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A Dog's Day

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Snow Flakes On Easter???

April 7th 2007 3:35 pm
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Well pups, here it is, the day before Easter, and as I lay on my bed gazing out my window, I see SNOW????? I can't even believe it!! Snow is supposed to be over now, the Easter Bunny needs to get around tonight!! Maybe he can borrow Santa's sleigh if the snow gets to be too much!!

I was so so excited yesterday, because mommy brought me home one of those big humungus tennis balls that I love!!! I tried to play with it inside, ran over Sirius with it, and crashed it into to table before Daddy took me and it outside to play. I got a little mad at daddy because he told me that my ball has to stay outside. But at least now I have something to do out there while Macy plays the fetchin game with her regular sized tennis balls.

I also wanted to report that I am feeling much better from my
al-er-geez. It was rough goin for a couple of days when mommy and daddy were druggin me with those little pink pills, but now I am done takin them and I feel much better!!

Well, got to go finish gettin ready for tomorrow!! We are having everyone over for Easter breakfast!!! I sure hope Nikki comes, I am makin her an Easter basket!!



I Become Well Traveled, And Then I Get Allergies!!

April 2nd 2007 9:08 pm
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Hi to all pups!!

First of all, I want to say that we are writing my entry with heavy puppy hearts tonight, as we just learned that our good friend Jennifer crossed the bridge the other day. We sure are gonna miss her!! Rest in peace Jennifer!!!

I had one of the busiest weekends of my dog-gone life!!!!! Me and mommy left Friday afternoon to go visit Aunt Brooke and Kuzco in Connecticut!!! What an adventure!!! We went in a strange car, mommy and daddy said it was wren-tid or somethin. It was kind of like mommy's little truck. I had plenty of room to stretch out!!! It was a pretty long ride!!! We drove for awhile, and then stopped at a ressstoop. I was allowed to get out and do some woos and poos!! Once we got back on the road, we got to New York in a few minutes!! This was very exciting, because now I can say that I have been to the state that my Rangers are from!!! Then we went over this really cool bridge, and not too long after, we were in CT!!!

I was a little shy and nervous when Kuzco's daddy was around, because I have never met him before!!! I don't really like manses unless I know them really well. Me and Kuzco shared each others suppers!!! The next day was so busy!!! We went to a doggy park!! That was kewl!! There were lots of doggies to sniff and play with!! After that we went shopping in a little town! We went to Starbucks, and me and Kuzco got some water. Then we went to this yummy smellin place called The Three Dog Bakery. We bought Macy a stuffed toy that looks like a Chocolate covered strawberry, and lots of gourmet treats!! Then we went to another store for doggies and kitties!! I picked out a blue stretchy snake, and mommy bought this really cool picture for cocker spaniels!! After all our shoppin we were so tired, that we went home!!!

I guess me and Macy are some lucky pups, because we are allowed on the couch. Kuzco isn't allowed on his mommy and daddy's couch, so therefore neither was I. When mommy, Aunt Brooke, and Kuzco's daddy went out for dinner, they gated me in the kitchen. Well, lets just say that when they got home, my little head was in the window!! I hopped my gates and sat in the window anyway!!!

Sunday we left in the afternoon. When we got home, we had our reunion with daddy and Macy!! We gave them their presents, and had some snacks from the dog bakery!! Later on, mommy and daddy noticed that I was pawin at my face, and rubbin it on the floor and the side of the couch. They thought maybe I was just actin a little weird since I was out of my routine. Then this morning I woke up and I could barely open my eyes, they were almost swollen shut!!! Mommy called the vet right away, and daddy took me over. The vet said I was havin an alerjic re-ax-yion or somethin. The doctor said that it could be from the en-vi-yur-ment, or I could have gotten bit by a bug. Later, mommy thought maybe I was havin the re-ax-yion to my new treats from the bakery. She called the vet, and they said that it was a possibility, and now I can't have any more of my bakery treats!!!! (Frownie doggy face).

Well, I am gonna go back to my bed, I am so so so tired because mommy and daddy have to give me Benadryl!!!!


Oh I almost forgot!! I met the coolest little guy at Aunt Brookes!!! He is a little brown guinea pig named Elliot!! I just loved him!!! I will post some pics of us!!


A Walk With Pink Wiggles

March 29th 2007 9:29 am
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Guess what guys?? I wrote an entry about pink wiggles and then she came over yesterday!!! It was a really nice day, so me, grandma, mommy, Macy, aunt Connie and pink wiggles all went for a walk. Pink wiggles had bare toes and she kept stickin them up in the air, I guess the warm air felt good on them!! I walked right next to her little ridin thing, and kept lickin her toes when I got a chance. It was so so fun!!!
When we got home, pink wiggles showed us how she can crawl, and pull herself up on things!!!! She really liked the kitties, especially Jada, but Jada sure didn't like her!!! She puffed up and ran away when pink wiggles tried to go near her!! I thought this crawlin thing was so so fun!!!! I hopped all around her, and licked and licked her!!! Then aunt Connie fed her this yummy smellin stuff, and me and Macy had a little lick when she was all done!! I love pink wigglys!!



I Want A Pink Wiggly

March 27th 2007 4:25 pm
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I keep hearin some doggies on Dogster talk about their human brothers and sisters, or furless brothers and sisters. At first I thought that meant that they had some of those doggies or kitties with no fur!! The stories sound so wonderful, these furless brothers and sisters play with their doggies, and share snacks with their doggies. Then I started noticin pictures of these brothers and sisters, and they look just like little versions of mommies and daddies!! So finally I asked mommy and daddy what exactly are these furless creatures??

They told me that they first start out as babies, and as they grow up they are called children or kids, and then they become grown-ups like mommy and daddy!! Then I remembered our cousin Bailey!!! He is just like a furless brother only he is my cousin!! Then I remembered this absolutlely wonderful thing that our aunt Connie brought over one time. I called her "Pink Wiggly or Pink Wiggles"
because she was small, pink, and wiggled around a whole lot!!! Her name is Adrianna, and she is Connie's friends Pink Wiggly, or baby. I just thought she was the greatest thing ever!!!!!!! I followed her everywhere the humans carried her, and as soon as they put her down, I just tried to lick her and lick her!!!!! I didn't leave her alone for the whole time she was at my house!!!!!!!!

So then of course I wanted to know where my furless brothers and sisters are, and how come I don't have a pink wiggles. They said that you have to be really really ready to have a pink wiggles, and mommy and daddy aren't sure that they are yet, especially with daddy havin to have his operation. Well doesn't it count that I am really really ready?!?!?!?!?! Jeez, who said it was up to them anyway????? I said hurry up mommy and daddy, get to work on makin me a pink wiggly, it can't be that hard!!!! I sure hope they are ready soon!!! Maybe tomorrow, or next week???



Nikki's Birthday Party

March 26th 2007 8:01 pm
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Yesterday we went to mom-moms for Nikki's birthday party. She is 5 years old now. Wow 5 years old. I am only 4 years old, I can't imagine what it is like to be 5!!!

It was a pretty nice day, so we got to take a walk. Me, Macy, Nikki, daddy, mommy, Uncle Chris (Nikki's daddy) and our human cousin Bailey. We walked to the lake in mom-moms seenyor neighborhood. It even had a little waterfall. Now I really like mom-mom and poppy's seenyor neighborhood for the following reasons:

1) No kids. Kids I know are kewl. Kids that are loud and that I don't know are not.

2) Not too many bikes/skateboards. I hate bikes and skateboards. They make me mad and nervous. I want to chase them.

3) Most of the people in there are like grandmas and grandpas. They don't move too fast or talk to loud.

So I had a good time on my walk. After that, daddy and Bailey were playin catch out front. Macy was allowed out front with no leash to play because she won't run away. I won't run away either, but I will chase bunnies, and there are a lot of them at mom-moms. Me and Nikki watched from the window. Then we had dinner. Yummy yummy meatballs!!! Then Uncle Chris gave us all a prize!!! I got a camoflauge stuffed bone, and Macy got a fancy animal print one!!!! Nikki got a black and white one cause she is black and white!! Then came the birthday cake!!! All 3 of us pups got to have a little tiny slice!! What a delicious day!!!



Bad Mommy and Daddy

March 22nd 2007 9:52 am
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Hi pups,

You won't believe the unfair things that happened here yesterday. On Tuesday mommy and daddy both realized that they were gonna get done work early on Wednesday (yesterday). They were talking about it and were like, oh maybe we can all take a big long walk together that afternoon!!! Me and Macy overheard this and were so so excited!!!! Mommy and daddy both home early and a great big walk!!! How fantastic!!

Well it was all downhill from there. Mommy got this bright idea to try to get tickets for the Rangers/Flyers game that took place last night in New York. Me and Macy just laughed and thought, silly mommy, you will never ever find tickets this late for that game. Well joke was on us. Mommy found her and daddy awesome seats, and as quick as that, me and Macy were chopped liver!!! No fair I tell you!!!

Then they didn't even come home all day!! Our Uncle Chris came and fed us dinner and then grandma came and let us out to potty later! New York is about 1-11/2 hour drive, so they just flat out abandoned us all day!! Poo on them!!

I will admit that I was a happy pup when they got home, and mommy was all excited! That means my Rangers won!!!! Daddy was all sad because the Flyers are his team. Their seats were so close, that mommy managed to get a picture of my team after they won, saluting the crowd!! I have posted it for any hockey fans out there who might want to see!!! Enjoy!! Let's Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!
6th seed is just a win away!!!!



An Opossum In My Yard

March 13th 2007 8:04 pm
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You guys are not going to believe this!!!!!!!!! Tonight mommy went out with her friend Heather to get some coffee. I was doin my usual, sittin on the couch, propped up on some pillows (which by the way, daddy just freshly stuffed last week!!) keepin watch on the house, when out of the corner of my eyeball, I saw it. A real live opossum!!!! He was sniffin all around on our grass, I guess lookin for some food or somthin. He was so cool, I tried to bang my foot on the window to get his attention, but I think I scared him. Then mommy pulled in the driveway, and the lights on her car scared him off. He looked just like the opossum I got for my brithday!!! Well, not exactly like him, because my toy possum has a chewed off tail. I sure hope that the real possum doesn't have a chewed off tail. Unless of course he did it himself because he wanted it chewed off? I don't know why one would want that, but who knows with these wild creatures?

Well I have to go now, because Jada is rudely pawin and bumpin mommy's arm while she is tryin to help me write this entry. I think she wants food, although she has had it down for an hour and had no interest in eatin it until mommy picked it up!!!! Sheesh! Kitties!!



Hit Me Up! & A Rolled Up Paper For The Rangers!

March 3rd 2007 2:23 pm
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Here is my new favorite song!! It is called Hit Me Up! I heard it on a commercial for a Penguin movie, and when I did I hopped off the couch and started sqeakin my monkey, really really fast, like I was keepin up with the song!! Mommy thought this was so so funny! Mommy is also hopin that the name of the song doesn't mean anything dirty, because we wouldn't want that! But we figured it was safe since it was on the penguins. Phew, its hard to keep up with what is clean these days!!

Today was a nice day. Macy and I were lucky enough to get in a walk with mommy and daddy, since we went on the inbetween time when mommy got home from work and daddy left for work!! I saw a squirrel eatin a seed, and I tried to get close enough to talk t0 him but he ran off. We did get home in time to watch my Rangers. Things were lookin pretty bad, but all of a sudden, with like 8 minutes left in the game, they scored 2 goals and tied it up!!! Yipee!! See the Rangers have been really bad, their coach should give them a spankin with a paper or somethin, because they keep losin real important games. At this rate, they won't make the playoffs!!! But today was good and very excitin. They tied the game, took it to the shoot-out (for those not familiar with the game, the shoot-out is when a player goes one-on-one with the goalie and tries to score) and won!!!!!!!! Yay!! There is a little hope!! Maybe the coach has a paper in his pocket and just pulls it out for warnings like mommy and daddy used to do with us!

Here is the latest on my daddy's heart. The doctors said to get his operation soon, so him and mommy think probably in July. He has some more tests to do between now and then, so I will keep you pups posted!! Thanks for all your prayers!!!



A Puppy Prayer For My Daddy

February 27th 2007 8:13 pm
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Hi Pups,

Me and Macy just wanted to let you guys know what is going on with my daddy.
He has somethin called Mitral Valve Prolapse. That means that one of those little flappy valves in his heart doesn't work right. Mommy says that a lot of people have this, and it usually never gives them trouble. However, my daddy has a bad case, and is most likely gonna hafta have his poor heart operated on in the next 6 months. Him and mommy spent all day at a big hospital in Philadelphia yesterday. By the way, for all us pets: the hospital is pretty much the same thing as the Emergencee Vets. They saw a heart doctor and a heart operatin doctor, and did another test on daddy's heart. We are hopin to hear for sure tomorrow after all daddy's doctors have looked at his heart test whether or not his operation has to be soon. But mommy did say that the heart operatin doctor said probably in the next 6 months. The operation is kinda scarey because my daddy will have to be on a machine to breath for him and stuff while they fix his heart. But mommy told us not to worry, that her and daddy really liked all daddy's doctors, and that they are the best around, and that these doctors fix people's hearts all the time! So we are tryin not to worry!! We did tell daddy that if he didn't like his doctors he could always try ours at the Animal Hospital!!!

This will be a real sad time, because our daddy will have to stay at the hospital for a whole week!!!!! Daddy has been gone for a week before when he is workin, and we don't like it!! But there is one good part!! After daddy gets better enough to come home, he gets to stay home with us for 2-3 weeks!!!! He isn't even allowed to drive his car or nothin, so he has to be home with us!! We know its not the best reason, but we sure will love having daddy home with us!!! We will take real good care of him!!!

So if all you puppies could just put in a quick little puppy prayer for our daddy, we are sure it will help!!!!

Thanks A Lot Friends!!
Love, Licks, and Chewies!
Richter and Macy


Chinese Noodles

February 20th 2007 8:09 pm
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You guys will not believe what happened to us yesterday!!! It was the luckiest of lucky times!! Mommy brought home Chinese food for her dinner last night. She did the usual, come home, give Sophia her pill, take us to potty, feed Sophia downstairs, feed Sirius and Jada upstairs, get changed, feed us in the kitchen. After all that important stuff is done, then mommy will usually eat her supper. So we went downstairs to watch the Hockey channels, while mommy ate. She had some yummy smellin stuff. It smelled like chickies and trees, (you know, those gross little green things that look like little trees, that mommy tries to trick us and daddy into eating sometimes!). She also had one of mine and Macy's absolute favorites... Chinese Noodles!!! Oh I just love those crunchy little delicious things!! All mommy has to do is say "you guys want some Chinese Noodle?" and we know just what she means!!!
Well tonight was just like any other time we have this supper, mommy let us each have a noodle, and then she took her little table upstairs to clean it off. Well as our luck would have it (it doesn't hurt to have a clumsey mommy!) when she went to set down the table, the leg went out from underneath, and all the left-over Chinese fell all over the floor!! Oh it was truly Heaven, I thought for a minute that I was dreamin!!! And you know what?? Even with all that rice and chickens and trees on the floor, me and Macy looked at mommy to see if it was alright to go over and eat it!! Mommy said she was so proud of us for bein so good, that she let us help clean up!! We had a little rice, a little chickens, and Macy accidently had a tree, which she proceeded to spit out right away!! What a lucky night!! Yum!



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