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A Dog's Day

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Nurses Duty Has Begun

July 17th 2007 4:21 am
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Just wanted to let everybody know that our daddy is home and on the mend! Mommy brought him home yesterday! I was so happy to see him, I ran right up to him and stuck my hiney at him so he could scratch it! Daddy gives the best hiney scratchens!!!! Then we had lunch and daddy shared his chicken with me! Yummy!!!

Then it was time to begin my nurses duty. We had to unpack all of daddy's stuff and help him get a bath. Then we helped him get dressed and put him in bed for nap! Good thing, I needed a nap too! Then mommy gave us the very important job of watching daddy while she went to the farm-a-see. Daddy has to take some medicines for a few weeks.

Mommy says that we did a great job takin care of our daddy!! Well, better go rest up for when he wakes up!!!


OH, PS- We gave daddy a picture book while he was in the hospital. Yesterday when all the dok-turs and nurses came in to say good-bye to daddy they were all lookin at it, and they thought I was just the handsomest boy!! (blush, blush).


Daddy Needs Walkies???

July 15th 2007 6:35 am
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Well I learned a juicy little piece of info last night!!! I heard mommy on the talkie thing tellin someone that she has to walk daddy around his floor in the hospital. Can you even believe it, now our daddy needs walkies too!?! I am going to try to get mommy to get out and buy him a brand new leash and collar so that we can all go as soon as he gets home!!!!! I sure do hope that daddy has nice leash manners, because mommy will probably have her hands full with all 3 of us!!!

All the dokturs are sayin that daddy should be able to come home tomorrow!!! Hooray!! We sure do miss him!!!



"Surj-erry" A Success!!!!

July 11th 2007 8:31 pm
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Hi to everyone!!

This is Richter, Macy, Sirius, Sophia and Jada's mommy here to give a short update on their daddy!! His surgery went very well!! The valve was repaired and appears to be working fine! He was placed into ICU at 2:00 this afternoon after the surgery, and was awake and responding to the staff by 3:15. When I left at 8:30pm, he was off the respirator, coherent, and able to speak. Vitals were all stable. As long as everything goes as planned, he will be moved from ICU to a regular room by tomorrow afternoon. They are currently estimating him to go home Sunday or Monday.

Thanks to all for the support, it means so much to us!!!! We are so grateful for all your prayers and I will let the babies take over their diaries again to keep you updated!!!!

Thank you again!!

Stephanie and the crew!


Surj-erry (surgery) Time

July 9th 2007 6:39 pm
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Well pups and kitties, we are on the official countdown now until our daddy's surj-erry. It is Monday evening, and at 5:00 am on Wednesday morning our mommy and daddy will be leavin for the hospital. This is our last entry before the op-ur-a-shion, so we all just wanted to send out a GREAT BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all of our wonderful pals here!!!!!! You support for us and our family has meant so much to us!!! We will be sure to forward all the love from you guys to our daddy and we just know that it will help him get better faster than ever!!!!!!

Just to lighten the mood and try to have a little fun, (daddy thinks its pretty funny when we spell stuff!!) we are goin to give you our list and mommy's list of surj-erry words and definitions so no one gets confused (by mommy, not us of course!!).


Surj-erry and/or op-ur-a-shion-*Surgery or operation

Uni-ver-city of Pens-sil-vana- *University of Pennsylvania, where our daddy's operation will be.

Hart- *Heart- what our daddy is having surj-erry on!

My-tril- valfe-pro-lapse- *Mitral Valve Prolapse- what our daddy has!

Diz-eeze- *Disease

Cat-the-dur- *Catheter- a test to see if daddy had hart diz-eeze! (which he doesn't!!)

Dok-ter- *Doctor- Vets for people

Card-e-oll-o-just- *Cardiologist- daddy's hart dokter

Luv- *Love- what we are sendin to our daddy for a speedy recovery!!!!

Thanks for polishin up on our surj-erry words!!! Mommy says that either Wednesday night or Thursday mornin she will post an entry for us to let everyone know how daddy made out!

Thanks again for all the rosettes, stars, and p-mails of love and support!!! It means so much to us!!!!

The Hustons,
Patrick, Stephanie, Richter, Macy, Sirius, Sophia, and Jada


Slidin Down The Slidin Board!

July 4th 2007 6:42 pm
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Hey guys!!!!!

Be sure to check out my new video!!! It is of me playin with my cousin Bailey today!!!!!!! It was actually a little too chilly to go swimmin, but we played on Bailey's jungle gym instead!!!! I love jungle gyms!! Bark to me and let me know what you think!



Happy Independence Day Everypup!!!!!

July 4th 2007 7:23 am
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Well pups, we got our first test of takin care of daddy yesterday!! On Monday he went for his pre-operation stuff! Everything went ok, but his card-e-ol-i-just didn't like that daddy was scheduled to have his cat-the-dur done the day before surgery, he wanted it done this week!!! So after a lot of scrambling around to change work schedules, he had it done yesterday!!! Mommy and daddy were gone for a really long time, we were startin to get nervous!!! But then they came home, and we had to be real careful with daddy, no jumpin or climbin on him!! But he did really really good, they said this test came back fine!!

There is one good thing, now instead of daddy having to go into the hospital the day before his surgery, he is gonna go in the morning of! So we can spend the whole night before playing with him and giving him cocker love!!!!

Well, got to go get ready for our BBQ at Bailey's house today!! The original plan was to go swimmin, but it is pretty chilly out today, so we might hafta wait on that!!!

Happy BBQ's to everyone!!!



Yeeeesth Cocker Spaniels!

June 25th 2007 6:13 pm
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Cocker Spaniels are the Featured doggy this week on Dogster!! How cool!! Love for us wiggle butts!!!



A Daddy Update!

June 22nd 2007 11:03 am
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We just wanted to update everyone on our daddy. For any cat or dog that doesn't know, our daddy has to have one of his heart valves fixed with an operation. His surgery is very close now, and him and mommy are runnin all over to get stuff done before he goes in. Here is what we know so far.....

This Thursday he has to go donate blood to himself for the operation. (Sounds icky doesn't it?)

On July 2nd daddy and mommy are going to the hospital for all the pre-admission stuff.

Daddy goes into the hospital on July 10th, and his operation is on July 11th.

Mommy says that she thinks that when they go on July 2nd we will get more details. For now we are being big helpers with stuff around the house!!! We have a couple of fun things planned to do with daddy before he goes into the hospital!! And for daddy's day we bought him lots of books to read and stuff like that to do during his stay!! We are already taking good care of him!

We'll give another update when we know more stuff!!!!!!!
Thanks for all the prayers that you guys are barking or purring for us!!! It is so nice to have such great friends like the ones we have here on Catster and Dogster!!!

Richter, Macy, Sirius, Sophia, and Jada


Woe Is Me

June 16th 2007 8:55 am
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Hi pups,

My super fun day from yesterday turned into a not so super fun day today. I spent this morning in the vets office, and I may have to go back to get a Lymes test! This is what happened!

Yesterday a big huge dump truck came and dumped a huge pile of this black stuff called mulch into our driveway. I wanted to jump into it, but I wasn't allowed! Anywho, we spent the whole afternoon spreadin mulch all over. We got some visitors too!! Our Aunt Connie stopped by, then our Aunt Kelly and cousin Bailey!! We were all out front and Me, Macy and Bailey were playin, and all of a sudden our neighbor dog Ollie came out to play too!!! He is a Yorkie-poo. He kept gettin out of his leash though, so we all went into our backyard to play!! Me and Ollie ran round and round and round the yard and rolled each other over a couple times. It was so so so fun!!!!!!!! We played for awhile, and then we had to go in for supper.

Today when I woke up, my leg hurted really bad. When I tried to walk on it, it hurt so I was limpin. Mommy noticed right away!! She checked my feet to make sure I didn't have a sticker stuck in them or anything. When she didn't find any, she called the vet and they said bring him over right away! So off we went. The vet that we like to see was there today!! She is really nice, her name is Dr. Bohn. She checked out my feet and moved my leg around. It seemed to be a sprain. But there was one little problem. I have a fever. It is only a slight one, and Dr. Bohn said that it might just be cause I was stressed (and boy was I stressed!). But mommy and daddy have to monitor it for a few days and if it doesn't go away, I have to have a (GULP!) lymes test done.

Luckily, the vet doesn't think that I have that, I use Frontline Plus and everything, but you just never know! I sure hope my fever goes away and I don't have to go have a needle stuck in me!! For some reason mommy doesn't seem too excited about takin my temperature, and to be honest, I am not sure if I am excited about lettin her do it!! Things should be interesting around here for the next few days!!!!

Well I'll keep you posted!!


Glorious Day, I Now Have Videos!!!!

June 10th 2007 8:24 pm
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Oh glorious days are upon us, for my mommy has FINALLY figured out how to get a video on my page!!! We got the tip from my friend Jelly. See we were trying to figure out how to get videos from our video camera. Jelly told us that her mommy uses her camera to take them, so we tried that tonight and it worked!!!!! Usin the camera was much easier than tryin to figure out the camcorder!!

I got a little nerous for my video debut and I had a little manners issue!!!!! At first we weren't gonna put it on, but it is pretty darn funny so we decided to let you guys see! I have a nice video of me playin with my new piggy after the rude one!!

Hope you guys like my videos!!!


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