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How I came to live with my mom

our sweet fitz

March 12th 2008 11:39 am
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on monday of this week fitz went over the rainbow bridge, he would have been 14 on april5. we will miss him dearly. he was our oldest pet, and now there is just sweet maye, and she is missing fitz too.. please say a little prayer for him. thanks



January 24th 2005 4:04 am
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Well, so much for 10 inches of snow. Only got 3 inches . Maye and I are really glad though, cus we would fall straight down. Mom always has to go out and clear the yard so we have somewhere to go potty. We played in the snow for a little bit, but then we started to get cold, or "mom did." She put our coats on us and boots, the boots lasted about 5 minutes and then came off. She does try hard, but we don't like them on our feet anyway.

Today is just cold and windy again. We don't like the wind, especially Maye. It blows her feathers and she gets scared, she is such a baby.

Hope you all who got snow had fun in it too. Lets see when we get another storm. Mom is ready for summer though. She hates being cold.

Bones to all


Big Owie

January 16th 2005 5:48 am
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Last week I was coming in from outside and I snagged my little toe nail on the door plate. Ouch.....pulled my nail straight out. I didn't cry or anything, so no one knew until my mom saw blood on the floor. She did everything right though, soaked my foot in epson salt and wrapped me up for a couple of days. After that we still soaked for the rest of the week, but my toe was all better. It really scared mom. She took good care of me, and now I can go back outside and play without worrying about getting something in my foot.
Thanks mom.


Happy New Year

January 5th 2005 5:31 am
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Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mine was great! Maye and I got lots of new toys. Mom and dad got a Grandson on Dec 22. That is the first baby in the family.

Weather has been so crazy, we get to play outside a lot. Was 74 yesterday, nutty for Virginia in January.

I did hurt my foot the other day. Pulled my toenail right out, got stuck on the kick plate on the door. Mom took care of me, soaking my foot and putting a little sock on it. Just about better now.

Maye and I wish everyone a very Happy New Year


End of November

November 30th 2004 4:33 am
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Well, here it is the last day of November. The leaves are pretty much off the trees now. Maye and I like to run through them, especially after mom and dad are trying to pile them up to mulch. Its fun watching them do it over and over again, woof woof.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was nice and quiet, next year will be different because mom with have the grandbaby here. Oh boy, I can just see it now. Maye and I love babies though, we like to kiss their feet and hands. Really can't wait.

Mom liked taking the pics for the hollidays. Hope you enjoy them. I'm not real big on getting dressed up, but I do it for mom. She loves taking our pictures.

Hope you all have a good holiday season.


Darker in the afternoon now

November 2nd 2004 5:40 am
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Really don't like when mom has to change the clocks back, it gets dark so early now. Makes you feel like you should be in bed already, mom too.

Played in the leaves this weekend, mom added some new pics of me and Maye. Maye really likes playing in the leaves, but not me too much. It was a beautiful day and we just watched mom and dad do all the work. Maye kept jumping in the leaves and making more work for them, but mom didn't mind, thats when she brought out the camera. Sometimes she goes a little nuts, dad thinks shes funny. She takes soooooo many pics of us and we have to stay still and look nice, unless she is just snapping outside.

Hope you all enjoy the new pics of us.


Mom Groomed me yesterday

October 25th 2004 5:20 am
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Yesterday was a stressful day. Mom decided I needed a bath, haircut, and nail trim.. I hate all of them, especially now that mom is letting my hair grow out for the cold months. Everyone else thinks I look so handsome, but I hate the brushing everyday, sometimes two times a day. I do look pretty good though. Mom also took me to see Dr G. where she works, now that I am going on 11, my eyes are starting to bother me some. He checked the eye pressure and everything is good, just gave us some drops to put in three times a day. Already they feel and look better, no more red. Guess mom does know best.

That's about it for now, hope you all have a good Halloween and don't get to scared.


How I came to live with my mom

September 26th 2004 4:14 pm
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I was 9 weeks old. My moms sister lived in Charleston SC and her husband was getting transferred to Ga. My mom had just had 5 puppies, all girls and me. The girls all sold, but not me. My mom was at her house in NC, and her sister called and said if she met her in Myrtle Beach, she would give her to her. My mom and her mom jumped in the truck and drove 2 hours to get me. I was really small and a little scared.

Mom already had a shihtzu, Sasha, we were friends. She died when she was 12. I really missed her, but mom had gotten the big dog Holli. We were friends but, 100 pounds was to big for me. Then a few years later mom got Maye. She was so bouncy as a puppy. I'm 10 now, so even her being 4 she still likes to bounce, I don't too much. But it's nice to have a friend again.

I have always slept on moms bed, and Maye knows it. She won't get up there at night, she sleeps in her bed. But if we take a nap, (mom gets tired) she comes up with us. She is very sweet.

Well, thats how I came here. I am pretty spoiled, but mom says thats ok.

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