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Life as a princess

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Love Tag

July 19th 2007 5:07 pm
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I was love Tagged .. yep its a new game .. spread some love and tag a pal!!! and let them know ya love 'em .. be sure to put it in your diary and have them read it to find out what to do next ...

I was tagged by Winston and RAJA

I am taggin Jelly ... cause she is new to STAFU and Tiny Paws Cruise Line and she wuvs to have some fun
I am taggin River cause she absolutely the cutest puppie
I am taggin my boyfriend Gizz cause hes on bacation and i miss him !!!

Have fun !!!


New game of Tag

July 15th 2007 5:34 am
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I'm tagging Bambi .... she is one of my real life pals. I get to see her everyday and we get to play. She has the most bootful color of red hair .. she is a sweet heart .. i wuv my pal Bambi

I'm tagging Abigail .... she is so beautiful and so full of mischief .. she really knows how to keep ya guessing and make ya smile ...

I'm tagging Cali..... she is such a bootyful model in everything she wears and a true sweet heart..

Pawlease tag three of your pals and say something special about them ... Have fun!!!!!!!

I was tagged by DUFFY MC DUFF


Am i at the wong house ???

July 14th 2007 6:04 am
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Mom brought me home from the Kamp westerday and she was unlockin the door and .............. i said what ???? I wooked at mom and said i fink we made a mistake , i fink we are at the wong house .............there was all this barkin goin on inside me house.... we opened the door and guess what ..................i had bisitors ... yep, me fur cousins Lilly and Lopey were there ... they are gonna be wif me fur 6 days .... woooohoooo .. i get to see what its wike to haf some siblins ........ its kind of fun cause i know they are goin home soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They came in the nick of time ..... my pal Gizzer is goin on bacation fur 2 whole weeks .... yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no nite , nite hugs ........ but he will be a discovered star when he gets back !!!!!!!!!! Hab fun GIZZ !!!!!!! WUV YA !!!!


Goin to Hollywood ,New York .......????

July 5th 2007 7:08 pm
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I fink my boy fweind Gizz is gonna need an agent ..... so i took a crash course soo i can go wif him ............DID YA HEAR ............... he won the Bissell contest sponsored by ... thats where he and i both came from..... yes our mommies wescued us from our stories on petfinder ..... I told you he was a wittle star ... if you haven't wead his story paw-lease check him out #458895!!!!! He is amazin and just puts a smile on everybodies face !!!!!! It was his first birfday wif his forever home .. and boy his mommy sure knows how to throw a paw-ty ...... this paw-ty was first class canine style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a meat loaf cake with mashed potatoe frosting ...... wow .. ebery canines dweam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birfday Gizz....

My gal pal Miss Dixie goes back to see Dr. P on Monday ...... geeezzeee we are pwayin fur good nooze .... this is her wast weg and we weally want her to get these pins out so she can start her wehab !!!!! Pease say a prayer fur her .......


The Mystery car ride

July 1st 2007 6:27 pm
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Guess where i went today ... i was so citied to go ... i got all pretty and off we went daddy dwiving mom and Buttercup ( i wike to wide in the back seat !!) It was a wong wide... we finally got there but mom wouldn't wet me go in ..... i heard her and dad talkin sumptin bout a new brudder ..... and i might fink they were takin me to the pound.. my ears were back and i was weally listenin .... so i stayed wif dad in the car, i didn't want to miss anyfing .... mom went in and when she came out she had a wery funny, strange smell bout her ...... What!!!! anuffer pup !!!!!! Is this what this was all bout .. i fought we were goin to see Babche ( grandmom in polish)....they went to check out a companion fur me ... why do they fink i need a compaion???? I haf pwenty of pals at the kamp !!!!!!!!!!! geezzzzzzzzeeee that was close .... i almost had a brudder ... but mom sez he wasn't quite the wite one ....but the wady told her he had wots of applications so mom felt better knowin he will get a good home ..... than we went to see Babche .. we got Babche to sit out side wif us fur a whole hour ..... it was a bootyful day .... than i found out that Gizz and I were voted the Royal Couple of the month fur PDPC .. They sure can pick ROYALTY !!!! WOOOHOOOO .. it has been a gweat day !!!


Nooze !!!

June 16th 2007 2:51 pm
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Did you all hear about my Gizz.... well he went all the way to Wisconsin fur the Maltese wescue picnic and guess what.... he made the fwont page of the wocal paper ..... he's such a wittle star ... and than guess what .. he came home and made the front page of his wocal paper too !!!! He's weally a star .. i fink he's on his way to becomin sumptin weally big .... maybe a doggiewood star or sumptin... i hope he will say i wemember her when ....... and did you see his costume .... better than Elton John , red sequins ,gwasses and all !!!!!! you have to check him out ....he's berry special # 458895


Buttercup doin the happy dance

June 4th 2007 2:51 pm
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Did you hear the news... I'm so citied .... My boyfriend Gizz.. he's off to Wisconsin to attend the Maltese Wescue picnic... there is gonna be sooo many fun fings for him to do , one is a costume contest and OMD .... wait til you see what he's wearin ...Elton John eat your heart out !!!! I can't bewieve i'm gonna miss this celebration but i'm sooo happy his gettin to go .. Being a wescue sure has changed our lives wif our forever families!!! We all are stars... speakin of which .. did you see the new game of tag .. I was tagged sooooo many times but mom would only wet me pway once..

Shooooo my paws was tired from all the typin .. but it sure was fun to wead about all me pals ... Oh yeah and my gal pal Miss Dixie.... she got her cast taken off wast week .. but she still can't do any scootin or anyfing just yet... it still hafs to heal ... but i getting weally sceered when she is mobile..she has wots of time to make up fur and i fink we all gonna be in trouble at the Kamp !!

Did you hear bout my new creations.. The Buttercup Divadannies.... its been fun surprisin my pals wif a wittle fun creation .... hope the all wuv 'em !!!!!

Shooo.. just full of news today .... you'd fink i was reportin for channel 11 news .. BOL !!!!



May 23rd 2007 4:10 pm
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Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary!!!

1. I was rescued right from the euthanizing room .. forever greatful to Annie Trinkle .. founder of Animal Alliance

2. I'm really a Jersey girl... thats where Animal Alliance is located

3. When i go to the Kamp.. i really get my nose bent out of shape when certain other doggies are there..

4. i am really a quite little girl , rarely bark .. unless other pups are barking... well, sometimes i start it at the kamp

5.I used to really shiver and shake when i went with Mom and Dad to the nursing home to visit Babche ... but i am over that now !!!

6.I really don't like loud voices ... i think it brings back some kind of bad memories

7. The family room sofa is my space... i don't like to share it with anyone !!! BOL!!!

I'm tagging
Royal Bentley Deeogee


My gal pal is home !!!

May 16th 2007 2:53 pm
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SHOOOO.. Thank Dogness its finally all ober... now we are sendin prayers to St. Francis for quick healin... Miss Dixie is finally home wif a wery bad boo-boo!!! Pwease St. Francis watch ober her and help her west comfortably and help her heal !!! She had to haf sooo much work done on this wast weg.. its unbelievable all that she has gone through .. what criminal could do such harm to an innocent pup ... i hope whoever did this will get thiers some day !!! WE love ya Miss Dixie ... just wemember when your up and awound that under the sofa is my space !!!! Kisses, Buttercup


Did ya hear the news !!

May 13th 2007 4:22 am
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My gal pal Miss Dixie is hafin her wast leg operated on this Tuesday ... May 15, 2007... then its just recovery .. wooohooo .. she'll be up runnin wif the pack.. after she wearns how to walk again !!!! and my boyfwiend .. Gizz the Great .. ya know he weally is the gweatest !!!! guess what he's doin .. he gets to go to Wisconsin to the Maltese wescue picnic !!!! Yep, him and his mommy and hooman brudder they all are goin to be wif awot of other wescues just wike him and me !!! You should see him dwive his cart!!! He is a weally good dwiver now , i hope i get to go for a wide wif him some day !! I want to say Happy Mothers Day to all my dogster moms... they make dogster so much fun and i wuv them all !!!! Kisses to the moms.. Buttercup

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