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I will try to keep everyone up to date on all my adventures in my diary. - Have a great time reading. Love Rufus

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Raining in Oklahoma! (NBA team)

October 12th 2009 9:22 pm
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I hope that it is luck, We are experiencing alot of rain, mist rain, downpour rain and just plain Rain! But now that we have an NBA team called the Thunder. They look good this year, but I am just curious we acquired the team from Seattle (long story) We now have had rain for about 2 weeks straight, ugh! I am not a huge fan of rain, i stand about 3 inches tall and the grass is 5 inches, ugh..need i say more, No More rain! Pawlease!


Howl O Ween was good(Charlie, my best fur friend ever!)

November 1st 2009 2:25 pm
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Hi From Rufus:
I hope that all of you have a very safe and yappy Howl O Ween.
I was a hotdog this year but I only kept my costume which was a big silly Hotdog bun...with ketchup on it..silly huh? BOL
My mom has been so very busy training for an upcoming marathon..she wants to get on Dogster more for me. But she is busy. Our friend adopted an abandoned doggie. Her name is Lola and we are trying our best to take good care of her. She had alot of vet visits but is All good! We want to keep her at our horse barn but she still runs up to her old home which is a 1/2 mile up the road. So we have to go look for her today.
I love it when my mom gets on Dogster Because I Always have some good Dogmail from my very best buddy,Charlie. He's the best pal ever! I love all of my goodies that I got from Charlie. Oh also I cannot forget my fur friend, Jessi. She's a great fur friend too. Check both my pals doggie pages: (Charlie) (Jessi)


Treadmills for Dogs?

December 1st 2009 9:25 pm
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Can you believe it is December already?
This summer we have been going on awesome walks with my family, around a nice big lake called Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, OK .
It was fun, but i got lazy. My mom had to take a part time job and now it is so cold here in Oklahoma and I have gained 2 lbs..ugh, needs a treadmill.
I went to the vet today because my back was little sore. I had sit down because I was so heavy for my mom to hold me. I did not have fun at the vet. I just wanted all of my mom's attention.
Now that I had a vet visit I bet that we go walking around a lake of water more this weekend. for that matter winter season.
I saw a kitty at the vet she said hello to me I thought that she looked a lot like Tessa on Dogster. We gave her a can of kitty food.
Should I ask for a treadmill for Christmas present from Santa?
Love and laughs,
Rufus Aka. Ru Ru


My December back blues

December 13th 2009 8:43 pm
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Dear Dogster Friends,
Oh! Please Pray for Rufus,
Rufus can't type he is very ill because he has hurt his back been to the Vet twice and may need surgery but your prayers will is typing and very worried. Mom has also been sleeping on floor with Rufus. She wants him to sleep well. He is on 2 medications..have time to help research, X-rays looked like he may have injured in jumping off bed. Doctor said could be fixed with meds..been on meds for a week now they worked first 3 days but today not working yet...prayers please!
His meds are Prednisolone 5g
Methocarbonal 500mg


December Prayers

December 16th 2009 7:55 pm
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This is what the real Christmas is all about for a dog,

Read this prayer from his dogster pal: Miss Ella (Cinderella)
A prayer for Rufus,

Dearest God, Heavenly Father
maker of all living creatures,
we ask you to bless Rufus,
who brings so much joy into our lives.
By the power of Your love,
enable him to live according to your plan.
May we always praise You for all Your beauty in creation.
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
Blessed are You, God, in all Your creatures!
Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation.

Wuv you Rufus, Hope you feel better.

Hugs and prayers.

Ella and family


Ru- Full New Year!

January 4th 2010 6:32 am
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Hi All: Thanks for all of the sweet prayers while I was ill. I may need surgery on my back in late Jan. I am still on medications. I think they are helping alot!! I am doing much better this week. Mom is watching me very carefully..yesterday I did get up alot and i strectched and I got lots of treats from my human brother and sister. I love my new green, white and brown..warm and cozy bed!!!
I hope that you all have a Ru-full (Rufus hopeful) New and Prosperous Year!!! I love all of you so mom and I wish we could get on here more but mom is a substitute in the elementary schools and she also volunteers all of the time!! She is loves all of you on Dogster and she loves my very much! We wish you love and a million hugs all year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Prayers for victims of Haiti earthquake

January 12th 2010 7:53 pm
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As many may have heard on the news, Haiti has been hit by a major earthquake hitting the impoverished Haiti area today , toppling buildings in the capital Port-au-Prince, burying residents in rubble and causing many deaths and injuries.. many building including such as a hospital has collapsed,people are trapped,killed...there is a toll free number if and only if you have family members there....PLEASE NOT NOT CALL JUST TO CALL..
toll-free number to call for information about family members in Haiti: 1-888-407-4747
and find your local RED CROSS... see if you can help with a donation....


Prayer for my sweet dachshund friends 449759

January 12th 2010 8:35 pm
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...could use some thoughts and prayers.
Her back once more had given her trouble,but this time it is far worse.

Now her disk have calcified and the vet said he said it could snap at any time. She no longer can stand on her hind quarters. He has her on steroids and he said if this doesn't work, she is going to have to have surgery and that may not work at this point. She went down so fast. Either that or she just tolorate it until she couldn't any longer. Mommy Nancy is going to have to carry her outside or to the potty pad. She can't do it on her own any more. They gave her an IV as she was dehydrated. If this med doesn't take care of the pain, he will put her on something.

Will you please pray that the meds will help her,She can't walk.Her upper spine does not look good.The Dr said from the looks of the three discs they could go anytime. If that happens it will be Tucker all over again. She is going to scream with pain. She is partially paralized now.She is going to have to learn how to get around without the use of her hind legs.
Taking a deep breath.....please send some thoughts and prayers...the POP to my wife Princess


Rufus Back Surgery 1-20-10

January 21st 2010 11:13 pm
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Rufus had surgery for his back.
This information is kind of an example what he has experienced.
We are praying that his neurological exam on January 21, 2010 report is good!
In surgical cases time is of the essence, the longer the disc material presses against the spinal cord the more damage it does. Your dog can go from walking to not walking overnight. Durning that time they start to loose nerve impulses, the last is deep pain, which is bone pain. This is tested by pinching the dogs toes and watching for a response. A withdrawl is not a "real" response, it is a reflex. Deep pain response is dialation of pupils, crying, if the dog is panting it may stop, they even turn to look at you or the toe you are pinching.

If a neurological exam determines the dog may need surgery they will undergo a procedure to determine where the herniation is. Either a myelogram (dye study of the spinal colum) or MRI can determine this. Spinal x-rays cannot and are generally not helpful to a neurologist. Myelograms generally can take from 30 minutes to an hour start to finish depending on the size of he dog and how well the dye flows through the colum. MRI take significantly less time, but in most cases they are not always accessible. Surgery is usually performed in the same day, they animal goes from myelogram to the OR. Depending on your surgeon it could be another hour. The process is quite simple, locate the lesion, clear it out and get out.

Expect you dog to stay overnight at least for 24-48 hours depending on the extend of the lesion, and their condition prior to surgery. After surgery you will be required to keep your dog on STRICT cage rest for 2-3 weeks. This means carrying them outside to potty and right back to the cage.

Picking a surgeon. It is my personal experience that I would recommend you find a neurologist/neurosurgeon instead of a general surgeon. no offence to the good ones out there, but they tend to cut corners. Dr. Chauvet (the neurologist I worked for) was adament about fenestration. Fenestrate means window, and it is when the surgeon creates windows in the discs above and below the herniation, this process helps in the event of a second herniation. If that happens the disk has a place to go and is directed away from the spinal cord. If you choose to go with a general surgeon ask if they do this, if not, ask why, and if they will, or can. Consider a university for the surgery, but don't expect it to be much cheaper than a neurologist :)

.Asking for many prayers for Mom to be strong and get Ru back home and get him his much needed strict cage rest or home rest...without NO Pain for Ru.
Mom is Praying


Ru Ru is home! Praise the Lord!

January 23rd 2010 10:02 am
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His back surgery went very well. His neurological exam was also reported as very good too. We are so happy to report that he is home with us.
Recovering, after prayers, hopes, and praises to the wonderful Doctors and Nurses, we are still praying he will be back to his normal frisky and spunky little self...
Thanks for all of your wonderful prayers.................thank you for taking time out of your very busy Pray for Rufus...
Ru and his family in Oklahoma are praying for all of his buddies and the Haiti doggies. God Bless to all of his pup pals.
Love Ru's Mom and Rufus

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