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every day is BOXER day

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color ME confused

February 1st 2007 4:43 pm
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OK, this was just really very odd. My momma took me to the store, and there was a lady there with a puppy. So I went to look. It was a young male rotti pup.... maybe 5 months old.... about as big as Brigid. I started my happy dance wiggle.... and this lady started freaking out about me not coming anywhere near her pup... ok.... ???? .... So I stayed back, and this lady starts getting all weird when momma compliments her doggie, and asks how old he is. She started goig off on how he's going to be trained as a therapy dog and doesnt want him to learn to fight...... Who ME?? I was doing my best dance and happy wiggle butt!!! I even play bowed.... But when he wanted to come say hi she Freaked more. Momma thought this lady was totally crazy, but was nice to her..... She mentioned Ashley, my girlfriend who is both a rotti, and a registered therapy dog. The lady was all snotty and was like " oh well thats nice, and thank you for keeping THAT DOG awaay from him".... THAT DOG??! I shoulda peed on her foot! The only thing that saved her is I am a gentleman.

That dog indeed!!! Momma said that when we get Brigid's dominance under control more so she can focus back on me, she is going to go thru Delta for my vest! WOOOHOOOO! My vest wont be the same color as Ashley's though, cause she goes thru the Dove Lewis program.... But I think we are going to knock 'em dead! My aunti has been trying to get me thru the training for a while now, but momma was waiting till I matured a little. Now that I am two, I get to do the training! Dont tell Brigid, she'll get all jealous because I get to visit the old folks homes without her! She has gone in as a guest with me before, and we both LOVED doing it..... but I think if momma puts her thru the program she'd do better with kids.... they all love her stripes!


new chewies!

February 1st 2007 6:19 am
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I got new chewies last night!!!! ok, well less me, and more we got new ones for Brigid. But thats ok... if she is busy with her big black Kong, or her ball of treats, then she lets me have MY stuff! *grins* My momma loves me! If we don't keep her distracted, that mean girl comes and steals my rawhides right out of my mouth......

We spent a long time in the pet store last night looking at Toys and Chewies.... And momma was looking at training stuff for Brigid. The trainer ladies were talking to momma for a really long time. So I entertained myself with a nice WOO WOO song. it goes like "wooowooooraraaaraaaaaaaooooooooooo" Deana was talking to momma then, and she was laughing so hard! She had never heard Boxer talk before.... but then she's never seen one sit still for an hour either! lol. And there was a puppy in there that I got to play with for a while till her mom and dad made her go home...... and a little stripy Chi boy was trying to challenge me to a dual.... Miss Brigid was in the shopping cart as the prize! I just got on my belly and poked him with my little nose! He called me a wussy!



January 30th 2007 1:52 pm
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I wanna be a husky! Momma keeps telling me that I cant become a husky, its not a thing you can train to become. But I been practicing real hard. My friend Jack is a fluffy husky. Red Siberian.... and I think he is the best! I wanna be just like him. So every night when momma puts us to bed, I push real hard to try to make my tail grow. Brigid keeps laughing at me. She keeps saying that it wont work, but I'll show her! Any day now I will get a longer nose, and a TAIL. yeaaaaaaah! And then I will be able to earn a fur coat like Jack has! Maybe if I stop letting momma brush me........


That PUPPY!!!

January 30th 2007 1:41 pm
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ARRRRRG! Ok, so I asked my momma "Momma can we please try to take Brigid back to the bark park??? I'll help her be good I promise" And momma, she said that she'd try it but only when there were only a few puppies who were pre-warned about things. And Brigid HAS been doing better lately. ...... WRONG. That darn puppy was all happy and playing with my best girl Ashley... all was good, until she decided to tackle one of the two other dogs in the bark!! For no reason at all! So now I don't get to go play with my friends except when mom can find a puppy sitter. (don't tell Brigid, but momma is getting her a muzzle soon so that she can play in that... SHHHHH, don't tell her or she'll eat mamma's credit cards!)

The one good thing is i got to play with Ashley for a while! We ran really hard out in the fields, all of us. Its a good thing Ash likes Brigid! Otherwise I would hardly get to see her either!

Oh, now don't any dog tell Ashley this.... but there was a FINE looking husky girl in heat at the bark too! yeah, she wanted me! Momma told me no though. Dang it!



January 26th 2007 4:06 am
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OK, momma was acting strange last night. When she got home from work, she let us out... but half hour later put us back to bed and then left us! Whats up with that?! But when she got back, she had my gramma and grampa! Oh I was so happy!!! Momma and Gramma took us for a nice walk, and we got to visit for a long time!

Then the best news.... uncle Griffin should be ok!!!!!!! *bounce bounce* Mom told me that he went to my vet again, and Doc W told them that with his blood sugars down (he was over 600!) and the slightly improved energy, he might make a recovery! He is not all better yet though, so mom wont let me play with him right now... But maybe soon. They are still worried cause he really doesnt want to eat, but whatever it takes gramma is trying to do. Momma told me he's getting SHOTS everyday now, so I better not get that diabetes stuff or I could have to do that too!

And its Friday, so mom is going to take me to the bark park for a little while all by myself! woohoooooooo


Doggie Show

January 21st 2007 7:10 am
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M y momma went someplace early yesterday.... And many hours later she came back home, with lots of Boxer stuff..... And she told me all about seeing lots of other dogs and getting to say hi to my old dog park pal Presley (a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) while he was showing. From whats she's telling me about this dog show stuff, I wanna do it too! lots of people admiring me?! Sign me up! But momma said that there is far too much politics there. Now I dunno whats politics is, but it sounds bad.... maybe its giant bugs? If so, Presley is really brave, cause I dont think I would wanna come down with politics.

Momma came home with lots of books, and she got treats and new doggie foods for us to try.... and she smelleds like a billion other doggies! I was so happy to see her! And Brigid and I stood there and watched while she unpacked each of the bags too. She said that if I am really good she might take me to the pet expo this April... I cant wait, cause I get lots of treats there! And momma already told me that I dont even have to share with Brigid! Woohooo.... Dont tell Brigid!


Oh my goodness

January 19th 2007 8:10 pm
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OK, so momma suprised me by not telling me that grandma was comign over.... We were so excited! It was great.... then we loaded into the car (leaving Brigid home with Daddy and Grandpa) and we started to go to the bark park..... Well somethign is wrong with Griffen. Like bad wrong. We parked in a section that is very close, so it should be a 3 minute walk (faster if you are a boxer, but momma always makes me slow down. *snort* )

Well, first I should say, Griffen is a lab/sheltie cross. Basically he is a mini black lab. He should weight like 40 pounds. He now has gotten fat. Not just fat, but in the last couple of years, he has doubled his body wieght. He is now 81.5 pounds. So when he decided to sit down, every 10 feet... We just thought he was being lazy. But then he got real weak. We were almost to the bark, so momma let me loose inside for a minute while she started to call my vet. Meanwhile Griffy, well he poo'ed but there was blood in it! So we spoke to my vet, and he said that we coudl take this dog he'd never seen, he'd examine him for us! My vet is the bestest vet in the whole wide world and I love him *boxer wiggles*

After them staying late and doing massive amounts of blood testing and many Xrays and all that, we still arent sure what's happening. We know its nothing contagious like Giardia or nothing. But we can only guess whats actually going on. The Xrays were all funny. What parts should have shown up in the pictures, well only some showed. The rest was in a wierd fog. Not a fat deposit (which was my vote cause he a round dog) and not a fluid and not blood....we cant tell! Its a puzzle that my super doctor is going to solve. Griffy will be coming back down here to see Dr W lots till we figure this thing out! One guess is that it might be Cushings (SP?) and that might be whats making all this happen. I just want my pal to feel better. I was very worried about this whole thing, cause my momma took me in with her because she was afraid that what was wrong could be contagious and my being locked in the car with it could be bad. I saw my gramma and Griffy go into a room, and then my doctor went in and I couldnt... I was very upset. So everybody keep your paws crossed for the little black dog. I'll pass all kisses on to him for you!



let it snow let it snow

January 16th 2007 4:41 pm
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Its been a freak snow storm up here folks! I have gotten to play all day in about 4 1/2 inches of snow!! We hardly get any snow up here, so this is a huge deal.... even though I dont have much fur to stay warm in it, typical doggie bliss happens out there! *grins* I got to take Daddy and Brigid out in the field and run and run, then Momma came home early and we all went out, plus I got to bring my two best girls friends with us, Stella (chocolate Luuuuuuvvvvvvvva) and Ashley (Princess Rotti) We went for about a mile and a half hike thru the snow! All the girls played so good together, even Brigid was being a good girl!

I just have to figure out how momma can safely get me back down to the bark.... I got to go while Brigid stayed home over the weekend...... And I wanna go back and play with my friends in this.... But momma is scared that the major hill with all the twists in it would be a bad thing for her little sporty car.... And she says that with people wrecking left and right, she wont let me walk on the sidewalks either. Someone tell momma that I am fast and can get outta the way of a sliding car!



January 12th 2007 4:21 am
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Its COLD out there. Everytime I go outside, I run back in and stand in front of the heater. Momma took us for a long walk last night, and even with coats, I was SO cold. I ran back in and stood in front of the heater for like 5 minutes before I would even let her take my coat off, and then I ran back in front of that heater. If dogs purred, it would have shook the house!

Dont get me wrong, I love to go run in this weather. But when I come in its straight for the warm stuff, then pile on momma for a nap. She's nice and warm......

Momma said that she's going to take me in to the park while daddy takes care of Brigid on the weekends.... That means I get to go in tonight!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO.



January 10th 2007 4:04 am
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Ok, momma told me sumfin... She is getting a lady to help us with that bratty puppy. Brigid makes me have to go home early all the time cause she cant control her temper. So momma, she called in someone used to dealing with bullies like Brigid. And when momma told me what they have come up with so far, I cant wait! This will be lots of fun... Well except momma said that I wont be going to play with my friends much except on weekends when Momma can leave Brigid home with daddy. Or on play dates someplace other than with all the dogs at the same time.... since Brigid does fine if its not a big pack.

The fun part is that they are going to come up with lots of new things to do to try and distract and train puppy. I like to play the long stay game and give paw and do things that get me lots of attention. If momma's training Brigid to do stuff, I get to too! And I get lots of treats and loves and stuff as well. WOOOWOOOOOOOOO. Since we cant go to standard classes for obedience standing or agility, because Thuggers wont be nice to other doggies, we doing classes focused on just us for a while.

Well, except I get to see my girlfriend alot too. Momma promised I still get to see my Rotti! And she promised that I do get to go when she has someone to sit for Brigid. This is gonna be good.... I get to play again. I cant wait! *bounce bounce*

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