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Life as a princess

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New Year Eve !!!!2007

December 31st 2007 6:25 am
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WOWSERS !!! where did the year go .... wes weady for 2008 !!! wots of fun to be had here on Dogster and more new pals to meet .. we all hafs to be watching for Miss Dixie .. she's gonna be walking soon .. starts her therphy on the 4th .. and lets not forget about Babybear , and our wittle Tico in his recovery .... and of course always got one eye on my fiancee Gizz.. cause Great fings are in the wings fur him too.. wes sure hopin to meet this year ... thats my new years wish .. to finally meet GIZMO !!!Happy New Year to all !!!


Tarra is gone ....

December 28th 2007 3:38 am
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Tarra or aka... LT ( little terror) went home last night ... now me is all mopey ... she was a full bundle of endless energy ... took ober all my toys ... all my beds ... my mommy and daddy .. i fink i hate to admit it .. well i'll say this, its quite here .... I'm not sure which way i wike it .. i'll hab to let ya know ....

Mom wanted you all to know about her cousin( Alice) and her husband ( Mark Feffer)who habs a new book out called 44 days out of Kanduhar.. Its about a special rescue story of " Cinnamon" ... The story is amazing .. we think all you dog lovers will love to read this one. A portion of the sale from the book goes to the care of animals in need ...


Christmas Thank You !

December 24th 2007 8:58 am
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How do i begin to thank all my pals who haf so graciously send me wunnerful pressies fur Christmas ! .... I haf recieved so many wunnerful blankies , toys , bows, treats, wain coats , bandannes,collars & leashes , not to mention the most adorable sweaters, t-shirts,baf towels ( wif my name monogramed on them ) and great twee ornaments , my own special stocking holder ....soooo many gweat cards from all my pals here on dogster ...... I am weady for Dogue Magazine ..the fashion Haute Couture...wite here in Millersville , Md . WE are so blessed to haf extended our friendship to so many wunnerful folks here on Dogster ... We wish each and everyone of you the most blessed Christmas and a wunnerful New Year ! Merry Christmas ! Buttercup & Pat


Christmas eve 2007

December 24th 2007 5:39 am
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Oh mes so citied ..Its Christmas eve .... i hope Santa didn't dewiver this 3 lb 8oz... ball of white lighnten on a permanent bases to MY HOUSE !!!! She must haf come to the wong house ! I haf been such a good girl all year .. this must be a MISTAKE!!!! Yes, 3lbs 8 oz. of sheer ( tarra or terror ) ! Tarra is her nickname mom hafs given her ... all she does is jump and scream at me ... she habs taken ober all my toys .... wikes to twy to eat the Christmas twee.. Oh she's so ornery.... i thought me was safe on the sofa .. but she's so smart she learned how to jump up wast nite ... geezzeee .. no safe place awound here ! and house manners... HUH ???????????? now thats anuffer story !!!! Why does mom keep tellwin her shes so cute and its a good fing .... i don't fink there is one cute fing about her ..... LACI is her name .... mom said "sure" to a friend that she could stay ober Christmas .. what was she finkin... none of us haf the energy to keep up wif a 4 month ole puppy .... FANK DOGNESS SHE'S NOT STAYIN... Santa better weave me sumptin extra special fur puttin up wif this holy TARRA ! Merry Christmas ! Buttercup


Ies got a new song !

December 9th 2007 3:56 am
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My daddy wrote me a new song..... are you ready !

I got a kiss from my Baby girl , Baby girl , Babygirl
she's the best pup in the whole wide world......
Thats my butter .. ain't no other .. thats my BUTTERCUP!!!

yep .. thats my Buttercup song .. daddy been signing to me all week !!!!


I've been Christmas tagged !!!

December 8th 2007 5:49 pm
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My good pal Bud.. Christmas woofed or tagged me .... so here it goes ... five fings to ask Santa for

1. My auntie gets better
2. Miss Dixie can run wif the pack !
3. I weally want to meet my wuv... "Gizz "
4. My pal Bud and Zeke... we sure hope thier mum gets better to !
5. Maybe Santa could help mom find me the right sister

Off to tag five of my pals

Chloe Girl
Duffy Mc Duff

leave the pup that tagged you a few bones or a gift ! right in your diary five things you'd like to ask Santa for , than tag five other pups !


Pressie, Pressies !!!

December 6th 2007 5:32 am
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WOW!!!!! I got a whole box full of goodies from my sweetest pals, Crumpet ( a bootyful Maltese ) and her brudders , Kipper and Winston ( bottyful TZU"S) !!!! OMGOSH !!! I got free wain coats .. not one, but free ..... hair bows and head bands.... a Santa toy .. Oh and a baby bottle set wif a wittle doggie baby , and a bottyful pink leash and collar wif rhinestones on it !!!! They weally went ober board !!! But i wuvs it all ..... I fink i better hide all these bootyful fings i've been gettin from all me pals ... I'm afraid Santa Paws might not come !! heheehe....... Fanks pals !!!! Butterclaus !


ITs snowin!!!

December 6th 2007 5:18 am
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OMGOSH .. Its snowing here on the east coast ... its weally early fur us to be habin snow ....and it weally feels like good ole Santa paws will be makin his way soon !!! So much goin on.. the hustle and bustle of the holiday combined wif work weally makes a day go quick ... but we had such happy nooze westerday we had to share wif our pals ..... Did ya wead Miss Dixies diawry ??? Her wittle wegs are all healed and she can now get some theraphy to help we-train her mind so she can walk ... wes so happy for her and her family .. ... she is one weally wucky girl to hab such dedicated mommies !!!WOW !! What a Christmas gift !!!! Yahoooiiieee ...So lets all celebrate .. and bisit her and let her know how proud we are of her !!!! #396548 !!!!! Fanks pals !!! Your Butterclaus


Its beginning to wook wike Christmas!

December 2nd 2007 4:30 pm
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Thanksgibing is ober and what a family time it was.. wots of family laughs and good food !!, now its beginning to wook wike Christmas .... bright wites outside , the twee is up ... and the house is all decorated ..... I fink i heard mom say sumptin bout a pawty .... i bet she habs invited all me pals on Dogster to stop by .. after all there are pressies all wrapped up and who else could they be for ???? Its so exciting ... sumptin bout Secwet Santas awound .. i got a new baf towel from my pals Bud & Zeke .. it eben has my name on it in bootyful pink letters .. and they also sent me a darling pink t-shirt wif my name on it .. Fanks Bud & Zeke .. i wuv it !!! and Roxy F. sent me the most darlin pink hoodie and it fits pawfect .. i am the best dwessed maltese awound !!! Fanks Roxy !!! i wuv it too !!! .. But lets not forget the real meaning of Christmas ,and those that aren't as fortunate , our service men and women , those that are in need of good health , and our love ones that are far away! 23 days to go .. til that fat wittle man in his red suit shows up .. hey ... we don't hab a chimney..... better remind mom to leave the front door unlocked !!! Merry Kisses, Butterpaws !


Gizz is relaxed !

November 17th 2007 3:42 am
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WHEW! I's taking off my vest and thanking Mr. Buttercup for the bwessings! Me finks you're a pretty downright nice guy after all! Whew! I know no one is every quite good enough for one's daughter, but I promise to be good to Miss Buttercup for as long as we live.

Gizz..... you will wuv my family .....and i alweady wuv yours !!!!!

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