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A Dog's Day

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Interview With Suspect #2

May 31st 2008 6:28 am
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The following is Case File # 101 "The Case Of the Stale Oreo Fiasco" as it was reported to the absent party (mommy) for sentencing. There are currantly 3 suspects being tried in the case, and one witness who stumbled on the crime scene after hearing "the rustling of the packaging". Almost the entire contents of a regular sized package of stale oreo cookies has disappeared without a trace!! Here are the details of the crime scene as reportd by the witness.

The witness claims his alarm went off at 9:15 am, at which point he noticed that suspect #2 was snuggled in the blankets on the bed. He claims that about 15-20 minutes later, he was awakened by a rustling sound, like someone was playing with a sort of plastic. As the witness approached the top of the stairs he claims to have seen trash littering most of the living room floor. Suspect #1 was sniffing through the debris, suspect #3 was asleep in her bed which was located a floor above the crime scene. And suspect #2 was flat-belly laid out in the middle of the evidence, with the packaging in question right between his paws. The jury should be aware that suspect #3 does have a history of trash dumping on her record.

The following is the statement provided by suspect #2, Richter.

I woke up with my mommy and went to the potty outback. We came in and had our breakfast. This morning it was Simmered chicken medley Beneful and my scoop of Sensitive Systems from Purina One. Upon finishing my breakfast, I got a big drink, hopped up on the back of the couch, let a big burp rip, looked out the window for baby bunnies, and then went back upstairs to go back to bed with my daddy. At 9:15 my daddy's alarm went off and I would like to stress that he states I was in the bed with him at that time. A few minutes after daddy hit snooze I heard some commotion downstairs. So I went to check it out. Trash was everywhere, and smack in the middle of it all was an empty oreo package. I tried to resist, but I had to go check it out cause it smelled so darn good, but all that was left was a few crumbs. I laid down with the package between my front legs so that I could have the crumbs and pawsibly sniff out who had done this heinous crime, but that is when daddy appeared at the top of the stairs.

I Richter Meatball Huston did not eat the entire package of stale oreos! Although I was the one caught with the evidence, I would like to point out that as admitted by both, Macy and Dixie were both seen by mommy downstairs as she left for work, and that they key witness claims I was snuggled up with him in bed mere minutes before the crime was discovered. I ask, how could I have had time to eat a WHOLE package in just a few minutes time??? Nope, as far as I can see, with her history of trash dumping, questionable manners, and insatiable appetite, one could only rule that Dixie is the guilty party here. After mommy left she must have just done what she has done countless times before. Dumped the trash, ate what she could find, and came upstairs to sleep it off. I was just a poor poor doggy in the wrong place at the wrong time!! I am the victim here!!



May 9th 2008 5:09 am
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OMD, OMD, OMD!!!!! I am diary of the day!!! Thank you, thank you Dogster for pickin me!!! Wowee!!!

Today started out a little stressed for me! I had to wake mommy up to take me out to potty! It was getting near Emergency status!!! Mommy figured that when she heard me digging at the gate, cause I usually never do that!! Usually I am content to snooze all day!! So I went out and took care of the biz, and now I feel much better! Today is also exciting cause we are going to Great Grandmas, and tonight is the Flyers first game of the Eastern Conference Finals!! Daddy is super excited about that!

So anyways, mommy logged on to her p-mails before she got in the shower, and TA-DA!!!! There was the super special p-mail that said "Richter is the featured Diary of the Day"!!!! So I just had to write a little bit to say Thanks and let everyone know how excited we are!!! Have a super day pups!!


Wowee The Tag Game!!!

May 7th 2008 4:11 pm
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Thanks to my good buddy Odie for tagging me!!!! It sure is fun to learn more about my dogster pals!!!

Ok here are the rules: Answer these questions so that they pertain to you, then tag 4 pups!! Make sure to send a p-mail or rosette to let your good pals know you tagged them!!!!

Ok, here goes!!

4 Jobs You Have:

1) SENTRY. I sit on my station on the back of the couch all day everyday, and alert my family the SECOND anything or anyone comes remotely near our house!!

2) GPS. I ride shotgun in the car and regularly stick my head out the window to be sure we are going in the right direction!!!

3) LAWN FERTILIZER. I drop fresh fertilizer in the grass out back usually 3-4 times a day!!!

4) PERSONAL TRAINER. I like to walk my mommy and daddy daily to help them maintain a good weight!!

4 Places You Have Lived Or Stayed At:

1) The petstore in the Cherry Hill Mall. (now closed down, thank goodness!!)

2) Our condo in Marlton.

3) My mom-mom and poppy's house in Southampton.

4) Our house we live in now in Berlin.

4 Places You Have Been:

1) To great-grandmas house in Brick Town, NJ.

2) To Aunt Brooke's old house in Connecticut.

3) The beach! (Super Fun!!)

4) The pound!! Yup that's right!! Macy and I both visited the pound for a short time when we got Dixie! We had to go in separate pens outside and take turns with Dixie coming into our pens to see if we got along ok. Then we all had to go in a pen together to make sure me and Macy didn't gang up on Dixie!!

4 Places You'd Rather Be:

1) At a Rangers game eatin a pretzel with cheese!

2) At a Phillies game eatin a hotdog!!

3) At my best furiend Lily's house in Czech Republic!

4) At the ice cream store havin a puppy cup with extra bones on top!!

My 4 Furiends I Tag Are:

1) My bestest furiend Lily! She is home without her mommy and her one boy, cause he is sick and getting traetment here in the States! Maybe playin tag will cheer her up!!

2) My pal from Alabama, Spencer!! Him and I are kind of the same spots in our families, the middle guy!! We both have an older sibling and a younger Diva sister!!

3) My pal Bridgette! She is my aunt Brookes newest pup, and I have never gotten to meet her yet, so it sure would be fun to learn more about her!!!

4) My Cuz Cody!! He is a fun little guy who has had an interesting life!! We play boy games together!!

Have fun every pup!!


Bye Bye Hockey

May 6th 2008 6:45 pm
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Well, my pups, it is a sad time. Time to say goodbye to the Rangers for the summer, til the start of the 2008-2009 season! Despite a brilliant fight, they were eliminated from the playoffs the other day!! So we want to say thanks for a great season, and we can't wait til next one!!! The Rangers will definitely be opening their next season with excitement, because guess where their first game is gonna be??? Nope, not at Madison Square Garden. Nope not at another teams arena. Give up??? The Rangers are one of the chosen teams to begin their season overseas this year!!! They will play the Tampa Bay Lightening in the Czech Republic!!!!!! Super exciting!!!

Oh, we also wanted to wish a speedy recovery to LW Sean Avery. He suffered a lacerated spleen in game #3 of our last round! He played through the whole game even though he was hurting more by the minute. At the end, he went directly to the hospital where he was in intensive care for a few days with internal bleeding! He is doing ok, but would not be allowed to play for the rest of this season, so I guess it isn't so bad it's over. It wouldn't feel right if they went on to win without him, he is a very big part of their success!!!

So now we prepare for the lazy days of summer, which turns me to another sport. I know it sounds crazy liking a team from NY for hockey, and a team from Philadelphia for baseball, but what can I say?? We just recently started liking baseball within the last 2 years, so we follow the Philadelphia Phillies!! Even mommy admits it is a little easier to like a local team for a change!!! But then we found out that one of my bestest furineds in the whole world LOVES the Phillies, my furiend Kim!!! So now I like them even more! Mommy bought me a Phillies bandana that I can now put on (now that my Rangers one can be put to rest for a few months)!!!! I sure hope Kim likes it!!!!!!

Hockey isn't totally over in our house though, no sirs!! Daddy is a Flyers fan, and they are still going strong! As a matter of fact, they will be taking on the very team that eliminated the Rangers from the playoffs in the next round!!! It is certainly going to be an interesting series, that is for sure! Even though we are true blue, we still just love the game of hockey so we will try to get as much of it as we can out of the next month or so!!!

The decision of who to root for in the next round is tough, by law we just can't like the Flyers, rival cities and such. But can you really bring yourself to root for the team that just eliminated the team you love??? Especially when there are a few players on that team who you just DO NOT like, and never have??? We are thinkin no, so as hard as it was to do, we have decided to take the side of orange and root for the Flyers!!!

We'll see what happens!!!!!!


What Oh What Can I Buy With One Dollar????

May 2nd 2008 1:46 pm
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Awhile ago, on one of our walkies, I found a dollar! I was just sniffing along, when all of a sudden there was this money!! Daddy picked it up and said I could take it home and it could be mine and maybe I could use it to buy myself something!!! Yea!!

Well here is my problem. Everything I tell mommy and daddy that I want to buy with my dollar, they just laugh and say "one dollar isn't enough for that, Richter!!". Well, what the heck is it enough for then???

The very firstest thing I wanted to buy with my one dollar was a pink wiggly, but I have since come to find out that pink wigglys are growed, not bought. Then I saw a HUGE orange truck on the side of the road with a "FOR SALE" sign on it!! This was like one of those monster trucks you see on TV, we would need a ladder to get into it!! The wheels are as big as daddy!!! I would be king of the highway cruisin around in that!!! But mommy and daddy say they are pretty sure that my dollar won't cover my orange truck. Or a go-cart and doggles, or a fish tank, or a big swimmin pool with a deep end and turtles on the bottom. The list goes on and on!!

Dixie found a dime on the floor in the laundry room yesterday. She asked me what she could get with 10 cents, and I told her if I can't get anything for my one dollar, she sure was gonna have a hard time finding something for a dime!!


My Tail of Devotion for Richter

April 22nd 2008 10:08 am
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Dear Richter,

The day we got you is one of my fondest memories!! We saw you in the petstore, laying on your back with a little chewie hanging out of the side of your mouth!! You had a pudgy little belly, and big giant feet! We took you into the playpen, and you were quite content to just sit between me and your daddy and look up at us! You were the sweetest little puppy, very laid back and happy with the world!!

To this day, that holds true! You have grown up into a handsome boy, and you make us laugh ever single day, whether we are with you or not!!! You do some silly things, and we love you more for each one of them!!!! You have the best disposition, so loving and accepting of everything, from babies to other dogs, to cats, to guniea pigs, you name it!! You are such a well behaved dog, and we are very proud of you!!

My little fellow Rangers fan, you have been my company for 5 years now, and I can't believe time has gone that fast!! We sure have been through lots together, moving from our condo to our house, planning a wedding, getting 2 other dogs, daddy's surgery, and lots of other stuff!!! And through it all you haven't minded one bit!! You have been our constant, loyal companion, always there when we need you and couldn't be happier about it!!!! I guess it's true what they say, time does fly when you are having fun! Cause we have lots of that everyday with you!!

I love you, my meatball!!!


This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Happy Days!

April 12th 2008 8:42 pm
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Kim is finally back!! Oh, I am so glad!!! I got to see her today and get a cookie!! Ahh, my 10 days of torture are over!!

We got a new door for the back! The old one was starting to come apart and there was a sharp piece sticking out of it!! Mommy and daddy decided to put on a new one before one of us got hurt! That is the door we go out for pottys! The cats like it too, cause it has a much bigger screen/window part, and they can look out it!

Well, gotta go for now! Need to check hockey scores!! It's the playoffs!!


Sad For 10 Days:(

April 1st 2008 5:24 pm
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I am officially sad for 10 days. That is because one of my most favoritest people, Kim, is on vacation. Yesterday was Day 1 of my Kimless stretch, and I am very depressed. Mommy and daddy were laughin at me today, as I smushed my nose up against the glass front door (yes, boogers galore!!) and tried to see if the mail truck was coming up the street. Mommy said, Richter, Kim isn't coming today, remember she is off for 10 days? Whah!!

But guess what mommy said she will do for me? She is gonna get me a Philadelphia Phillies bandana to wear for Kim! That is her favorite team, so therefore, it is now my favorite team!! For baseball that is. I can go Philly for baseball, and football, but as far as hockey goes?????? You guessed it!! New York Rangers forever!!!!

By the way, there is less than a week to go in the regular hockey season, and the Eastern Conference is gonna come down to the last minute we think!!! The Rangers just moved into 5th seed last night!!! 3 more games to go! 2 versus the Islanders and then our final game of the regular season is Sunday against the New Jersey Devils!



Boys Day Out

March 30th 2008 8:43 am
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Yesterday mommy and Aunt Connie took me and Cody to the dog park! We had such a good time playing with all the other pups!! Mommy said she was real proud of me cause I ran after the other dogs to play with them and even went near strangers!!

The park we went to has a real big hill, so when we were done in the off-leash run, we ran all the way up to the top of the hill and back down! That was really fun!

When we got back to our house, Cody got a bath in our bathtub!! He had foamy shampoo that smelled like coconuts!

Today I am trying to talk mommy and daddy into taking me to Petco (where the pets go!). My beneful is on sale and I want a fish tank. I want one that we can put a pretty beta in, but one that Sophia can't get into. When we first moved into this house, mommy and daddy had 3 bettas, and when we moved them they were all in their little cups with the lids. It was late, so they put them all on a high shelf and were gonna get their bowls ready for them the next morning.

Well, no one really knows for sure who exactly ate them, but mommy says she is pretty sure Sophia is the one climbed the entertainment center and knocked them all off. At the time, me, Sirius and Sophia were the only ones here, so mommy and daddy aren't sure if we all shared them or just one of us ate them up. But the next morning, I came upstairs with an empty cup in my mouth, and 3 little fishies had vanished, never to be seen again!!


I Met A New Furiend!

March 23rd 2008 6:14 pm
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I met a new pal yesterday!! His name was Buddy! We were all outside talking to Kim, and he just came running up to us all by his self!! The best part about Buddy?? He totally didn't care about mean old Macy and Dixie!! They were hoppin on him and barking at him, and he could have cared less!! Him and I were sniffing each other, tails waggin!! Mommy opened the door to try to get the mean girls inside, and Buddy must have really liked our house, cause he just ran in with us!! Mommy and Kim were laughin, Macy and Dixie were appauled!! I trotted along after him, as he investigated our laundry room!! He was thirsty so I told him he could get a drink out of Sophia's water dish! Then we went to check out the litter box, but mommy came runnin after us and picked him up!! Then she gave him to Kim and she took him home! I don't know why mommy had to do that, we were just about to start having some serious fun! And why do Macy and Dixie have to be so mean?? I sure hope Buddy comes back one day so we can get to playing!! Maybe mommy can lock stinkin Macy and Dixie inside and I can play with my new furiend out back!!

Mommy said it was a good thing Kim was here, cause Buddy didn't have a collar on, and we didn't know where he lived!!! I sure wish she didn't have to take him home so soon though!!

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