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A Dog's Day

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A Crazy Exciting Night!!!!!!!!!!!

October 15th 2008 2:14 pm
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OMD, BOL and all that stuff pups!!!!! We have had too too much excitment around here lately!!!!! First I will bark about my neighborhood drama. This past Sunday we had 4 police man cars in front of our house, cause the people that live across the street, got into a huge fight!! Then our next door neighbors are having their inground pool dug up!!! There have been HUGE dumptrucks and bulldozers right next door to us!! They are makin all this big huge BANGS and BOOMS! Then today when we went out to potty the bulldozer was diggin with one end, and was backed up to our fence, so the big giant scooper thingy was hangin over the fence!! It was super cool!!!!!!! It was makin Dixie nervous though!

Now, onto sports. Tonight we are gonna have to have 2 TVs goin, cause the Phillies are a win away from goin to the WORLD SERIES!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! AND, the Rangers are an impressive 5-0 on the season, and if they win tonight, they will break the teams record of the most wins straight to start a season!!! The second line is hot, the goaltending is great, and we can't wait til 7:00!!!


The News In Richter's World!

September 27th 2008 2:15 pm
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Hi pups,

Thanks to all of our super sweet pals out there who poured in rosettes and p-mails with thoughts and prayers for my family during the last few weeks! My mommy is doing fine after her procedure, and is going for a follow-up this week. Hopefully I will be able to have a wiggly around here really soon!! We are thinking positive thoughts!

So today we were just heading down the street for a walk with mommy and grandma, when we heard some little doggy toenails on the pavement behind us!! We turned around to see our neighbor dog Ollie running towards us!!! He ran right up to me and we jumped around and said our hellos!! I wanted to take Ollie for a walk with us, but mommy said we couldn't cause it didn't appear that Ollie's mommy knew he was missin, and we didn't want her to worry! Ollie is havin lots of workers in his house to do stuff, and when one of them went out, Ollie snuck right out too! So mommy picked him up and carried him home!! His mommy sure was happy!! Luckily he didn't go too far!

Just figured I would bark my sports for a minute. My beloved Rangers will open their season on October 4th, versus the Tampa Bay Lightening. But it won't be at the Garden. Or at the St. Pete Times Forum. Nope, they will open with a bang in Prague, Czech Republic!! They will play 2 games there, and then they will head home for their home opener against the Chicago Blackhawks at the Garden on October 10th! We are so excited about the start of the season, even though so far preseason has not been kind to us:{ Grrrr!!

In baseball news, the Phillies are hard at work as I bark my entry, hoping to win their game today and secure their division title!!!! It's pretty exciting for baseball fans here right now!! So far they are on the right track, they are winning 2-0!!!!!!!

Well, guess that is all my news for now! Better go watch the game!!!


Some Sad, Sad News

September 17th 2008 1:06 pm
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Oh, pups, we are very very sad here at our house right now. The other day, mommy and daddy came home from the doctors, and told us that my wiggly, or human baby that was growing inside mommy's tummy, has gone to baby Heaven.

This was completely a shock for us, as my mommy was into her second trimester and had just gone for a regular check-up. To make a long story short, the doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat, and after having an emergency ultrasound, the doctors found that a blood clot had formed
behind the placenta and cut off supplies to the baby.

Mommy had to have a small surgery done today, but she is home now and doing well. We are all very very devastated, but are trying to make peace with the fact that nature has a way of working things out, even though it may make for some hard times.

The good news is that the doctors say mommy and daddy should be fine to try again, but that mommy will be considered high risk, and may have to take some medicines for her blood during the pregnancy. That just means that the doctors will keep an extra close eye on mommy and the baby.

Sorry to share such bad news, but we will be back with our regular doggy and kitty tales hopefully soon!


Jiggy The Dragon

August 31st 2008 7:53 am
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The other day our Uncle Chris came and brought the coolest thing for the baby. It is a colorful dragon and it's name is Jiggy. As soon as I saw him I wanted him!! Uncle Chris took him out of the bag and handed him to daddy, and I jumped from the ottoman right onto daddy's lap on the couch so I could get a better look at Jiggy. He is Blue, with a green tummy and purple claws and wings. And the pointy scales going down his back are orange! He is so cool!!!!!
Now my wiggly won't be here for another couple months, so I sure don't understand why I can't play with Jiggy til the wiggly gets here. I figured I could start a hole and start pulling the stuffins out for the wiggly. I am sure that when it comes, my wiggly won't know how to play with toys properly, so I just want to get a head start on our first lesson on how to play with toys!


Wiggly Stuff

August 16th 2008 7:54 am
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Wow, wigglys sure require a lot of stuff! We had 4 big huge boxes delivered the other day! Daddy says they are furniture for the wiggly's room! We are still waitin on something called a crib. I bet that is fun! Last night we helped daddy put together the dresser! Tomorrow we are going to put together something called a changer (??), a quilt rack, and a toy box! Now that I do know!! We have 2 toy boxes!! I think I know what a quilt rack is too. Grandma makes lots of quilts, they are big soft pretty blankets, and when she gives one to mommy we aren't allowed to lay on it make a bed out of it! So I guess grandma will be makin my wiggly lots of quilts! I wonder if she/he will be allowed to lay on them or make a bed out of them?

Also, last night daddy and mommy brought home a bag from a store called Babies-R-Us. They had to go pick out a stroller cause mom-mom wants to but them one. They brought home 2 little tiny jammies, and a set of 2 towels and 4 washcloths! Mommy and daddy laid them all out for us to sniff and check-out! Do you believe that some people say that it is horrible to let doggies and kitties near the wiggly's stuff??? Mommy says that is a bunch of ball-o-nee. She says there is no reason why we can't check out the wiggly's stuff, since it just came out of a store and will all be getting washed anyway before the wiggly uses it! Mommy and daddy both say that this is a good start to gettin us ready for the baby to come, to let us explore and check out all the stuff! Some people are just old fashioned, and need to mind their own beez wax!!


Wiggly Update And Other Odds And Ends

August 4th 2008 6:56 pm
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Here is my wiggly update:

Mommy went to the dok-turs a few weeks ago and they checked her all out. The dok-tur said that everything looks great, mommy's ultra-sound, bloodwork and tinkles all checked out ok!! Yes tinkles. (Mommy says I can spare all my pals the details of how you get the tinkles to the dok-turs!! Hee hee!) They have to check that to make sure mommy doesn't have too many pro-teens or shug-ars in it. Don't worry, it was all good!

In other news I broke my harness the other day. We were walkin and I saw a bunny. Unfortunately daddy didn't see the bunny, so when I tried to take off after it daddy wasn't ready. When I got to the end of my leash and it caught, one of the clips for my harness broke right in half!! Luckily I didn't realize it but daddy did. We were almost home, so he just clipped my leash to my collar the rest of the way. Mommy went and got me a new one, and it is way cooler than my old one!! On the back by where the leash clips on there is a diamond shaped metal thing that attaches all the parts of the harness. Mommy says it looks like I have the Superman symbol on my back! Way Cool!

Our neighbors had these horrible loud trucks at their house today and they cut down all the trees in their backyard!!! Can you believe that?? Why would you want to do that??? Now they have no shade, and it looks awful naked in our backyard! I was very disturbed all day by this noise and ruckus, and barked my displeasure to anyone who would listen. Not too many people were interested though!


My Big Announcement!!!

July 14th 2008 10:02 am
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Attention everyone, I have a big announcement!! OMD, I am so excited. Ahem. Ok. Here goes!

I am FINALLY GETTIN A PINK WIGGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it's true! My mommy is preg-nint!! I am SO SUPER EXCITED about this!! If you are regular reader of my diary, you know that I absolutely LOVE babies! When I see a baby, my tail wags so hard that everyone jokes it will fly off! I just want to lick and lick them!! I have been waiting for mommy and daddy to make me one for a long time now, and finally they did!

I am already being such a great big brother! Everynight I make sure mommy takes her baby vy-ti-mins with a big tall glass of milk. I walk mommy a lot too, so she keeps excersisin!!! I can't wait til my wiggly comes so I can teach him or her all the cool stuff I know!!


Thankful This Summer!

June 30th 2008 7:43 pm
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I was just rememberin last year this time! Whew, it seems like so long ago now!! Last year, this time, mommy and daddy were spendin a whole lot of time at a big hospital in Philadelphia, gettin ready for daddy's hart surj-erry! The year anniversary of his hart gettin fixed is July 11th!! We are so thankful that his surj-erry was a success, and that he is doing so great now, even though we had those 2 extra trips to the hospital, and those few touch and go months with the pericarditis! But daddy is off all medications now, and just saw the hart dok-tur a few weeks ago, and he is doing great! Now he just has to go for checks every 6 months!!

Wow, this 4th of July will sure be nice cause we won't have the big surj-erry date looming!! I just wanted to say again how thankful we are that that is all behind us!!

Hope every pup finds themselves and their families in good health and happiness this 4th of July!! I wish every pup a good BBQ treat!!


My Second Dogster Meetup

June 14th 2008 7:52 pm
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Today I went with Macy, mommy, aunt Connie, and Cody to a dogster meetup! This one was at Laurel Acres Park in Mt. Laurel, NJ. We are pretty lucky cause it is only about 1/2 hour away from our house! Some of the doggies there traveled from Northern NJ or Maryland, or Delaware!! My good pal Odie and his mommy Erica ran the show, and once again did a terrific job!!

I am proud to say that mommy gave me an A++ for my behavior today!! She said she is so proud of me cause I am such a good boy!! It was a pretty hot day, so after a long walk across a big field, we got some water and layed in some shade. There was a little pool there for us doggies to get in and cool off!! Mommy and aunt Connie made me, Macy, and Cody all get in and they wet us down real good so we could cool off!! We saw some other doggies, I got to see my pals Odie and Spuds again! They are some super cool dudes!! I chilled under the tent with them for awhile! Then me, Macy, Cody, and doggie named Zoe, and another doggie named Moo went in the off-leash run for awhile! That was fun, we sniffed around and peed on the fence! Then we came out and had pictures taken, and relaxed in the shade some more.

Aunt Connie brought us over some doggy brownies. Now usually I do not eat in public cause I am a little nervous, but I ate my brownie all up!! It was super yummy! Then I ate half of Macy's!! By then, we had been there awhile, we were hot, and we had to get home to Dixie, so we said our goodbyes, and Odie's mommy gave us some goody bags!! They are so great, they have big bones, chewy beef sticks, little T-bone treats, and a squeaky ball in them!! We also got sample packs of bacon twisties!! Oh what a good time!

When we got home, mommy hosed us off and sudsed us up on the deck. Then we sat outside and dried off a little before going in to have our supper! We opened one of our goody bags and shared a big bone with Dixie. Then I alternated naps between on top of the A/C vent, and the back of the couch!

Much to my dismay, Macy tagged along today. I don't like when Macy comes to doggy functions with me, cause she barks at other doggies and is emm-baris-ing. She wasn't supposed to come either, but mommy got so busy with stuff this morning, she didn't get a chance to walk Macy like she wanted to. So she decided last minute to let her come, saying something like maybe it would be good for her to hang out with other doggies. Well, I guess all in all she wasn't too bad, but she still had a few emm-baris-ing barking moments, and she doesn't like to hang out with new pals like I do!! Mommy says once was quite enough, and next time it will be just me again!

Thanks again Odie and his mommy for makin us another great doggy day!!


The Verdict (Really Late!)

June 13th 2008 5:01 pm
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The jury has reached a verdict reguarding the case of the missing oreos. Here are the results!! (sorry, mommy has been very tied up with work for the past few weeks!)!!

Suspect #1, Miss Macy, was cleared of all charges. She has no history of trash dumping, and her belly would have sold her down the river if she had eaten the oreos. In the case of the missing oreos, Macy is found not guilty on all counts.

Suspect #2, Richter Meatball, was cleared of one charge, but found guilty of another. In the case of the missing oreos, for the charge of dumping the trash, Richter was found not guilty. However for the charge of eating the oreos, Richter was found guilty as charged!!! There were some not so pleasant trips to the back yard for him that gave him away!!!

Suspect #3, Dixie, was also cleared of one charge but found guilty on a another. In the case of the missing oreos, for the charge of dumping the trash can Dixie was found guilty, as she has been so many times before!! She is the only one who has ever been caught dumping the trash, and has had previous convictions of this crime, one time in particular involving a hot dog roll. In the charge of actually eating the oreos, Dixie was found not guilty, because Richter's poops for the week spoke for themselves!!!


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