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I will try to keep everyone up to date on all my adventures in my diary. - Have a great time reading. Love Rufus

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April 24th 2011 7:14 pm
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Summer time finally! or atleast i have a cool story for you- all!

June 2nd 2011 11:36 am
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Hi fur pals!
It looks like it has been awhile since i have updated my diary! Now that it's summertime, I think that my mom and sissy have a t more time to write for me. I am so thankful! (as you all know my typing skills are nothing to brag about) BOL

First, I am going to catch you all up on my health since my back surgery in January 2010. I've been doing really well. I'm always very thankful to my vet and my doctor who performed my successful back surgery and my family. I have been trained not to jump on the bed. Wow! It's been so much easier for me. My Dad built (hand crafted a 5 foot ramp out of cedar) It wraps around the edge of my dad's bed. I can go up and down whenever i please. (Cool!)

*Another really cool thing is my Dad also built a very special ramp but also he made a small side bed for me...or it is a box like type thing that i can lay in. it is really cool!
Mom wakes up and opens our shades and I can lay in my little bed that is attached to the ramp. i can watch all of the pretty beds and watch or bark at the pesky squirrels... that is my update for now!. I love all you...fur pals...Stay cool this summer! Drink lots of water. Stay healthy and to the dachshunds please use stairs or a ramp to get to high or low places. :)


Love, love, love

June 14th 2011 1:16 pm
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i cannot say how much saying I love to someone is the best gift in life:
Love and romance go hand in hand. Love from a dog/ or kitty stays with time. That is the reason why guys all across the globe try and find new ways of expressing their love and passion for their girlfriend. When a Dog writes a romantic poems is it very special.Writing romantic poems for girlfriend is one of the most traditional ways of showing love. Pups love to receive poems from their beloved describing their beauty and qualities. Pups love to get pampered. What else can flatter them so much? Besides a Zealie that last forever.

Romantic poems are one of the best ways to share your honest feelings with her. A tender Kiss/lick is strong enough to sweep a girl off her feet. But if they are far away that is impossible so here goes my poem to that special girl farway.

Dog toys are red
Dog bones are blue
This romantic poem says I love you!
Have a sweet summer of love to you!


favorite summertime song...sing with me (Song by Indigo- Girls)

June 24th 2011 7:21 am
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And the living is easy
Fish are jumping
The cotton is high
Oh your daddys rich
Your mamas good looking
I said hush little baby
Don't you cry

One of these mornings
Youre bound to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And take to the sky
But til that morning
Nothings going to harm you no
With daddy and mama standing by

(sweet summertime)
And the living is easy
(living is easy)
Fish are jumping
The cotton is high
(sky high)
Oh your daddys rich
(your daddys rich)
And your mamas good looking
(your mamas good looking)
I said hush little baby
Don't you cry

Don't you cry
(don't you cry)
(sweet summertime)
(sweet summertime)


doggie shuffle

June 26th 2011 6:19 am
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Yippee! i am going to a pet a few days and i will be staying for a thrilled and so Excited. I am doing the doggie shuffle. I will get pup walks, bedtime stories, & lots of extra wet kisses from alot of people that are my moms friends.
Yeah, so excited...i have to go pack.

1. Backpack - empty...what else do I need? answer: nothing



running and cheering my mom at a race in Pryor Ok

July 6th 2011 11:42 am
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June 4, 2011. Saturday at 7:00 am. My Family and I arrived at Pryor, OK. I was thrilled to watch my MOM run in this 5K. I saw some flags that adorned the packet pick up area. Thunderbird Race director, the humans were organized and helpful. I also noticed that the volunteer staff were smiling & welcoming the runners. Thunderbird Academy Cadets were all lined up in military style. Growing up with military background...this site made a nice memory of my younger days of being at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. They kept petting me and wanting to take pictures with me! At the finish the cadets that had finished lined up the finish area and cheered in every runner! i could see MOM and I loved this. There was cold water and one of the Cadets took his hand and Gave "ME" a Big Scoop of water! even thought I Did Not Run...of course not..i am too was HOT!!out of this large horse water tank. Mom was very glad that there was a water stop along the grueling hot 5K run.

Mom just ran hard and she placed 1st in age and in top 10. I really liked the medals they had the date and year on them. The race shirts were good too! i love the red not begin until 8:30 due to fun run.
we plan to return to Pryor next year. I love to travel with my family!


105, 106, 109 Temps in Oklahoma this summer.

July 27th 2011 1:12 pm
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Wow! it has been a dog gone hot hot hot summer
i have been stayin really cool...i am inside
but i have adopted fur bro...and he is outside..but he stays in the shade. He gets lots of love and ice water. fresh water everyday...
we are about to start back to school..i cannot wait to start helping out again with back to school Studying...BOL
Last Month my right eye was red ...allergies (i guess) so i do not have to go to the barn with Mom or sister anyomore. :) yeah.

Today, we noticed that my little back paw is red and swollen.
so tomorrow we will go see my Vet. Dr. McQuade. He is the best.
so i guess i need to get some rest, pray with 3 paws, and hope for the best. I always pray everyday for all of my Pup pals on here. My bestie, Dr. Scooter. My fur bro and many many others. Thanks for letting me be your pal.
Licks and not much a wag today..
but love all you!


Football Time and being Thankful!

August 14th 2011 6:58 am
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Football Season! This wonderful time of the year IS my favorite time of the year...especially since it is 76 degrees! Most of you all know that we had "extreme HOT!" temps this summer in Oklahoma. I did not get to play alot of football or baseball outside this year like in the past! I had to stay in and play with family..we watched alot of movies..i learned a trick..
Last month we had a small scare. my left paw was the size of the golf ball and swollen red. i itched and licked it all night.
My sister googled about it and we got lots of tips. We soaked it every hour. in luke warm and salt water.
but for safe measures my fam took me to the vet. He said that i got an ant or wasp bite on my paw. We agreed that it could have been...when we walk we go by this bush that had wasps. WE have sprayed and called professional but the big black and red wasps keep coming back. My vet said whatever my Sister did "worked!" so thanks to big sister. R. She's happy that it is all better. I had to take Benedryl & an antibiotic for a week.
So all is Good!Paws up! I say thanks to my Dogster pals for the prayers. FYI: At 6am every mom walks me & we say a big prayer out loud to God. We say a prayer for all my pup pals on here.(like you) We say thanks for i say thanks for you! I love my early outside walks!! with mom!
God Bless all of you!
Tail Wags and licks of love, Rufus Allen Sternlof


Squirrels taunting me on my special Birthday I'm 7 now!

September 11th 2011 6:11 am
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My Birthday Really started Out GREAT! on Thursday eve, Sept. 8th. My family acted all suspicious all day. I kept seeing wrapping paper pieces in the trash and little blue ribbon pieces all over the table! BOL
I received a birthday letter in the mail.
I was surprised with a magazine subscription to Dog Fancy. I am look forward to seeing all of the dog pictures in it!
**First, I wanted to take time to THANK all of my pup furs for taking the extra time to make my birthday so very furry special. I was up till midnite reading all of the great birthday wishes!
Birthday morn. I woke up to my family who was dancing and singing Happy Birthday to me!
My birthday consisted of reading alot of pawmails, chasing a ball around all afternooon, then I watched some football, My mom came home with a Huge Poster from the kids at the school that decorated it with all kinds of very cute pictures and messages! I got an hour long walk, then my favorite treats. Pedrigree Dentastix, and some other yummy delights. It took me all Friday and Saturday to hide all of my new birthday treats. I even got emails & offers from my pup pals like Nicola, to help me hide them...BOL.
My Bestest Girlfriend, Dr. Scooter sent me a Big Birthday cake, kiss, and extra Birthday hugs.
I was suprised by Boo Boo, Brandie, Jenna, Family of Duke, Howard, Jessi, & crew. The Family of Sophie Claire, Harley Davidson & family, Lexi, Bailey, and Ra. I received extra zealies & treats! For me it was like Christmas eve here in Oklahoma.My human sister got a Year Subscription to the magazine "Dog Fancy! She is going to read it me...i am still learning to read. Right now all i can read is that the pesky
squirrels in MY Yard...need to go away and they all need to quit tanting me thru my bedroom Window.

Love you all Wet kisses and tail wags all month! Rufus Sternlof


My Buddy Spy. In Memory. I will never say Good Bye. I love- you Spy!

October 10th 2011 3:50 pm
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I cannot say how much I will miss you Spy. My buddy!
I am saying I love you today and I will see you Some Day!
As we all hear this sad news but in one way good news that you are no longer suffering or in pain.
We are all sad because you were so WONDERFUL AND GOOD to some many pup & kitty pals.
You were my BEST BUDDY Pal on Dogster. I will miss you buddy Spy!!! (wipes tears from my eyes) even though i was so much smaller that you,,you always made me happy to be my good Spy and Natalie were always there for me when i was so sick and when i had back surgery. I love you Spy!!
You were a friend to so many. and you were loved by so many. I cannot even begin to show or Give love the way you did to many pups/ kits. I love how you made some many feel special. that is a Big gift that the world will miss. The best gift in life!
Love and Friendship are wonderful.
We are better Pups and Kitties to know you, Spy! We are so Glad to know you and call you our buddy. I will never say Good Bye but I love you Spy!!!

May God's Wings surround you with warmth and Love

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