I got to go for a walk with my brother Bart, and my best friend Zach. That wore us out and we all slept some more. Mommy and I came home Sunday night, and I was exhausted. I slept all night Sunday night, and then had daycare Monday. Then I got to visit my friend Riley. I just wanted to lie down, but he wanted to play, so I played a little bit, but then laid down. Once I finally got home, I ate some dinner and went to bed and slept ALL night long. Luckily mommy doesn't have anything planned for me today, so I get to stay home and sleep all day. And then cuddle with her when she gets home from work. Whew! I need my rest for agility class tomorrow!!!!!!

I hope all of my pup friends out in Dogster land had a great Easter and a happy Passover!!!!!!

PS - Mommy's arm is doing even better. She only has 5 more degrees to go before she can straighten it all of the way. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every week after her physical therapy, we do a happy dance for the progress she made.


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