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I will try to keep everyone up to date on all my adventures in my diary. - Have a great time reading. Love Rufus

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Confessions of a pup!

June 12th 2013 8:46 am
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I usually have more interesting diary entries but today I have a confession to make. I may have tinkled in the living room on Dad's new chair and furniture. I am an inside dog and of course you know that I am so spoiled. I am always playing, laughing, and smiling at my human family. I am good with jokes and I have a good humor. I will admit that I get to go on wonderful walks with my family. I have a large lawn and I love my walks with my human sissy. My fur sister, Lola always joins us on our walks. It is always so much fun!
I want to tell you that on some summer day that I have to stay in longer because my family is working late. (I hate when they work late)
Confession #2
I always hold it but when my family gets home I rush to an area that just makes me want to go. I usually go and it is a secret. However, My mom found the little spots and she is having a father's day party on Saturday and now she needs to clean the carpet and the chair. I am kind of in trouble. Mom has tried everything and I am so embarrassed to address this. I may have to get in to see the doctor my wonderful VET. at Kickingbird Plaza. She owns 3 dachshunds and takes good care of me. I also want to ask all of my furs out there for any tips. I need an odor remover. We got one spray at a name brand store but it really stinks and it made me get a tummy ache to smell it. I plan to take my mom to shop today for father's day. I need any tips or help from all of my fur friends and the moms/dads furs.
Ok now I have to go pee and then I have a tennis match to get ready for...

Tail wags and hopefully no tinkles!


P.S. mom is not really that mad at me because she just gave a treat and we went on a long walk. Oh so fun!!! I love the attention!


I do not like Thunder Storms! But I love the Thunder- Basketball Team!

May 14th 2013 6:36 pm
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HI Dogster fur friends! I wish that you all could see the Thunder Basketball Team play in Oklahoma. The team is the BEST! I love Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook! They are the best in the NBA!!!!
I am so glad that I was a good dog today because I got to get on my computer and type up a poem.
I also looked up Kevin Durant's page. I wrote him a letter.
I have been playing chess with my family. I am a very Happy Dog.I want to thank all of my good friends for the fresh vase of flowers for my mom and giving us your love and patience. My mom was unable to get on her computer because she was so busy! I thought of all of you everyday. I have save a lot of money so I could buy you cupcakes and ice cream this summer. I have really missed barking at many of you so very Much!
I also want to thank Bailey NWD and so many good fur friends for all of the sweet treats and paw mails.
I really appreciate the Thunder Team because they do so much charity in Oklahoma.
Recently, we have thunder storms and we almost had to miss church. I was upset and I used my paws to pray for no severe weather this week. I also want to make a mention about Sweet Scooter she is the best BFF!


Snowing in Oklahoma today

February 20th 2013 8:27 am
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Wow! I wish that you all could see how Beautiful the snow is that made a blanket in Oklahoma. I love the snow but I will not be able to play in it today.
I am home today because I was playing chase on Sunday with my family and I rolled over and I hurt my back a little. Do not worry my fur friends I am a strong big boy. I will get better. I am on meds this week.
I want to thank my sweet girlfriend Scooter for all of her love and patience. I was not on Dogster for over a month because we got locked out of Dogster by accident. I am so sorry and I missed All of you so very Much! I also want to thank Tess and Bentley for all of the sweet treats and pawmails. I really appreciate you all and I am very Grateful for Dogster and all of my true pals. Many of you are so valuable to me as fur friends. I could never be the dog that I am without you as my fur friends. Please pray for the doggies and kitties out there that do not have loving homes. Today is a snowy and cold day in Oklahoma. I pray for no severe weather this week. We are warm and we are all doing fine. We thank you for all of the encouraging words to my best girl Scooter. she was very ill last month but I believe that she Is doing much better. I miss her because she lives in Oregon. We have never met but we are close and have been BFF for many years.
Happy Snow and Happy Tail Waggin to all! Love from your buddy, Rufus


Snowing in Oklahoma on Christmas

December 25th 2012 12:35 pm
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Oh! Wow! It's only 25 degrees here in Oklahoma! What a Wonderful and super exciting day here in Edmond. We just received some fluffy white snow..(well it was fluffy white until the neighbors dog came by and made a visit in our backyard) ugg!
I just opened all of presents and I got a new bed, a soft and warm blanket, a can of green beans, fresh chicken pieces...and new water bowl. I am one lucky dog. I am going to go sledding with my family and then after I eat some dinner I am going back to bed!! BRR!!
Have a very Merry Christmas Day!!
Rufus Allen


Winter time is near

December 3rd 2012 4:22 pm
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Winter Time is near!
It is almost Christmas time and for all to cheer.
I want to wish all of my dogster furs a wonderful Holiday! (No I mean Merry Christmas!)I mean a Very Merry Christmas with healthy treats!
More Treats and more treats.
Happy times with the family and more treats!
I want to say thank you for the love!
I want to say enjoy the winter and don't shove!
I want to say be safe and hold you loved one so dear!
I want to say be all of Good Cheer.
I am not an expert at poems (but hey what do you expect from a dog with no thumbs) BOL

Merry Winter Time and Merry Merry Christmas time.
Merry Treat me. BOL
I love you all!
Have fun and give yourself a treat if no one else does.

Rufus Allen in Oklahoma


Happy November! Falling leaves and treats! a Big Happy time- with your families!

November 1st 2012 6:08 am
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Wow! what a busy year...i am going to school, I helped raise money for a rescue dog charity in Oklahoma. I did not even get time to carve a pumpkin this year. However, I did receive a big box of goodies, presents, and wonderful treats from Dr. Scooter and family. I was so thrilled that it kept me busy all of October. Our computer was down..and now I am ready to rock and roll and get all of my pawmails caught up. I love the Fall weather here in Oklahoma. It has been in the 80's all week. I love the falling leaves and acorns too! I know that the acorns will bring out those pesky lil squirrels with long, bushy, and silly looking tails. I cannot wait to chase some squirrels and JUMP and PLAY in the the beautiful orange leaves.
Love yalllllllllllll! see you in the funny papers...BOL

Here is my poem.
I love fall.
I love treats.
I love falling treats.
So Let's eats. BOL


Keep you heart WARM and your friends closer(cold day in- Oklahoma)

October 4th 2012 6:46 pm
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Geez! It's getting cold in Oklahoma! Today was 54, cloudy & kind of chilly. I miss the warmer weather because I love to swim in my swimming pool. I have big blue one and I LOVE it. I am not allowed to swim by myself because I get into trouble for trying to run & jump into in it. I would start out fast and run up the side. My fur sister Lola barks if I try to get in the pool. I am glad that Lola is very protective over me. I'm an inside pup but I sure do pray and think of those pups and kitties outside in the cold temps. I have a cute story, My sister leaves water out for the stray dog that we call Lola, she's sweetheart.
We love having her out here with us because she keeps us all happy. She is always at the door to greet us in the mornings. We're thankful for Lola and her friendship.I look forward to sharing my holidays with Lola. I wish Dr. Scooter could me her! and I love all of my sweet friends on Dogster for wishing me a happy fur day. Have a Safe Howl o weenie. Tail Wags to you.

Rufus and Lola


Birthdays are special

September 4th 2012 8:45 pm
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If you are reading this please take your time and wish my sweet lil darling
Scooter a wonderful Birthday.
It would mean more to me if you wish her a wonderful and Happy Birthday on September 7. I love all of you. Be safe and Happy Fall.



Recent tv interview

August 21st 2012 7:37 pm
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We had a few issues and concerns at our local park where I run and my mom walks/runs.
My mom was on tv and these are just a few things that she said.
1. Try to run or walk with YOUR Dog and or a partner.
2. Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.
3. Carry a cell phone with you while running or walking.
4. Wear comfortable athletic shoes, apparel, and you may use a hat to block the sun in the summer.
5. If you plan to run or walk at dusk or in the evening. Wear brightly colored clothing and try to wear something reflective so that other trail users can see you easily.
6. It is best if you do not use headphones but if you need to listen to music keep the volume low enough to hear others that are using the trails.


Introducing my adopted fur sister...Lola.

July 8th 2012 6:45 pm
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Hu! Fur Pals! Would you Please welcome Lola my fur sister. We are not sure what breed she is but we hope that someone on Dogster can help us identify her. She is adorable and shares the lawn with no one, she loves the outdoors, she loves the sprinklers and her cozy new home. she gets ice cold drinks and she get snow cones on really hot Oklahoma days. We love her, We are so proud to finally introduce her to the world. Lola is amazing with small children and she is so kind to others. she loves to Play with Rufus...and she is also still looking for Bob Briarwood the cat.,(he has been missing since early Spring)
So please welcome Lola, she is shy but always smiling and happy to be here in Oklahoma and here at Rufus Allen home. She is a nice addition to the family. We Spoil her!!!

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