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A Dog's Day

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Mud+bath+hairdryer+a bad game= A Poopy Day! (Get Well Soon- Brendan!)

February 17th 2007 8:39 pm
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Well today was a tragic day for this little cocker spaniel!! Macy and I got the raw end of the deal all day!! First, mommy took us for a walk, which is usually great!! Except that it snowed and iced here this past week, and not a lot of it has melted, so we got all wet and dirty. I have no problem with this bein dirty at all, and I don't understand why mommy and daddy make such a big deal out of it!! Who cares if our legs and bellys are caked in mud with a few sticks and leaves stuck here and there?? I happen to find it refreshing!! Mommy also said that we smelled like we just came out of a swamp when we got home. Now I ask you, what in the name of dog is that supposed to mean?!?!?. I am not sure what a swamp is or what one might smell like, but I get the feeling that this was mommy's way of sayin that we were stinky. How rude!!

So we get home and mommy puts us right out back and leaves us out there BY OURSELVES!!!!! Can you even believe that? She knows that I hate bein out there by myself, and that I won't even go potty if someone (and Macy doesn't count!!!!) isn't out there with me!!! So we were out there for what seemed like 15 hours, (mommy swears that it was like 15 minutes, obviously she can't tell time!) then she comes and takes Macy in, and who gets left out??? You guessed it!!!

I had a bad feelin when Macy got carried into the house, that it was goin to happen. I just knew it. And sure enough, mommy came to get me, and as soon as she picked me up I knew. I was headed to the bathtub. She got me upstairs, and daddy was already waitin for me with the water runnin and everything! They threw me in the tub, and then washed me with this milk soap or somethin. Mommy had to run out to get it on short notice. She said they had the milk bath soap, or tropical fruit soap. I guess I should be thankful for small favors, because I really don't think tropical fruit should be a soap a boy should have to use!

What happened to me after that is not a story for the weak at heart. Due to the graphic nature of my next sentence, please be advised, what you are about to hear may shock you. Ok, here goes.......They tried to actually dry me off with a (gulp!!) HAIR DRYER!!!!!!!!!!! Can you even believe that??? They try to make it sound like they are doin it for my benefit, "oh Richter, you should get a little dry because it is 15 degrees outside, and don't worry, it is on the low, cool setting!!" Get real mommy and daddy!!!!! First mommy tried it by herself. No way!!! Then daddy tried to hold me while she did it. I spazzed out so much that I knocked daddy right over!! Served him right!! No thank you!! Needless to say, this lasted about half a minute!!

When I finally wasn't too mad at mommy for the bath and the attempted hair dryer incident, I sat with her to watch my Rangers. That just made my day worse!!! Not only did they play bad, but one of our favorites, Brendan Shanahan got hurt really really bad!!!!! It was so scary, he had to get off the ice on a big board. I keep tryin to tell mommy and daddy that if they don't get rid of some of this ice in the backyard, me and Macy are gonna have to be taken in on one of those boards!! Get well soon Brendan!!!! I will be thinkin of you in my puppy prayers!!




A Frosty Valentine's Day!!

February 14th 2007 12:01 pm
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February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to all my puppy pals, and all the catster cats too! Today was the best day even without it bein Valentine's Day!! My mommy and daddy both got to stay home with us!!!!! It snowed and iced sooo bad here last night that both of them didn't have to go to work!!! Oh it was great, we stayed in bed late, had a yummy lunch!! Me and Macy got delicious frosted heart cookies, mine had blue frostin and said I RUff YOU on it. Macy's had purple frostin and said BE MINE!! Right now I am waitin for Kim our mail lady so I can say Happy Valentine's Day to her, then I think we are all gonna cuddle on the couch and watch some shows!!! We are also havin my absolute favorite for supper, MEATBALLS!!!!!! (Well, mommy and daddy are, but I am sure I will get a little nibble!)

Oh, what a happy day!!




It's My Birthday, My B-B-B Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 4th 2007 12:52 pm
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February 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!! Or as they say in technical AKC terms, Happy Whelp Day to me!!!!!!! I am 4 years old today!!! This is so exciting!!! I just opened my presents!!!!!!!!!!! I got a sqeaky Opposum, a toy cigar (I look like a very distinguished gentleman with it!!) and (the bestest one) A NEW MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see on my page, my favorite toy listed is a stuffed brown sqeaky monkey. I got him for Christmas in 2005. Now usually I tear my toys to shreds within minutes to get the evil sqeakers out, but there was just so much to love about my monkey, that I treasured and preserved him for almost a whole year!! Then one night, I got a little carried away and sqeaked him too hard, and then he didn't sqeak real good. I still carried him around, until a few weeks ago, (I guess I got a little carried away again!) when I ripped all of his stuffins out!! Then my mommy did the unspeakable... she threw him in the trash!!! Oh the sorrows!!! But didn't my daddy come to the rescue! He kept goin back to the store and checkin, and a week before my birthday he found him!!! The same exact monkey that I love!!!! I was so happy when I heard him, mommy squeaked him while he was still in the wrappin paper, and I just knew it was him!!! Oh thank you daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew, having birthdays is pretty tiresome, I am snorin away on my bed with my new toys. I brought them right up with me so Macy doesn't touch them!!!


The new 4 year old Richter!!!!


My Sore Hiney

January 30th 2007 6:08 pm
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January 30, 2007

Hello everyone. Today was a rough day. It started out like every other day, Macy woke the whole house up by howling her head off because she had to do woos and poos. Daddy took us out and fed us breakfast, while mommy got ready for work. Mommy left for work and promised to come home at lunchtime. Sure enough, mommy was home for lunch, and I started to get a little excited because usually we get a walk when mommy comes home at lunchtime. So, just as mommy was finishin what smelled to be a delightful little bite to eat, daddy went down stairs and grabbed my birdies leash!!!!! The best part?!?! He only grabbed mine, not Macy's!!!!! I thought, oh boy oh boy, this is going to be a spectacular walk, just me, daddy and mommy, no Macy today!!!!! I can stop and smell things, pee on every mailbox post/tree/small shrub/fire hydrant/sign along the way and not have to worry about Macy speedin along!!!

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Turns out, it was a horrible trick!! Daddy took me outside and told me to hop in the car! That wasn't what I had in mind, but I am always up for rides, especially in Daddy's car, it is red and fast and has horsies (Mustangs) on it! I love to stick my head out the window! Then I thought, kewl, just us manses, cruisin around!! Well the first thing that happened to me was, I had my head out the window, and all of a sudden, my toes slipped and hit the window button, and I got my head stuck!! I hate when that happens, I hope no girl doggies were lookin!! Then, we arrived at our "destination". And before I knew what was happenin, Daddy was walkin me right up to the (gulp!) vet's office!!!!

Once inside the waiting room, I did my usual dive straight under the bench that mommy and daddy sit on while we wait. I tried to become invisible, but daddy had to let the lady know I was there. He is such a traitor sometimes!! All in all, I guess it wasn't too bad. The vet was so very impressed that my ears and teeth were so clean, especially my ears. I guess some cocker spaniels get dirty ears? I could have done without the shot in my hiney though, I think it still stings!!

I also wanted to say a little word about a horsie that has been in the news a lot lately around here. Maybe some of you pups have heard of him, his name is Barbero, and he is a hero to a lot of people!! He sadly left us yesterday. RIP Barbero!!!!! We love you!!


My Song!

January 19th 2007 2:02 pm
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January 19, 2007

Hello!!!!!!!!!! Now when you visit my page you will hear the sweet sounds of a song that honors the greatest city and my favorite team!! It's up to you, New York!! Let's go Rangers!!!!!!!


Ri chter


A Disappointing Night

January 13th 2007 9:34 pm
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January 13, 2007

Hi everybody,

I had a bad night. First, the birdies lost their football game, then I went to my dogster friends to cheer up, but one of my pals lost a puppy friend in a bad accident, so that makes me very sad too!!

I do have one thing to look foward to though. We have some birthdays coming up! My daddy's birthday is a week from this very Monday, and my birthday is in 3 weeks!!! Four whole years old! I am pretty excited about it, I hope I get kewl stuff!!

RIP Stormin Normin!




Sittin On My Bed.....

January 6th 2007 12:15 pm
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January 6, 2007

Hello everyone! Today here in New Jersey, it is extremely warm for January!! I have been laying on my bed with my chin resting on the windowsill all day. The windows are open, and the sunshine and fresh air feel and smell so good!! I am also waitin for my grandma to come over, because then me, her, mommy and Macy are going to go for a walk!! I can't wait!! Our mommy had a really bad fall last weekend, and she got lots of stitches and had to go to the doctors a lot this week so we haven't been on a walk since Tuesday when daddy took us!! Thats ok though, mommy is feeling much better! Well, better get back to watchin out the window for grandma!! Oh, and Go Birdies for tomorrow!!!!




Holy Christmas!!!

December 27th 2006 2:25 pm
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December 27, 2006

Oh my goodness, we have been so busy the past week I still have not recovered!! Last Friday night, mommy and daddy had all these people over our house. I don't know why they insist on doing this since they know that I hate strangers, but they said I was a very good boy!! Daddy put my new birdies leash (Eagles) on and I either sat with him or with mom-mom and poppy. Finally, mommy came and took off my leash and said lets see if you can be good. I guess I did a good job because my leash didn't go back on!

The next day me and Macy went with mommy and Aunt Connie to their grandmas house. That is always an exciting day because there are lots of little kids and other doggies to play with! Me and Macy really like goin there because we get tons of treats!! Then that night Aunt Brooke came over for awhile and brought us presents from Kuzco!!!! He gave is these really kewl candy cane chewies, and a box that I am still not quite sure what it is, but mommy says we are gonna play it outside one day when it is warm out! I think it has something to do with makin paw prints or somethin, which is kewl, I am always up for a mess!

As all good pups know, Sunday was Christmas Eve!!!! Me and Macy tried to rest as much as we could to be ready for Santa!! And gosh darn it, he snuck right in here under our noses and left us all kinds of toys and treats!! I didn't know which chewie to chew first!!! I also can't wait to rip apart all of mine and Macy's new toys to get the squeakers out! Macy thinks you are supposed to love and take care of your "babies" as she calls them, but I know the truth... they are all evil until their noise makin things are torn out!!! Macy got this one really evil one, it is a bug and it actually makes a bug noise instead of just a sqeak. Well bide your time you purple nightmare, you don't have much longer.........



Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!!

December 6th 2006 9:39 am
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December 6, 2006

Yeeeeeeeeesth!! This past Sunday was a great day!! We got to go for a great big walk and then we drove to the fire station and picked out our Christmas tree!!! I love havin a tree in the house!! When we got it home, we took it in the house right away. My daddy got it up in the stand pretty quick. He is real good at stuff like that!! Then all the boxes came down out of the attic, and the real fun begins!! While mommy and daddy played with lights, I grabbed a stuffed reindeer that I have had my eye on for sometime now, and finally ripped it to pieces!! Whew, that thing needed to go!! Pretty soon we are gonna go get the big huge tree to go in our room with the real high ceiling!! I can't wait for that one!!

I also can't wait until mommy gets home from work today! We are gonna put stamps on our Christmas cards and walk to the mailbox!!!!!!! Me and Macy are featured on our cards! Last year was the first year mommy did that, and it was a huge hit with everyone!! It was like we were famous or somethin!




Gettin A Bath

November 20th 2006 10:50 am
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November 20, 2006

I have to rest up today, because tomorrow mommy is dropping me and Macy off to Mary's house!! Mary is this super nice lady who gives us baths and haircuts!! I was a little shy at Mary's when we first started going there, but now I love it! Mary is one of mommy's patients at her work, and the last time she was in she told mommy that she really likes me a lot, because I am such a special boy!! We are gonna get all sqeaky clean to go to grandmas for scrumptious TURKEY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to go to grandmas because our aunt Connie has a white bunny rabbit that I luv!! I think he is so great!! She also has a big fat orange cat named Oliver, who isn't very nice to me and Macy, or anybody for that matter, but we still try to be his friend anyway!!



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