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every day is BOXER day

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July 6th 2007 6:16 pm
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Better details tomorrow. But for now, we talked to our vet. He said that all my blood stuff came out at ideal levels for a 3 year old (he's aging me a little but it looks good on me so thats ok) The only blood thing he could find that was at all off is my thyroid levels. They are a bit low. We are supposed to be 1. something and I am at like .74 So I am not low enough to have caused the fainting issue...... kidneys, liver, sugar levels are all great. We still dunno what the heck made BOTH of us keel over like that. We have shown NOTHING since (but momma wont let us run either)

So Dr W is going to show a heart specialist our EKG and see if he thinks we need to wear a Holter vest. We don't have a problem doing that, especially considering what happened. We just have to figure out where to come up with the cost. We have spent $300 so far, to find out some things its not. We are narrowing the field. Meanwhile, we wait to hear the cardiologists opinion on wearing the vest and if we need it and such. Keep your paws crossed for me pups.......

Mom goes to pick up the thyriod medication on payday. He said its not low enough to worry about life threatening, but he knows that I will so we will fix it.


Dr W

July 6th 2007 4:21 am
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OK, so momma took me to the vet. She got them to accept a post dated check for me to get in right away. *sigh* I love my doctor though so its ok. He spent a long time with me. We went over what had happened over and over again. They did EKG and are sending out blood samples. No real idea what the heck is going on yet. Momma is going nuts over the whole thing. She's not letting me off leash to go play at all. And since its hot out, there is no slack on this!

We did get to go for an 8 pm walk with Ashley.... And momma brought out a big bowl hoping that it would make us drink more (and it did! We only went for a SLOW 3/4 mile walk, and drank a 2 quart bottle as well as starting on a 1 liter!) We wanted to play so much. But momma and my doctor agree, this whole thing is too scary when we don't know for sure whats causing it.

Right now we aren't ruling out anything.......... it could be epilepsy or boxer heart or pretty much anything. What has us stumped is why our 14 month old went down at the same time!!!! Thats just weird, cause they never do that unless it like a food they ate or something. Momma asked about the frosty paws, but he doesn't think that its that. (don't tell him, but mom is calling a holistic vet and asking as well. Better safe than sorry!)


OMD whats wrong?????

July 4th 2007 9:08 am
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OK, quick background... its a heat wave here. We went out at 8 pm last night, when it had cooled to like 78 degrees.... and mom had frosty paws for us, so we walked about a block, sat down and all had water and frosty paws for like 20 minutes.... then walked some more. We drank two one liter bottles, one hydro pack of water (about 2 liters) and a two quart bottle of water... with three of us, mostly just walking, with a tiny bit of wrestling. We came home and we weer fine.... We cuddled with momma and had some kibble.... cuddled some more with her cuddling to make sure we didn't decide we don't like fireworks. (we've never been scared before but she doesn't take chances) She stayed with us till midnight, put us to bed, keeping the tv on low between us ... on food channel so we'd hear nothing to upset us.

She gets up with us at 5:20 this morning. Its 60 degrees out, just at daylight. She walked us about 1/2 a block along the fence line, which was shaded. Daddy came out, so she off leashed us. He called and we sprinted to him...... Then we ran back to momma who was walking toward us. We got to her.... and just kinda passed out! I ran up, got wobbly and looked dizzy & just fell over sideways.... I was SO scared... I actually peed and was all panicked. Mom dropped to her knees beside us, cause then as she was calming me Brigid fell over too... She wasn't as bad, but she kinda collapsed too. Daddy meantime broke into a run and came up to us... Mommy had him deal with Brig cause she was not as bad. Mom checked my pulse and kept me calm. Brigid was only down for like 30 seconds, maybe. Mom had daddy keep her down for another minute and keep stroking her.... she was focused on me. I calmed down and after a couple minutes when my eyes looked normal and my pulse felt slower she let me up and we walked back home, slowly.

We came in and momma has been staring at my every move. Not a sign of distress. She took us back out (with daddy) 2 1/2 hours later, its now 76 out. We walked very slow, on leash so we couldn't play. We did fine... not any sign of anything weird.

Momma is freaking out. I am normally out running for hours every day (when its not hot out) and have never ever had anything even close to this happen. We've been tested for heart issues by our regular vet (though we haven't rented the machine to do the full tests for breeding yet. Mom was going to wait till Brigid was older and closer to time, and just rent two so we could test at the same time. ) All of our tests have always been strong and healthy without a hint of anything wrong with us. She is going to make another vet appointment and have us tested, again, to make sure its not a heart issue. If it is, both of us will get fixed cause we don't want to pass a heart condition. (she refuses to breed us until she gets all the testing completed.)

Mom is terrified. I was terrified. The look on my face brings her to tears just remembering it. I have never felt like that, and I never want to again!


Its ruff

July 2nd 2007 6:24 pm
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Ok, its rough being a boy sometimes. My harem is demanding all my attention... no matter how much time I spend trying to clean their ears its just not enough. Then when the humans don't take us to see each other for a while, I get the paw. I mean, sheesh!

Take this last weekend for example. We had a meeting with a lady who does a Petlane thing about some suggestions to possibly help her out. No problem.... But my Chocolate Luv, Stella of my heart... Does she forgive that I haven't seen her? NO. She gives me attention, but nothing spectacular. I used to be her best boy. She said hi and all that, but we didnt even cuddle! *sniffle* Its not my fault the momma's have been slackin'.

Ashley still loves me. She's my best rotten girl..... But when we don't see each other for a few days, its all about rolling the puppy. Don't get me wrong, I love rubbin' Brigid in the dirt as much as the next guy (probably more so cause not a lot of guys does she let do that to her) But do we get our romps thru the field? Our running over the manicured laws of Xerox? NOPE.

Yup, life's ruff for a boy dog.



May 23rd 2007 2:54 pm
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Alright pups, my pal Eve tagged me ! Please play with us !

here are the rules:
each player starts with seven facts about themselves. dogs who are tagged , need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 Pawsome facts. then chose 7 dogs to tag & list their names. don't forget to P-mail that they have been tagged & to read your Diary . or send them a fun rosette announcing they've been Tagged ! unfortunately pups i have no rosettes to give away but soon as my mom gets me some i'll pass them along. Bounce Bounce, kident bean!

7 Pawsome facts about yours truly

1. I am the golden dog
2. I love everybody..... except mean dogs who bite
3.I get to go everywhere, and mom bases her whole life around us
4. HATE rain & wind
5. I do tricks for total strangers just to get attention
6. I spend my whole day playing with Brigid and daddy, then mom comes home and we go nuts and play with her, and then ASHLEY & us all go for long play times and 3 mile walks
7. Fastest boxer in the world. Yup, they all try but non can compete!

i Tagged these 7 Pawsome Pups

1. Sugar
2. Ashley
3. Buster
4. Clutch
5. Loki
6. Choochi
7. Bane


Birthday Brigid?!

April 24th 2007 5:02 am
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Wow, its already been a year. Brigid turned one today. The good news, I get the treats and the play time. The bad news, I just love having the song sang and I am very confused when they are singing it to some pup else! What about me? Dont they still love me?! *whimper*

Momma said I get everything she does though.... and I already sampled some of the frosting and DAAAANG thats the good stuff. Got me drooling, and I am not a drooler by nature! WOOF WOOF, two paws up! Yummers!



April 24th 2007 4:59 am
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Boys, having a girl in heat is just not all its cracked up to be. Mom and dad were taking no chances with us. For a week, we couldnt be walked at the same time, I stopped eating, its was aweful. Mom was a nervous wreck over trying to keep us both healthy and happy, but she did it. She's been sleeping every since. BOL.


Moulton Falls

March 10th 2007 4:28 pm
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Ok, so momma got up early and packed up a bunch of stuff, made sandwhiches, and even got the dog backpack out & loaded. She wouldnt tell me whats going on, all she said was that we had to stay out of the way if we wanted to go for a ride. Hmmmmmmm. Thats alot of stuff for a RIDE mom...

But then we got to go to GRAMMA's place and run and play for a while. I WUFF my Gramma. She's the best! So then momma made us get back in the car, and we still havent used any of the stuff we had packed.... Strange..... But something great happened. She pointed the car toward the mountains behind Gramma's place! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee. We got to go way up to the Moulton Falls park. *grins* My old pal Presley was there, and some of my bark park pals too! What were they doing way out here?! We got to go for a nice long walk. thru trees and on a big path. Momma wouldn't let us off to get ruff with the other kids.... well she let Brigid off at the end as we headed back. But as I wasnt the only boy with his na na's there, it was best I stayed on leash so momma could make certain to have control. WE spent hours out there! It was great fun. Then we went BAck to Gramma's place so daddy could grab his motorcycle, and we got to run MORE.

It was great! And momma even let me sleep curled up in the passenger seat so I could nuzzle her once in a while to say thank you! WOOF! She never lets me sit up front. Its been a great day so far. Time to take a nap



March 6th 2007 4:28 am
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Ok, so last night we went for double walks! We got to meet Lucky and his beagle pal Joey and go walking with them..... a nice mile and a half on leash at a nice sedate pace. That was cool... But then my phone rang at 6, and it was ASHLEY. So on my way out, who do we run into but Stella's momma. *grins* got to love on her, and then pounce the rottie! It was great fun, yet more mile on these boxer paws! BOL. Brigid keeps trying to steal all of my lights though... momma put lights on us so we can run off leash in the dark and play together and be seen. (away from the roads of course!) it was lots of fun running with Ashley... and we both got that pup of mine together. But then, something bit me! I stopped and kept looking at my back leg. Momma thought I scraped a thorn or something, but it was dark.... well the momma and aunti both rubbed me and checked my feel, nothing. But I would NOT walk. So mom brought out a pocket light, and it was a FLEA! A flea jumped on me as we were walking around minding our own business! EWWWWWWWW, I hate biters. Momma got it off me, and I had not a care in the world as I went trotting off. BOL. Aunti couldnt believe how I reacted to a flea... and that momma could see the darn thing. BOL. There's a good side to a smooth coat! Teeeeeheeee



March 6th 2007 4:20 am
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Been a BUSY doggie weekend peeps. Went to the bark park on Friday, was all pent up frustration. I was so keyed up momma was watching me to make sure I didnt pull a Brigid. *sigh* Saw an old friend.... The doggie Hutch that got stolen? Well they didnt KEEP him. In his case thats almost funny, cause he is a beautiful Weim, but he is the most bounce off the walls freakaziod pup I have ever had the honor of playing with. They probably changed their minds after a week with him! BOL. I was glad to see him, but I wasnt sure it was him and gave him a quick left and huge right paw to put him down in the mud and make sure. But he loves me anyway. And after everyone left, we let Brigid come in and play with me and Ashley for a while.

Saturday. Went for a couple of walks... maybe 3 miles or so, then in comes GRAMMA. *bounces and quivers* I WUV my Gramma. And she had Grampa and their old dog Brittany with her. We all hung out for a while, went for another walk. But then the fun started. We left Grandpa here to nap, and the rest of us piled in the car. We spent hours all running about together! We went to Petco so Gramma could look for a cheap sweater for Brittany (didnt find one, but got some other really cool stuff! WOOF! ) And we got to go to this really ritzy outdoor mall place with fire and water and giant sprite's dancing around fountains and slate seats and such. Lots of people stopping to see us. Gramma's funny cause when people come to see us boxers, she makes sure that they pay attention to the old border collie too! BOL! Way to go Gramma.... And the Home Depot, we got stopped every few feet so somebody could see us! teehee
Came back home and hung out with the Grans for a while... Then daddy came home! It was a good day

Sunday, the family all piled back in the car, and we went on a big trip to more home depots, and the motorcycle shop. I like going these places! Oh and when momma got her coffee, they gave us COOKIES. WOOOOO WOOOOOOOO.

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