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A Dog's Day

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A Sad Day For Philadelphia

August 13th 2009 8:31 pm
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My family is extremely upset and disappointed with the Eagles football organization. They announced tonight that they signed convicted dog murderer Michael Vick.

First of all, this man should not be able to play in the NFL again. What he did was horrific and he should not be rewarded. What kind of an example does this set for anyone, but especially all the young fans??

Like I said, we are so so disappointed!! As you all may know, we love sports, and while football isn't at the top of our list like hockey and baseball, we still liked to follow the Eagles. Now our trash can is full of Eagles merchandise, and on top are all our Eagles bandanas and leashes. Mommy even went into our baby bruthers room and threw away an Eagles football we had in there. What a shame!


Finally Finally Finally!!!!!!!!

April 19th 2009 9:14 am
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I have some big news I have been busting at the seams to tell everyone!! I am going to have a baby bruther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, thats right, my mommy is going to have a baby soon, and it is going to be a boy!!!! Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!! We don't need any more stinkin girls around here!!!

I am already making a mental list of things I have to teach him!!
1) how to pee on trees
2) how to play with my big bouncy ball
3) how to balance on the back of the couch to look out the window
4) how to slime the windows and doors up real good with boogies
5) how to lick the dishes clean in the dishwasher
6) how to chew chewies
7) how to rip up a good toy in under 2 minutes
8) how to know the second Kim's mail truck turns onto the street

AND I think that tomorrow mommy is going to take me to Aunt Connie's to meet my new cousin Madison!! She was born a few weeks ago, and I can't wait to meet her!! Mommy says this will give me good practice! And just I am going, no Macy or Dixie! They can have a turn another day!

And now unfortunately, I have some very sad news. As you may know, beloved long time Phillies announcer Harry Kalas passed away this past Monday at the age of 73. Harry meant the world to the Phillies organization and the fans. He was a great man and will be terribly missed. I have a clip on my page of him singing to the Phillies and their fans a song we always loved to hear him sing!! Please check it out!!


The Worst Afternoon Ever!

March 26th 2009 5:52 pm
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Yesterday I had the worst afternoon I can ever remember having. I think it was pretty unpleasant for mommy too!!
The three of us went to a town called Haddonfield with mommy and grandma. Usually it is a pretty nice experience, not too crowded. Good for us dogs to walk around and there even used to be a store we could go in, but it recently closed. So mommy figured, it was a nice day, we could go, wander around and maybe get some ice cream. At first it seemed pretty quiet. Grandma had to go to her quilt store. We sat on the bench outside the store and waited for her. Then all of a sudden, all heck broke loose!!! While we were waiting, 4 cars came and went from the parking spots directly in front of us. A girl walked VERY close to me twice. Kids rode by on bikes and skateboards and scooters. Trucks and motorcycles went by on the street. It was horribly nerve wracking for a chicken like me!! I hid under the bench almost the whole time! Macy and Dixie wandered around as far as mommy would let them on their leashes, but I stayed put under the bench.
So when grandma came out of the shop, the lady who owned it came with her to say hi to us. The horrors!!! Macy and Dixie wanted to see her and say hi, but I sure didn't!! I made sure to keep my distance from her so she couldn't touch me!
So after that, we walked down, crossed the street, (I had to walk RIGHT PAST a strange man. Again, the horrors!!) and started to head up to the ice cream store. Well, then it happened. All the commotion and chaos got to be too much for me. So, well, uh, I sort of had a little accident. Ok, there was nothing little about it!! All of a sudden, my hiney just exploded in the middle of the sidewalk!!! It was the hugest, runniest, dump I think I have ever had!! But here is the worst part. I literally started pooping in the middle of walking. So at first mommy didn't even realize what I was doing. That is, til she stepped forward, right under my hiney and into the dump I had already taken, and just as some more was coming out!!! So now, the sidewalk is covered in messy poo, mommy has it on the bottom and top of her shoe, and it is all over my backside, in my fur and on my legs!!!
So mommy rushed us over to a bench where we stood with grandma while mommy tried to clean up the poo on the sidewalk. But there wasn't a whole lot she could do, since it was so runny. She got up what she could, and then grandma had to run into CVS to get some wipes for my hiney. Mommy cleaned off her shoe, and then we proceeded to head right back to the car where it was a little more quiet. Macy and Dixie got put in the car, and mommy and grandma tried to clean me off as best they could, but with little success. Well, if you are a cocker, or any other long haired breed for that matter, you know how difficult these situations can be! What I really needed was a bath. But we still had the ride home. So grandma had to drive us home while mommy held me with a blanket wrapped around my hiney. Oh, and on the way home I accidentally bumped mommy's water cup and the water poured out and filled both mommy's cup holders. Then we got home, and I had to go right into the tub. Macy and Dixie sat outside the door to the bathroom, and I just know they were laughing at me. Then later they told me they were mad at me cause we never did get that ice cream!!


With The Big Dogs!

March 15th 2009 10:51 am
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Yesterday mommy took me to the dog park! We met Connie and Scott there, with Cody and a new pup I have never met before! They call this pup Jersey, cause Scott's brother found her on the side of the Garden State Parkway! She is a rottweiler/doberman mix, and a really nice dog! But since she is a little bigger than Cody and I, we had to go to the big dog pen. We had so much fun playing with the big guys! We met a boxer, a chocolate lab, a great dane, and a greyhound. Some of the younger dogs ran and played a lot. I went between trotting around and sitting with mommy. And as you all know, I do not like strangers, so I had to be a little careful about how close I got to the other dogs mommies and daddies!!

At the end I met a cute little girl named Phoebe. She was a cocker mix, and she was 10. My mommy sure loved her, she thought she was just the cutest!

Oh, my mommy wants to say something:

If anyone is interested in adopting a dog, Jersey is available. The family who found her travels a lot and feel it's not fair to her. She seems well socialized and from what I understand she is housetrained. She has been to the vet and is healthy, estimated to be approx 1-2 years old. She is fine with kids, other dogs, and cats. If any one is interested just p-mail us and I can put you in contact with her temporary owners.

Thanks mommy! Yeah, Jersey was a real nice pup, and she got along and played with all the other dogs at the park!

Today is kind of yucky out, damp and chilly. I think I am gonna spend my day on the back of the couch, on my warm blanket snoozing and lookin out the window!


In Like A Lion For Sure!!

March 1st 2009 5:44 pm
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I am so excited! March is certainlycoming in like a lion! It is snowing here, and guess what??? We are supposed to get about a foot of snow! Everyone else is grumbling and complaining but not me! I love the snow! I love it for lots of reasons. I love to jam my head in it, run around and roll in it. But I also love it cause sometimes, if it snows enough, mommy and daddy stay home from work! Mommy's boss already called and said she didn't have to go in tomorrow morning, and depending on how bad it gets, maybe not at all! And I hope daddy's work closes too! Then we can all stay home and play in the snow all day!

It has already been snowing here for a little over 2 hours. Daddy should be home any minute. I hope we all go out and play with my ball in the snow like we did about a month ago!


How Was My Birthday??

February 12th 2009 5:58 pm
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Fantastic!! Sorry it took me so long to bark all about it, but it sure has been hard to get mommy on the computer lately!

So anyway, get this! At the stroke of midnight on my birthday, guess what I was doing??? Tearing around our backyard in 8 inches of snow!!!!!!!!!!!!! We waited for daddy to get home from work, then went out to a freshly coated yard!!! Mommy and daddy decided to join in the fun, so they put boots on and bundled up!! We ran out and found my big huge tennis ball! Mommy and daddy kicked it all around and I chased it, diving face first in the snow as much as pawsible (I LOVE snow!!). Macy and Dixie didn't last too long, they don't appreciate the snow like I do. They went in after a few minutes. But I played for a good while!

On my birthday, I got a yummy little snack atop my breakfast and supper. Mommy ran out for a bit, then came home and wrapped my pawresents! Her and daddy had to go out for dinner cause my birthday is the same as daddy's sister, so they had to go celebrate with her for a little bit. Now the plan was that when mommy and daddy got home, mommy was gonna put my apple cake in the oven, and then I could open my pawresents! But we sort of altered the plan!

When mommy and daddy got home, they found trash all over! That bad cat Sophia had dumped the trash can, so of course Macy and I had to investigate! Dixie was out of this one, cause she was in her crate. Mommy figured it was the cat cause me and Macy never dump the trash can. We will check it out if someone else dumps it, but we never do! Mommy knew her assumption was correct when she caught the cat dumping the trash again the next day.

To make a long and gross story short, mommy had cleaned out the pantry before they went to dinner, and threw out left over candy and stuff from Christmas, old bags of chips and everything. So you can imagine the feast we had, and you can also imagine the bellyaches and poos that followed in the next couple days!!! Mommy decided to wait to make my apple cake, so we had it on Sunday.

But I did get to open my pawresents on my birthday! I got an AKC toy that is a mallard duck (whick I broke in about 5 minutes) and a squeaky stuffed soccer ball! I love my toys, even though my duck has a hole in his beak now and he doesn't grunt anymore. I didn't break my soccer ball yet though! And my apple cake was dee-lish-shush!!!

A great birthday, as usual!!


The Big Game, Groundhogs, and My Birthday All In One Week!!!

February 1st 2009 6:17 pm
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I am getting all geared up for my big week!! First there is today, which is the Super Bowl!! This is a special one for us cause usually mommy and daddy go out for the Big Game, so we are home alone. But this year, mommy and daddy decided to have a quiet night at home, so we are watching the game as I bark this entry! I am laying in the big dog bed right in between mommy and daddy's chairs squeakin my football toy!

Tomorrow is ground hog day! I can't wait to see if the little fella sees his shadow! I hope he doesn't, because today we got a little taste of Spring, so I sure don't want 6 more weeks of Winter! It was in the 50's here today, which was a nice change considering the high temps have struggled to be in the 20's lately! I think today was it though, now all the weathermans are talkin about snow tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday!

Speaking of Wednesday, ta ta ta tum tum ta ta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 6th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know mommy and daddy went shoppin for me today, cause they brought a Petco bag in the house and wouldn't let me stick my nose in it! I wanted to go to the park on my birthday, but mommy said we'll have to see what goes on with the weather. She is gonna make me some yummy doggy apple treats though!

So that is my plans for my big week! I can't wait to turn 6! One more year and I will be sharing Dixie's senior chow!!


February 4th Is The Big Day

January 4th 2009 9:00 am
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Yup, it's true! One month from today is my 6th birthday!!! I can't even believe it! I started barking my list to mommy and daddy today! And the best part is that my birthday is on a Wednesday, which means mommy is off! She will be able to spend the whole day with me!

I had a pretty eventful day yesterday. While I was out visiting Kim, another mail truck drove by. Well, no one quite knows why, but I got pretty upset at this other mail truck, and I took off down the front lawn and right into the street! Luckily the mail man in that truck was slowing down to talk to Kim, so he didn't run me over, but it was a close one!! No one could believe I did that, soI got sent in the house:(

The past few days mommy and daddy have been letting me go out back without my leash on. My leg seems to be ok, so far! And yesterday mommy took me on a walk with Macy, and I did ok! We are hoping that my leg episodes are over now!



December 29th 2008 5:18 pm
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Guess what pups?? We got mail today!! A package came that said to Richter Macy and Dixie! And it was from the Czech Republic!!!! It was a Christmas letter and some de-lish-shus smelling chocolate from my bestest pal in the whole wide world Lily and her lovely family!!

The letter was so cool, it told all about what Lily's family has been up to this past year. The chocolate was for mommy and daddy but that didn't stop us from trying to get into that package!!!

Mommy just tried the chocolate and she says it is really really good!! She might eat it all up before daddy gets home from work tonight!! BOL!!

We sure are lucky to have such nice furiends, and we met most of them here on Dogster!! We got cards from our furineds Odie, and Abigail, Spencer, and Duce! We have them up on our entertainment center for all to see!! And we get so many compliments on our pals! And now we have Lily's!!

We are so glad we have dogster to meet all these great pups!


Dump Bags and Pooper Scoopers

December 28th 2008 11:59 am
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You dogs w0n't believe what mommy and daddy made us buy with our Petsmart giftcards that we got for Christmas. Dump bags and a new pooper scooper!!!! Now personally we don't think that is fair, cause they are our giftcards and we should be able to pick our own stuff, like more toys and chewies and junk food snacks!! But no, as soon as we opened them up mommy says oh good, you guys need more dump bags for you walks. Then daddy chimes in with oh yeah and your pooper scooper that we use in the back yard broke the other day, so we can get you a new one!

I guess it is true that we did get lots of new stuff for Christmas. Under our tree is full of toys and chewies, and the food cabinet is filled with boxes of treats from my best people furiend Kim! (My best doggy furiend is Lily!!). But who doesn't want to get as many toys and chewies as pawsible?!

We did have a really nice Christmas. We opened up all our presents and then went over to Aunt Kelly's house and opened more! Then we had a yummy supper! Oh but here is the funniest part!!! Hee hee! One of us dogs had some really bad gas that day. We kept lettin them rip while everyone was openin their presents!! Ha ha!!! Merry Christmas!!

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