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A visit from Teddy and Reggie

December 25th 2006 1:09 pm
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My brothers( whom I didn't get to know ) both passed over the Rainbow Bridge . Reggie was mommies first baby and every Christmas he would get under the christmas tree and ruffle up the tree skirt and guard the tree. When mom adopted Teddy he was 8 and after Reggie passed over the bridge Teddy started doing the same thing. Well, this Christmas alittle angel told me to do the same thing. The tree has been up since the first week in December and I haven't even noticed it but yesterday I got alittle message from them both so I went like a flash under the tee and ruffled up the tree skirt.. mom was in tears.. Happy tears.. She knew that her boys were here for Santa !!! We miss you boys and Love you always !!! Thanks Buttercup!!! You did a great job !!!! You delivered our message to mom !!!!


Almost xmas eve

December 23rd 2006 3:40 am
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Ohhhhhhhhhh its so close ...... Those reindeer will be on the roof top oooooooops .. we don't have a fireplace for santa to come down... ohhhh myyyy gonna have to talk to mommy bout that .... what will we doooo??? Shes smart .. I'm sure she knows just what to do !!! so I'm not gonna worry .... I 'm wishing all my family and friends the best Christmas ever and all my new pals at Divas and Prince Charmings ,Paws for Fun, Cosmopooch,Tiny Paws CruiseLine just a super duper holiday and much health and happiness in 2007. Thanks to Dogster for creating such a fun way for all us fur loving people to get to know one another !!! Merry Christmas to All !!


One week til Christmas

December 18th 2006 3:37 am
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Can't believe its almost here!!! Mom says my cousin Matt comes in a couple of days. I think I remember him. I'm not sure if he really likes me cause he says I'm an ole ratty bedroom slipper( he likes to tease mom) Since Dr.T put me back on my meds for my tummy issues I'm feeling lots better. Mom and I actually have slept two nights in a row ( whoppppppppie) I hope my tummy holds out for Santa. The shopping is done , things are wrapped, mom says she's gonna start the baking so were just gonna sit tight , count the days and enjoy the ride!! I hope Miss Dixie starts to behave herself so Momma Fran can get some things done !! We're sending prayers and paw hugs to Momma Mary that she feels better soon too!! Mommy and I can come help anytime .. Gotta go get breakfast .. Be back later


Shopping and wrapping

December 8th 2006 3:45 am
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Moms been busy shopping and wrapping. I gave her all my treat money so she could shop for all my pals at Kamp Archie , and for all my cousins!! Getting tooooo excitied for Santa Paws. I kind of peaked in some of the bags and I think I saw a few things for you know who ( heeeeee) . Ooops hope santa didn't hear!!!!!!!!!! Mom has put me in something called contest with all my new pals on dogster and everytime I lift me head she's got the camera.. Don't all Divas just love to pose??


Santas coming

December 2nd 2006 3:18 am
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The rush is on to get ready for that fat man in the red suit... mom is so busy working and trying to get ready she hasn't had time to write in my diary.. oh!! and all the new pals from dogster has been keeping her very busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She finally got the tree decorated last night so I hope she's gonna take some new photos soon. I have to keep up with all my pals!!!!!! Big Paw hugs and Kissey,Kissey



November 23rd 2006 2:58 am
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Well... I have lots to be thankful for.... for my forever home,momma fran & mary,and all my pals at kamp archies...We had turkey day last night.. my cousins lilly and lopey came and i was such a snob. I guess i was tired. I got my belly full earlier and i just wanted to curl up in the family room and nap.. so thats just what i did.... after all.. with my tummy issues .. mom didn't give me any turkey but she did boil me some fresh chicken and what do i know.. I gobbled it up and was thankful. So today we are going to rest rest.. watch the Macys day parade.. i hope go for a walk.. and rest some more. Oh I almost forgot i have to get ready for my cruise.. yes the tiny paws cruise line... i think i might have to go shopping even if it is black friday.. i do need a few new things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


canine artist

November 10th 2006 3:10 pm
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Well, Let me tell ya about my day yesterday at Kamp Archies... Momma Fran And Momma Mary were painting.. and yep.. you guessed it.. I decided that it might be fun to add alittle canine stencil artistry to the carpet. A pretty shade of aqua !!! It looked great with my beautiful white coat... so off to me tub I had to go and boy did Momma Fran have a time getting me clean. Today I was very good ... stayed out of the paint!!!


Bonnie went home

October 28th 2006 4:39 pm
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Well , Bonnie my new friend was so happy to see her pappy.. and the next day wasn't so happy for me. I got the awful belly ache again but this time it last for about 16 hours. It's really painful!! Once its over ,my happy tail is back and so is the appetite. I went back to Kamp Archie and it was so get to see all my friends there. Our baby Dixie had to have surgery on her leg, so Momma Fran & Momma Mary were quite upset... Dixie came home on Friday so everybody was so happy. Now we have to nurse her back to good health. The bad news is she has to go through 3 more operations... but watch out, cause shes gonna be ---- on wheels once she is mobile. WE still love her and wish her a speedy recovery.



October 25th 2006 11:21 am
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My new friend Bonnie who is a only child,Maltese who came to visit for 4 days. I wasn't so sure how I was going to like this but its been kind of nice to have some company 24-7. We go in and out together,eat together, stand duty together,and bark like crazy. Nights though she sleeps with my mommy on the sofa and I get the whole bed with my Dad. You see.. Bonnie has never spent over night with anyone!! She is the travel queen. She normally travels everywhere with her Daddy. It wasn't possible this time so we were the lucky ones and she stayed with us. She was alittle fretful at first because it was so new for her,but by the second day she was in the groove!! She has our routine down ,and now its time for her to go home today. I think I'm gonna be very sad, I know Mom is . Mom says I've had a happy tail for 4 days, but tomorrow I'll be back at Kamp Archies with my buds. Happy as a lark.


Happy Birthday to me!!!

October 23rd 2006 5:44 am
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October 23.. Its my get you day!! Its the day my mommy and daddy rescued me 2 years ago and brought me to my forever home!! AMEN!! I woke up in such a good mood today. Theres a brisk air outside, ( my kind of day) .. I got some new toys , went for my a.m. walk.. oh yeah .. I got a new collar and leash,I almost forgot. I have a new pal with me. Her name is Bonnie . She is staying for a few days and mom says shes been trying out for the canine whining award! She is missing her daddy some but I think she'll catch on soon that this place is not so bad. Her daddy has never left her before.. so its a little stressful for her ( especially at 13). Mom says she'll take some party pics later. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUTTERCUP WE LOVE YOU !

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