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Life as a princess

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Good News

April 30th 2007 4:46 pm
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Such good news.. my girl pal Miss Dixie got her pins out of her weg today .... her Dr. sez its healed berry good...... her mommy takes such good care of her .. how could it not !!!!! three wegs done and one to go .. yep.. May15 .. the wast weg.. so Dogster pals we all haf to mark our calendar for Miss Dixie on the 15 !!!!! I hope Momma Fran gets some west soon... she has weally been worrin and not seepin much ... we will be gwad when this is all ober for them ... it will haf been a berry wong year by the time this is all ober .. than its gonna be PAWTY TIME .. when Miss Dixie takes her fwirst steps.. WHOOOPPPIIIEEEE !!!!!!!!!


In honor of Joker ... " Joker Award "

April 25th 2007 3:05 am
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OMDogness !!!!! The Dog of the Day hafs turned into dog of the week !!!!!! Harley and Dizzy of Shit Tzu and Friends deciwed that in honor of our lil pal " Joker" that they would haf an annual "Joker Award" ...... They inbitied all pups to wite either a poem or story about Lil Joker ... and I had the honor of bein choosen for the poem .......

Ready for fun and games?
Then Lil Joker is the name..
Young at heart
full of spunk
and boy is he ...ever smart!!!

Mischief and his goal
making cyper pals
too many to toal!!!

Always putting smiles on faces
Pup from many.. different places!!!

Across the good ole U.S.A.
Pals always looking for Joker to play!!!

Cutest wittle tail
Boo,boo and all
Run and hide when you give him a call

Full of funnies
Jokes galore
he was one.. we all adore!!!

Left us all .. way too soon
Ready to stir things up at the moon

Our fur angels
needed a little fun too,
Many pups needed some fun things to do !! the rescue
no time to rest
Pups to entertain.. cause you are the best !!!

Satchmo and Shiloh.. condogulations on the best story !

In honor of Lil Joker .... miss you
Kisses, Buttercup


Another priwse!!!

April 21st 2007 6:24 pm
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WOOOSERSSSS!!!!! Jwust when i thought my day was windin down .. another priwse !!!!! , from the administrators of ALL FUR FUN ... *** Buttercup shakin so citied.. twyin to hold it all together .. gettin all clammie .. Oh i hope i don't faint ... i want everypup to know ... my pic is now in THE HALL OF FAME .. *PLOP *.... I fink I fainted ... AGAIN !!!!... Kisses to all{{{ SMOOOOOOCH}}}


DOTD April 21, 2007

April 21st 2007 6:13 pm
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WOW!!!! What a day ... my secwetary was up bwight and earwy doin her secwetarial skills ..when all of a sudden .. there was a sweam !!!!! OMDogness !!! *The Royal Princess Diva " BUTTERCUP" was DOTD * .... what an honor .. ** Buttercup wippin eyes wif tears of joy ** Sooo many new pal wequest my paws are tired from all the typin !!! My castle is weally gettin full... MOM i fink we haf to get a contwactor to add to me castle !!! Sooo many fank yours for all the wosettes and stars haf weft me speechless .. wet me jwust say I'm weally overwhelmed!!!! I fink i fanked everypup either personalwy or in the groups .. if my secwetary weft any pup out jwust wet me know and i will personalwy haf her put on probation !!!!!! BOL....All the citment i fink hafs given me an upset bellwy .. i frew up 3 times .... not a good way to end a gweat day .. but i will seep tonite and dweam bout all my pals on Dogster and this most gracious honor !!!!!! Nite, Nite Kisses to all my pals .. Buttercup


My pal Joker passes to the Bridge... April 13, 2007

April 15th 2007 10:13 am
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Such a sad day for all of us here at Dogster .. our beloved pal Joker passed over the Bridge so unexpectedly!!!! He was sooo much fun and we will all miss him terribly !!! The support and compassion that this lil guy brought together amongst us cyper pals is just unbelieveable ... Dogster has created so many friendships that when one of our fur babies are sufferin we all feel the pain ...

Lil Joker .. don't be shy .. meet my brudders Teddy and Reggie... they haf been at the bridge for a few years now and they know awot of pups .... Heres Archie and Jake .. they are weally swpecial pups too !!! Archie makes the best pillwo!!! My brudder Teddy snuzzles wif him all the time ... all you pups at the bridge haf weft us too soon .. but we know we haf spwecial angels wookin after us !!!! All you fur babies go fun ,play, free of pain... til we meet again ... Kisses, Buttercup


Hippity Hoppity its EASTER !!!

April 8th 2007 5:57 pm
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Hip,Hop, Hippity hop-hop.. don't stop jumpin to de beat ....
I haf had a bad bellwy for the past week or so and tank dogness i finally fwell better for the Easter Bunny today !!!!!! so i started doin a wittle Easter dance !! We were waiting for company to arrive when all of a sudden the Easter Bunny came down my stweet!!!! My wittle niece and nephew were jwust arrivin when the Easter Bunny came and they were so citied and got their picture takin wif him.... I couldn't bewieve me eyes .. i jwust knew when i saw the bunnie the utter nite that it was the weal one !!!! Hoppy Easter to all me DOGSTER PALS !!! Kisses, Buttercup.. you can see the weal Easter Bunny on page 5 of my dogster plus photos !!!


Held hostage in my bedroom !!

April 4th 2007 11:48 am
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Thought it was gonna be an ordinary day ???? No way.. woke up to a awful funder boomer, shiverin and shakin .. not feelwin my best any way .. and wow just wike the T.V. series"24" ... powiceman wif guns in my yard and front porch .. mom runnin awound to wock up everyting .. Dad weft for work and the powiceman told him to get in his car and go.. .. can you bewieve he weft mom and i by ourselves??? Held up in our bedroom for 3 1/2 hours .. no water , food or nothfin ..... mom sneakin from window to window to see what was goin on .. finally called the local powice dept. and they told her that they had a suspect held up in one of the neighbors homes !!!!!!!!! Wite here in lubley Millersville, Md.... !!!!!!!! Mom wanted to make coffee for the powiceman since it was rainin but they wouldn't wet her go in the kitchen ... so i decided what a better time to take a nap .... wooked wike they had everyting under control and we were safe for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shooooooo .. been watchin too many powice movies .. this was a wittle to close for comfort !!!! They took care of everything ..but mom sez you can neber be too careful these days ... I so gwad she goes out wif me .. even in my own back yard !!!!


Was it the real Easter Bunny??

March 30th 2007 6:29 pm
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For those of you that don't know i haf a weally bad tummy ,so when ever i get up (anywhere from 1:30a.m. to 5:00 a.m thats est. time ) My mommy gets up wif me and lets me out .. she always comes wif me .... well.. this morning i was out at the lovely hour of 1:30 a.m. and i was stwollin the yard and wookin at the bootyful stars when all of a sudden a wascally wabbit darted awound the yard !!!! I picked up on the scent and was huntin it down .. twyin to find where it went .. i thought wabbits nest on the gwound , or in the bushes ??? I hunted and hunted and didn't find the wascally wabbit ... soooo than i thought .. i know ....... its got to be ....... THE EASTER BUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Checkin out my house so he'll know where to leave all my goodies on Easter Sunday !!!!Happy Easter DOGSTER PALS !!!!


She's my Babche '

March 25th 2007 1:13 pm
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Tank dogness .. we finalwee got a booytiful day !!!!! Mom and Dad worked in the yard today it 63 degrees and sunny.. but the fun part was we went to get my Babche .. ( thats polish for grandma ) . She calls me punkin !!! She lives about 1/2 hour from us in a nursin home that is run by the polish nuns and boy do the run a tight ship !!! you can eat off the floor and all the Babches there are kept so pretty!!!!!! I was shakin i was so citied to go.... i wore my booytiful scarf, the one wif the bee on it that my lil Gizz gave me , and all the Babches said i was so cute !!! Now were home and i welaxin wif Babche .... she's gonna haf dinner wif us, than we gonna take her home !!! ** Buttercup sad .. cause Babche won't remeber she was here ** but since the weather is gettin nice we will see her more often !!! Yep.. She's my Babche !!!


Oh... Its a GOOD DAY!!!!

March 19th 2007 1:59 pm
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I tink St. Francis was listenin .. cause my pal Miss Dixie saw Dr. P this mornin and he sez she's comin awong jwust fine .. but its a swow process... but she can start to use her wittle legs some .. so i fink its gweat news for Miss Dixie !!!!! Than my Lil Gizz.. jwust got home from the dogter and he sez that he dosen't have any hip dysplasia.. Fank dogness for that cause that dosen't sound good at all..... and he's gettin twainin wheels for his new cart to help him get awound better and to help his wittle back .. and he's gonna get spwecial therapy to help him too !!!!! He is my tweety pie ... Than i got a pwessie in the mail !!!!!!!!!!! it was from my lil Gizz and his mommy .. another bootyful scarf that his mommy made and a new toy and tweats and bootyful cards too !!!!! WOW !!! What a day !!!!! But there was one bad part .. I had to go to the dogter *** Buttercup whisperin , blushin .... had to get my hum-hum .. anal glands cleaned .......... fank dogness thats over for a while !!!!! So .. I'm doin the Happy Dance for my pals ...... yes .. Fank Dogness St. Francis was listenin !!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOOO *** Buttercup and Mommy so happy ***

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