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every day is BOXER day

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November 21st 2006 3:46 am
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My gamma came over two days in a row now! *bounce bounce* She lives in Washington, so I dont get to see her that much.... But I wuv my gamma and gampa. They bring over their doggies, and I run from dogggie to doggie giving lots of kisses so they know that I like them. Brigid keeps grumbling at the Lab though cause he was mean to her ONE TIME. Now she's mean to him every time she can think of a reason. Talk about holding a grudge.

And plus I got another new toy, and more chewies!! One of my bark park auntie's missed my burf day cause it was raining SO hard that day.... So she's been bringing my present in with her every day in case we are there at the same time. *woof!* She got me the stripy ball on my main page, but that one wasnt mine it was a bark ball. This one is all MINE! I ran around and played with auntie and momma for a whole hour with that ball.


happy burf-day to MEEEEEE

November 15th 2006 4:50 am
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man I love that song! Momma was singing to me this morning..... And she said that today when she gets home there will be lots of treats and surprises for me..... WOOOHOOOOOOO. Now I just gotta trick the puppy into goign into her kennel, and slam the door! She takes all my toys from me. :(



November 11th 2006 7:08 pm
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my momma let me have PEOPLE FOOD. *puppy grins* I got to go play with my girlfriend Stella (my favorite chocolate love) at the bark park, then momma went and got us roast beef sandwhiches with CHEESE on them. She Never lets me have people food, and I got a whole sandwhich all to myself..... and then Stella and me, we wrestled on my new human friends lap for a while..... And they sang for me, and gave me a big bag with new toys and treats in it!!! It was SO cool....

If that puppy of mine would stop getting jealous and bugging their cat, I might have gotten momma to stay there so I could play all night. But nnoooooo, she had to stick her head under the couch and bug the kitty. I get so upset when Brigid ruins things for me.


stupid rain

November 10th 2006 6:17 pm
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Its STILL raining.... i hate the rain. i have boxer fur..... I HATE RAIN. *glub*


darn rain

November 5th 2006 4:43 pm
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Well, mom took us out for all day trying to let us play. We got her up at 3 AM on her one day off..... *goofy grin* But that's ok. One look at the boxer wiggle, and she always forgets to be mad at us. We went for a long walk in the dark, and I got to drag mom into some bushes! (there was a cat in there making funny sounds...... But mom made us go back to the path again) And we got to go for a car ride all over town while they shopped. Plus mom and dad took us to home depot, though they always make us ride in the cart. Nothing for us in there.... but we got a whole BAG of rawhide chewies at teh next store.

We got to go to 2 dog parks today. Brigid was all scared that the big dogs were gonna eat her when we went to the first one, but thats what she gets for growling at them before she goes in. But its ok, I might pretend that I dont care, but I'd protect her is she needed it. Dont tell her that though....... she might make me do it all the time! And it was raining again. It seems like its gonna rain furever.

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