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every day is BOXER day

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September 3rd 2007 3:25 pm
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Well, gotta say this new place is nice... Mom is putting these weird sticker things on the back door cause she is afraid that we might run thru it. BOL. We just wanna be able to run in and out but she says until we put up a better fence thats not happening. She noticed that now that I have a yard of my own, I seem to be more protective. I just don't want any old dog comin in is all! Be3sides, I might pose and look pretty, but we all know that I most often will challenge the pup to a game of chase! BOL


We're here!

September 2nd 2007 4:47 pm
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OK, boy has it ever been a hectic week! Sheesh..... First off, we are here now. We have a YARD now..... OK, its not a big yard, but we can run around a little and have a place to poo now. And we have a much bigger floor plan in the house so we can run around more inside too! OH, and we have STAIRS. :-) We never had inside stairs before!

First few days it was great...... But then we got new neighbors. Now mom is being VERY careful about letting us play outside. *sigh* Dont get me wrong, we have pitty pals from the bark park and love to play with them. But the neighbor has a nice big pitty, and we have a fence that any one of us pups can push over. Plus his daddy told momma that Igor (the pitties name) is an escape artist..... one who is pushing boards off the fence already to peek thru! So mom is being careful... She is afraid that things could go badly if he comes thru. So we still go out, but we cant go when he is out. And we have to have leashes with us if his door isn't closed (cause a screen on a sliding door wont keep him in if he wants out. BOL)

What the pawrents came up with is this: When the humans have some money, they are going to pull the boards off the fence, put them all back on just one side (its a friendly neighbor fence, so there is currently boards on both sides spaced to peek) Then we will secure the main posts a bit more with sunken metal posts, tack up some hardware cloth fencing for more support, and add all new boards on the other side. This will keep us all from going thru the fence.... and mom is putting cinder blocks with plants in them along the bottom of the fence to keep busy paws from going under. The fence is already the legal limit of 6 foot. If that doesn't keep us all in our own yards, nothing will. And NONE of us are outside much, and never alone.

Then, mom is putting a short fence out front to block us from running and startling any kids. See, we have a dead end street here, so the little dogs and small children play in the street in front of the houses. And we LOVE children. Mom is nervous that we might run out to say hi, and we being so big compared to the yorkies and chi's... we might scare the kids. So we have a short fence going in.... and our neighbors want one as well, for their pitty. They said Igor has been watching them out the window a lot since they moved in as well! I am just glad the pawrents get along well enough to work things out, cause really we like it here and I don't think Igor wants to hurt me....

Mom has a hurt back, so she's had dad do all the work lately.... he's got the house looking better now... most the stuff is put away. We love the running around! Its SO much fun! And mom found 6 dog stores close by! 2 real stores, one groomer with supply, one vet with supply, and a trainer with supply.... Oh and the humane society is close and they have a store too! Plus, we have lots of others around AND petsmart and petco are in town. The 6 are within 3 miles or so! BOL

Anyway, bark at you later. I wanna go bug Igor.


might be out for 1 week

August 24th 2007 8:30 pm
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We are moving and might not be able to get our paws on a computer for a week or so! We'll miss every dog till we get back!




August 20th 2007 4:49 pm
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Momma is sad... She had to bring a kitty to the vet to go to sleep..... All I know is that he smelled funny..... I wanted to see him but mom said that he wasn't feeling up to that so it was best if I said goodbye from the front seat. I liked that kitty.... he made funny noises at me! She has had him since she was 14 years old. He was a OLD kitty.... I liked to go sniff at him when I went to visit their house.... Now I wont get to see him anymore. And mom wont get up and play with me. Its not fair!


no treats?!

August 16th 2007 4:35 pm
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OK, mom got some "good doggie" charms for our collars, and a new hydro pack... plus a bunch of knives...... But no dog treats! What's with these people??? Dont they know they need to feed the boxers?! *sigh* of well, we got lots and lots of attention... that counts for something.


Happy Burf-Day momma!

August 16th 2007 10:55 am
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Well, so far I gotta say mom's birthday is almost as good as mine! We got to go walking, we got fancy breakfast, we got to have a family nap, and now GRANDMA is here!

Yippeeeeeeeee! I'll keep you posted on if she gets any dog biscuits for presents!


I wanna play

August 15th 2007 7:14 am
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Ok, tell mom to get off dogster. I mean seriously, I am standing right here! I am making chewbacca wookie noises, am pawing at her, snorting... How much more can a boxer dog do to get some loving around this place? I want attention dang it.

We went for a walk early this morning, she would not even let me walk slowly and sniff every blade of grass along the way. Seriously, what gives?!


good woofs

August 3rd 2007 4:01 am
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well the good doctor listened to my heart on that thing that clips on to my armpits.... they called it an EKG. No skips at all in my heart beat this time. So I am to be allowed to run, on very limited runs. Just kinda trying to make sure that I dont over do it. I wanna go for a LONG run. *snort*



July 31st 2007 7:49 pm
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OK, well our vet finally talked with a doggie heart specialist about my EKG. The specialist said that he doesn't think its boxer heart, but to do anther EKG and just see what happens.... then maybe go get fitted for the Holter if we need to. (We planned on getting that done in march, but if it needs to be done now we'll figure out the money for it) So tomorrow I go in at 4 PM and get another test done. I dont mind, I love my doctor, but mom is a nervous wreck! Wish me luck on keeping momma calm guys!


MAGIC pills

July 13th 2007 5:15 pm
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Ok, so as you probably saw from my other entires, we've had a rough last few weeks. We got my blood results back.... My blood is wonderful on all the tests that they could think of to run. No heart worms. Protein levels great. Kidney and liver function wonderful. Blood sugar great. Potassium was perfect.. the only think was my thyroid was a little low. They said it should be 1. something, and it was .78 ... that is not a dangerous level.... that did not cause my collapse. But we are fixing it anyway. My doctor said that I don't have to take these pills forever, and that it is in no way an issue that would detour breeding. Actually the main side affects of it being low are a drop in energy and a drop in sperm count.

Well mom gave me one last night..... felt a lot better by the time I went to bed! Played a little before bed. This morning, I was feeling great on our morning walk. We came in, and I got ANOTHER magic pill. By the time daddy came home, I was playing madly. Poor Brigid has been going nuts trying to get me to play..... well she's got me now.... Muhahahahaaaaaaaa. PIN THE PUPPPPPPYYYYYYYY. Been running around in the house.... been having so much fun.

Thank you doctor W~ I feel much better!

Still waiting to hear from the heart doctor about his take on my EKG tests and whether I need to wear a Holter. We still aren't able to go for a long run outside until we hear.... they wont let me off leash. But if it comes back as ok, we will try it in small amounts and see what happens. Mom is being VERY careful. I keep telling her I am not made of glass.

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