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A Dog's Day

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Little Box Of Horrors

January 19th 2008 4:57 am
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We are about to be hit with birthdays here at our house!!! My daddy's birthday is Tuesday, and guess what?? Me, Macy, and Dixie already gave him his present!!! We got him a grooming caddy/box to keep all of his torture devices in, like brushes, combs, scissors, eye and ear cleaner, cat nail clippers, you know. All the stuff we usually run from!! So anyway, we got it the other day and we helped mommy decorate it!! We wanted to put Little Box Of Horrors on the top, but mommy made us put Daddy's Brushin Box. We thought that since it was from us we should be able to put whatever we want on it, but mommy can be real bossy sometimes.

We had to give it to him early though, because the other night he said, "I think it's time for you guys to get a brushin!!". Well, all our groomin stuff was in the box, all wrapped up!! So the lucky duck got a present early!! We were hopin that he was so distracted by our beautiful art work, that he would forget to brush us, but no such luck. The good thing is that now all that stuff is in one place, which makes it easier to sneak to the trash can!!!

Now for the good news!!! My Birthday is in 2 weeks!!! Thats right pups, on February 4th, I will be turning 5!! 5 whole years old!! Mommy and daddy can't believe it, they say it doesn't seem like I should be 5 already! But I am! I can't wait, I am gonna get presents and mommy says that she is gonna make me some home-made doggie treats!! Now I have to decide if I want her to make me peanut butter treats, bow-wow brownies, or doggie apple cake!! What would you pups choose??

Tomorrow is going to be a great day too!! Mom-mom, poppy, Uncle Chris, Aunt Kelly and furless cousin Bailey are comin over for daddy's BD!!! I sure hope Uncle Chris brings Nikki!! And guess what mommy is makin for supper?? A TURKEY!!!! I love turkey!! I bet I get a nibble! Oh, can't wait til tomorrow!!!


Phoney Ground Hogs

January 14th 2008 5:10 pm
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So the other day on my walk as I approached a seemingly normal yard I saw it. A ground hog, sitting upright, right at the edge of the property along the sidewalk!!!! I stopped. I stared. My ears lifted up. I took a few steps closer. This ground hog must be the bravest ground hog I have ever known, he didn't even turn his head to us!! And Macy wasn't even tryin to be quiet!! I decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I made a mad dash up to the ground hog, fully expecting him to turn and run but he didn't!!! As I approached him I couldn't believe my luck, this ground hog must be a crazy one!!! He did not move!! My nose reached him first, I thought I would catch the aroma of fresh grass and ground hog, but all I could smell was..........plastic?!?!?
Yup, it was a fake. No doubt a horrible, torturous plan by some evil person to trick dogs like me! I was so mad at this fakey ground hog that I tried to pee on him, but mommy said "no peeing on personal property Richter, save it for the telephone poles."!!


Congratulations To Scottie Gomez!!!

January 13th 2008 2:22 pm
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Just wanted to bark some congrats to Ranger's center and leading goal scorer Scott Gomez!!! He was selected to represent the Rangers in the NHL All-Star game that will take place 2 weeks from today in Atlanta!! Good Luck Scottie!!!!


Ranger's Goal Song

January 3rd 2008 9:54 am
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I am so excited about what we just found and put on my page!!! It is the Ranger's Goal Song, the song that is played in Madison Square Garden after every Ranger's goal is scored!!!! It is the coolest song, and was especially made for the Rangers by the MSG music director Ray Castoldi. Also known as "Slapshot", the goal song was introduced on January 20, 1995 as the Stanley Cup Banner was raised to the Garden rafters. It has been played after every Ranger's goal in MSG since. Trust me when I tell you, no other NHL team has a song as cool as this one!!! You get fired up just hearing the score horn at the begining!!! As soon as a puck hits the net, you hear the horn and the sound of about 18,000 fans screaming and cheering and clapping!!! As the song progresses, most fans usually join in and sing and chant, and clap along. Some even dance!!

Boy, I wish I could say I was speaking from first paw experience but to the best of my knowledge doggies aren't allowed in the Garden. But my mommy and daddy have been, so they know, and I have seen it on TV!! Maybe one day I will get to go and see for myself!!! Ya never know!!



My Big Ball Accident

December 28th 2007 2:51 pm
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I hope you pups all had a very nice Christmas!!! I sure did!! We got all kinds of presents and treats from so many people!!! Our favorite presents were from our great furiend Kim! I took over all the stuffed sqeakies she gave us!

On Christmas day we all went to the beach!! It was not as cold as it has been here so it was pretty nice!! I got a little over-excited though, and accidentally popped my furless cousin Bailey's big bouncy ball that he just got that morning from Santa!! I felt real bad, but mommy and daddy gave him some money to go get a new one! Anyway, the ball was fun while it lasted, me, daddy, Bailey and Uncle Chris ran and ran and they kicked the ball, and I chased it and pushed it around with my nose! Mommy and Dixie just stayed out the way, and Macy went back and forth between us and mommy. After that, we all had meatballs, sausage and noodles for supper!! Super yummy!!

I must start preparing myself now, because mommy and daddy have just announced that we are having a New Year's Eve party!! As you all know, parties and strangers are not my favorite things, but I do ok. Thanks to the Dog Whisperer, mommy has come up with a pretty good way to help me get through the stress of company! I do good!! I go on my leash, and stay right near mommy or daddy and all guests are instructed to completely ignore me. I am not as shy if I can get close to people on my own terms!! Usually after a half hour or so, I can come off my leash and mingle with the company without running through the house barking my head off like before Cesar!!! Boy, does that man know his stuff!!!

Wishing every pup and their families a Happy, Healthy 2008!!


My Very Own Christmas Card!!!!!

December 13th 2007 4:17 pm
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Today when mommy got home from work, she brought the mail inside. She was going through it and all of a sudden she said "oh Richter!!!! There is a card for you!!!!!" I couldn't even believe it, my very own Christmas card??? Who could it be from???? I ran to mommy to see, and sure enough, there was my name and my name only on the card!!! Sweet!!! I told her to hurry and open it!! She did and on the front of the card is a cute little doggie with a stocking!!
On the inside there was another surprise! A picture of my good pal Odie!!! The card was from Odie and his mommy!! I am too too excited, I never got my very own Christmas card addressed to me before!!!

Odie's picture is so cute, he has on a santa hat!! I put the card next to our doggy Christmas tree, and Odie's picture right in front of it!!! Boy oh boy what a great day!!!!


A Boney In Mommy's Pocket

December 9th 2007 10:56 am
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Last night I was sitting on the couch lookin out the window, when I smelled a milkbone. I sniffed and sniffed all down in the cushions and under the pillows, but I could not find that boney!!!! Then finally I figured out it was in the pocket of mommy's coat!! I stuck my nose in the pocket, but I must have had a hard time just pullin the boney out, because by the time mommy found me, the whole side of her coat was slobbery, and I was just finishin the crumbs in the bottom of the pocket! What a great treat!!

Only one question remains.......why was there one lonely milkbone in mommy's coat?? Hmmmmm................


The Goings On In Richter's World

December 7th 2007 1:05 pm
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It sure is about time that my mommy finally got on here and typed me an entry!!! Let's see, what has been going on in the world of Richter?? Hmm......

I did get to go over to Grandma and Grandpa's for Turkey day!! It didn't start raining til late, so we were already there!! Hee Hee!!! We had lots of yummy turkey!! My day was a little jaded by the fact that Connie had to bring her boyfuriend with her. Those of you who read my diary know that I DO NOT like people that I don't know well!! I had to be nervous the whole day that he might look at me or try to touch me!!! But mommy said it was too bad, and if I wanted to go to grandma's that was how it was gonna be. I guess it wasn't too bad, he just ignored me anyway!!

My best pal Lily sent me a snowflake the other day and ever since it has been snowing here!!! Little flurries here and there, and then on Wednesday we got a couple inches!! I LOVE snow, I run out and jam my whole head in it, and roll in it!! BOL, it is the best fun!!

This past Tuesday night, Macy and Dixie got into a big fight! Me and Dixie were laying on the floor chewin our chewies and Macy wanted to play. She took her stinky smelly ball to me and Dixie and did the thing where she hops around us, but we ignored her, we were busy chewin. So she took the stinky smelly ball to mommy and howled. Mommy was on the phone with grandma, and Macy was bein so noisy that mommy tossed her ball into the room that me and Dixie were in! Well, un-fort-tune-it-ley the stinky smelly ball landed right on Dixie. And of course, Macy just plowed into her to get it, and Dixie got mad and hopped right up and the next thing you know, they were on their hind legs snapping and growling at each other!!!! Mommy came runnin and yelled HEY! and clapped her hands real loud. They broke it up right away, and mommy said, that's it, outside right now!!!! So we all went downstairs and while we were standing by the back door, mommy saw it. Blood on Macy's nose!!! It was just a little bit, Dixie must have scratched her nose with her tooth!! So we all went outside, and went potty, and mommy threw the ball for Macy for a bit. Then we went inside and mommy put some of that stuff in the brown bottle that she used for her own face the beginin of this year (when she had 100+ stitches!!) on a cotton ball and wiped Macy's nose with it. It must notv'e hurt, cause Macy just sat there, and everytime mommy wiped she would stick her tongue up and lick her nose!!! The whole rest of the night, Dixie kept trying to lick Macy's nose, I think she felt real bad about it!!! The next day you couldn't even see the scratch and they are furiends again!!

Mommy also finally got to the store and did our Christmas shoppin for daddy!!! I can't say where she went, or daddy will know what we got him!!! But it sure is great!!! I can't wait to give it to him!

Well, guess that's all for now!! Better get back to the couch to keep and eye out for those UPS/FedX men!! They are everywhere these days!!


Grumpy Grandpa And The Rain Rule

November 20th 2007 10:12 am
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Wait til you pups get this!! Mommy and daddy are going over to grandma and grandpa's house for Turkey Day. Grandma loves us and wants us to come, but grandpa isn't a big "pet person". You know the type, they are weird and don't like to have doggies or kitties around, or on the FURniture, and think we are dirty and smelly.

The last couple of years mommy, grandma and Aunt Connie have convinced grumpy grandpa to let me and Macy come over on Thanksgiving. We are always on our best behavior and mommy makes sure to groom us right before we go so we are not stinky or dirty. But this year, grandpa is being more grumpy than ever!!! At first he wasn't going to let us come at all, and his excuse was that there are 3 of us now, with Dixie. Then he must of felt bad because grandma ignored him all day and he said "you really want those dogs to come, don't you?" and of course grandma said YES!!! So then he instated a rule. They can come if it isn't raining. I betcha he watched the weatherman, and they said it is probably goin to rain, so he made that rule, so that he wasn't technically saying no, but he knows the chance of rain is high, so we most likely won't be able to go. Isn't he the biggest grump you ever heard of?????

Grandma has an idea!! The weatherman says it isn't supposed to start rain that day til mid-afternoon, so she said just come over before it starts raining and then he can't say nothing!!!! Guess we will see what the weather brings on Thursday!!!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all the dogs and cats on Dogster and Catster and their families!!!!!


So Much For A Brave Guard Dog

November 13th 2007 6:52 pm
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Everyone had a good laugh at my expense tonight!! Mommy got home from work and took us all out to potty. The way our house is set up, you walk in the front door, and straight ahead is the door that leads to the laundry room. When you go through that, you get to the back door that we go out to go potty. When we came in from outside, unbeknownst to me, our Aunt Connie had come in the front door and was just walking through the one to the laundry room. I saw her come throught that door and it scared me so much that I turned right around and took off right back out the back door!!! I didn't know anyone else was there!!!!! Then I was so upset that I wouldn't come in the house to see that it was actually Aunt Connie and not a stranger!!!! Connie had to come outside with me and I had to inch closer and closer to her before I could be sure it was her!!!

Mommy says I am a little weirdo. What is a weirdo??? Sounds like they are makin fun of me. When they told daddy the story, he said, "oh great, now we have to get a dog to guard the dog!!". Ok, now they are getting to be wise-guys!!!! Although I really might feel better with a nice doberman to be my furiend!! I bet a doberman wouldn't be scared of anything!!! They are such cool doggies!!!

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