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A Dog's Day

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A Birthday Duet

September 7th 2007 8:55 pm
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Yesterday was my mom-moms birthday. We had a party over our house tonight! It was a BBQ! Yum! I had tons of little snackies, like a bite of hotdog, a bite of BD cake, and a slurp of somethin called a mud slide. Oh was that good!! I am not sure exactly what it was, it didn't taste like mud to me, it was much better!!

Anyways, when mom-mom was openin her presents me and Macy sang and squeaked her a birthday duet!! I laid on the wrapping paper at her feet and squeaked my piggy, and ever few seconds, Macy would let out a little sing-song howl!!! Everyone thought this was so so so funny, we did it almost the whole time she opened presents!!

Now here is the truth of the matter........ Come in close for this one pups, distract your peoples from the screen for this part.........I was just squeakin piggy because it is one of my favorite things to do, and Macy was letting out her little howls because she wanted to play with her ball and no one was paying any attention to her. But we will let the persons think we were doin it on purpose!!

By the way, daddy is feelin much better!! He went to the heart dok-tur today and they said pretty much the same thing they told him at the hospital. He has to take his medicine for like a month though, just to make sure it doesn't happen again!



Good News, Sort Of....

September 3rd 2007 6:12 pm
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Well, the good news is that daddy came home yesterday. The sort of part is that he is still feeling pretty bad! Unfortunatley, there is not a whole lot to do for his condition except for him to keep taking Motrins. There was not enough fluid around his heart to warrant them draining it off. Daddy feels ok when he takes his medicine, but as soon as it starts to wear off, his fever spikes again and he gets pain in his chest. He was pretty bad yesterday when he got home, mommy was scared she was goin to have to take him back again, but luckily he is better today. At least we get him home with us again for a few more days!!!
Thanks to all our grrreat dogster and catster pals for your wishes for daddy!! I just know they are helping, it makes him so happy to see them!! We'll keep you posted, he has to go see his heart dok-tur this week!


Bad News

September 1st 2007 8:37 pm
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Hi pups,

I have some bad news. My daddy is back in the hospital where he had his surj-erry. Yup, mommy had to rush him there last night around 10:30. And it all happened all of a sudden!!
Daddy started not feeling well on Wednesday. He felt sore in his chest and like he was coming down with the flu. He had started back to work full time last week and did some work around the house on Monday, so at first we just figured he had over done it. He took some Tie-len-ols and said he felt better. Then Thursday he still didn't feel good, so we called his heart dok-tur. He said that that was probably what happened and for daddy to keep taking the Tie-len-ol, but if it got any worse to call him right back. Friday, mommy and daddy went out to run errands and came home around 6pm. Daddy said he was feeling tired and laid down. Then he told mommy he was hungry and wanted some pizza, so mommy went to pick one up. When she got home, daddy was really hot, sweaty, and had severe pains in his chest!!!!! Mommy told him pack a bag, and she ran us out to potty, ran us in, put Dixie in her crate and they ran out the door!!!!
About an hour later grandma came to stay the night with us! My siblings will tell you about that fun ad-ven-chur, my job is to report on daddy!!
Mommy came home around 4:00 am and sadly, no daddy. :( He had to be admitted to the hospital again. Mommy will now assist me with the big words!!
Daddy has what is called Pericarditis. It is inflammation of the Pericardium, which is a thin membrane that surrounds the heart. When they did daddy's surj-erry, they had to puncture the Pericardium, and unfortunatly, that can cause inflammation and excess fluid to build up inbetween the heart and the membrane. It is very painful, because the heart has to pump really hard against the resistance of the extra fluid!! When daddy got to the hospital, he had severe chest pain and a fever of 102.8 degrees F, and his heart rate was extremely high! Boy did we ever have a good scare!
Luckily, daddy is responding very well to the medicines that he has, and is no longer running a fever. The dok-tur says that as long as daddy is still doing this good tomorrow he will probably be able to come home!!! We sure hope so, we were so worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now we are concentrating on being really good and understanding while mommy has to be at the hospital for a long time! Grandma is taking great care of us again, thank goodness!
I'll bark to you as soon as daddy gets home!!!


Too Many Chicks!

August 27th 2007 6:28 pm
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I hate when I make my mommy mad. But I did tonight. Sometimes I get a little carried away when people go past our house. I like to bark and run from window to window and carry on. Which wouldn't be too bad, but when I get really crazy I bounce off the FURniture and bang the windows with my feet. Mommy HATES when I do this. We have worked on it a lot and I am doing much better, but every once in awhile I have a relapse and can't control myself.

Tonight I had a relapse. I got crazy about an unknown object out front. The problem started when I knocked over a table containing a lamp and a glass of water. There was a crash and splash, and Macy and Dixie ran away from the scene and all 3 cats puffed up like blowfish and fled the scene too. Oh was mommy mad!!! I am keeping a low profile for now!! Especially since I overheard daddy mumbling something about "ladies days" yesterday. Yikes!!

We are seriously way too overrun with chicks in this house!!!! Mommy, Macy, Sophia, Jada and now Dixie!! Us manses need a vacation, where we can do burpees and barnies and scratch all over, sleep late, eat lots of junk and play on daddy's Playstation 3. Just me, daddy and Sirius! Any ideas on how to get rid of the girls for a night or 2??



It's Been Awhile!

August 20th 2007 9:58 am
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Hey pups!

Wow, we have been so busy with everything with Dixie that I haven't updated in a few weeks!

As everyone probably knows by now, I do have a new sister named Dixie. She is an old lady cocker that my mommy and daddy took in. She never really had a home from what we know. She is doin ok and fittin in ok, but she was bad this morning. She dumped the trash can and threw trash all over the living room and kitchen. I tried to tell her not to do it, but she wouldn't listen and sure enough she got in trouble when daddy found the mess!

This past weekend mommy and daddy left us all for a night and went to the beach. Mommom stayed with us and took care of us. I tried to tell her that we all got 10 snacks before bedtime, but she didn't believe me! Oh well, was worth a shot!

Tomorrow me, Macy and Dixie all have appointments with Mary, our groomer. Me and Macy need a cut bad, we haven't gone since before daddy's surj-erry. Who knows the last time Dixie was groomed!? She looks like she was shaved last time, so she really is just getting a good bath and she has some matts between her pads that Mary has to cut out, and she also has to have the inside of her ears shaved bald because she has ear infections.

Well guess it's back to lookin out the window for me today. It is a crummy day out, rainy and chilly, so no walks today. I will keep on the lookout for Kim to bring the mail, that is always a highlight of the day!!!



The Mad Quest For Dixie

August 8th 2007 2:59 am
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Everyone says that my mommy is crazy. Mommy says that no one will understand except our good friends on Dogster!!!! We have begun a mad quest for Dixie. If you don't know what I am barkin about, read my last entry!!! Here is where the story continues.

Mommy thought about poor Dixie all weekend. On Monday she left a note in our mailbox for Kim, that if possible, she wanted to try to get me and Macy to meet with Dixie again, just to give it one more try. Mommy said she just couldn't forgive herself if we didn't at least try again. Well, Kim called mommy later, all upset, saying that when she went to tell Dixie's owner that we wanted to try again, her owner had just sent her friend to take Dixie to the shelter. Oh, my mommy was so so so so upset the whole night on Monday. So then "yesterday, after work, mommy went to the shelter where Kim said that they took Dixie. She looked at all the poor doggies, but no Dixie!!! She then asked the girl at the desk about her and the girl said that no one had dropped off a cocker spaniel recently, but that mommy could try the shelter that was just around the corner. So mommy ran in to the Animal Orphanage (where we got Jada!) and the lady at the desk said "Can I help you?" and mommy told her what she was lookin for, and the lady said, "Dixie?" and mommy said yes!!!! The lady took mommy to her, and mommy said it would break your heart to see her, laying on her belly, with her chin on the floor, facing the back wall of her cell. The lady took Dixie out of her cell, and brought her to a big pen outside with mommy. Mommy said that the first thing Dixie did was go potty, so there is hope that at least she has some potty training. Then she just snuggled next to mommy.

The lady at the orphanage told mommy that she had called another family to come look at Dixie, this family does not have other doggies, but has been screened and are looking for a small lovey dog, and Dixie is just that!!! She told mommy to fill out a paper on her anyway, just in case!!!! While mommy was filling out an application, the other family came to see Dixie. The lady said that technically they were first so we had to see what they wanted to do, but if they decide they don't want her, (they would be crazy!!) then me and Macy have a meet and greet this afternoon with Dixie!!!! And if all that checks out along with our vet check, then Dixie will come home with us!!!

At this point mommy says that all she cares about is that Dixie gets a good home like she deserves, whether it be with us or with the other family. Mommy says that the other family looks real nice, so there is a good chance for a happy ending!!!

Like I said in the begining, everyone says that mommy is crazy, "why do you want another dog, it is going to cost so much money", blah blah blah blah. I am very proud of my mommy, and I think that we need more people in this world like her and all the great mommies and daddies on Dogster!!!!

We'll keep you posted!!!


I Almost Had A New Sister

August 4th 2007 8:42 pm
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We had an exciting afternoon here at our house! Mommy was about to get into her car to go to Petsmart to buy me a new collar and our mail lady (who we LOVE!!!) Kim, was doing her route. Well she saw mommy and asked her if she knew anyone who wanted a cocker spaniel. She said that there is an older lady on her route that just got one from a rescue. The thing is that this lady isn't in very good health, and her family tried to talk her out of getting a doggy, but she really really wanted one. So they got her this doggy named Dixie from a rescue, and unfortunatly she learned the hard way that she can not care properly for Dixie. So she asked Kim to help her try to find her a new home. Mommy ran inside to talk to daddy and he said ok, let's set up a meeting to see if Dixie would get along with me and Macy!

So after her route, Kim brought Dixie over. Mommy went out to meet her first, and boy was she cute!! She was all buff (no white like Macy). She ran right to mommy and cuddled right up in her lap!! Mommy and Kim were so excited, now she just had to meet me and Macy!!! Mommy took me out first. You see, mommy says that when Macy first meets a doggy, she comes out like "gang-busters"!!!!! But after a few minutes she settles down, and everything is fine. So they took me out first because I just love other doggies and mommy figured once she got aquainted with me, then we would introduce her to Macy!!! Well turns out, Dixie meets other doggies like "gang-busters" too!!!! I went right over to her, waggin my tail, and said hello, and she charged at me growling and snapping!!! Everyone was so suprised because she was so sweet and calm when there was just people out there!!!!! So after that, the peoples were afraid to have her and Macy meet, because mommy was sure that two head-strong doggies like that would probably be a recipe for disaster, and we didn't want anyone to get hurt!!! So poor Dixie had to go back home for now, and we are all gonna look for a family with no other doggies for her!

Dixie looks like she has been through a lot, she looks like she has had lots of puppies, and she was was in desperate need of some ear and teeth cleanins. Mommy is so sad, because she really wanted to take care of her, but we just know that her and Macy would not mix too well!! We have a whole group of people who are working on findin her a good home though!! Mommy is gonna call our groomer Mary tomorrow to see if she has any ideas of someone who might like to take her! I sure wish she had liked me!!

Well hopefully soon I can bark to you about how we found her a home!!



Makin Friends The Scary Way!

August 1st 2007 4:42 pm
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Today on our walk we had a little scare. We were walkin up our street, with mommy and grandma, when all of a sudden, the front door to a house crashed opened and out barelled this big black doggy, and he was headin straight for us!!!! Mommy said that she got nervous, because at first this doggy looked pretty scary, he was tearin across his lawn right to us!! I ran to the end of my leash to greet him, and Macy started her howly bark that she does when she gets scared. Luckily for us the doggy just wanted to be our friend!! Him and I sniffed each other, before one of his owners came runnin over to get him, yellin at him to get back across the street!

Mommy said he must have done the same thing that I did one day back when. We both have those big full glass doors in front of our house. One day, when the mailman came, I jumped at the door, and my paw hit the handle just right to pull it down, and I let myself out! That is just what the doggy did today!! I bet his mommy and daddy learned their lesson just like my mommy and daddy did the day I ran out on the mailman. Our glass door stays locked at all times now!!



The Death Of My Couch And It's Crater

July 29th 2007 7:15 pm
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I am so mad at my mommy and daddy right now. In just one day they have destroyed my life. Two of the things that I hold most dear will be tossed in the trash this week. What everyone needs to understand before continuing is that when mommy and daddy are not home, I do nothing but lay on the sectional or the sofa in front of big windows to protect the house. Today, I realize how ungrateful they are!

My first love is the sofa that is in our living room. Our house is a bi-level. I usually lay on the sectional all the way down stairs in our family room and watch out the windows. When ever I see a po-ten-chal threat, like a kid riding a bike, the mail lady, the
UPS/Fed-X/DHL man, another doggy takin a walk, or whatever strikes my fancy (in other words, anything that moves past the house!) I will take off across the sectional, up the stairs, and up onto the sofa in the living room (where there are more windows)! It has taken me years to perfect my balance so that I can tear all the way across the back of the sofa. The small little tiny problem with this (if you ask mommy it is a huge enormous problem-she is SO dramatic!) is that my toenails have created tears in the sofa. There is one spot in the corner where I have made such a hole that mommy has nick-named it "Richter's Couch Crater". I think that that is a cool name and I am very proud of my crater. Anyways, after months of trying to keep it covered with blankies and not opening the blinds so I can't see out those 3 windows, mommy and daddy did the unthinkable today- they bought new fur-nich-ur. It is coming on Thursday, and my couch will be carelessly tossed out into the garbage. The thought is too much to bear!! And here it the worse part- they purposely bought a new sofa and 2 chairs that rock. Guess where the 2 chairs that rock are going??? Thats right, where the sofa was, so that I can no longer tear across it or lounge on the back of it. The sofa is going up against the other wall, where I have no interest in being. I live to look out the windows.

Here is the even worser part- (oh I almost can't bear to tell it!)- the loveseat that matches my beloved couch is in perfect condition, so they are keepin that. Guess where that is goin??? WHERE MY BELOVED TWIN BED IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In one of the spare bedrooms, the loveseat will take the place of the twin bed that I not only like to lay on to look out the window when mommy and daddy are on the computer, but that I like to lay under to nap and get cooled off by the A/C vent that is under there. I just can not believe what traitors mommy and daddy both were to me today. I was so upset that I took my frustrations out on Macy's seahorse toy and gutted it.

Mommy just went online and ordered specialized covers for the new fur-nich-ur. She ordered it from a special pet web-site, so it will be extra soft for us and it has special stuff on the back to keep it form slidin off. I guess that won't be so bad, but now the only windows I can look out in comfort will be the ones in the family room. I will not be speakin to mommy or daddy until snack time tonight. That will show them!!!!



Back To The Old Hood

July 27th 2007 6:31 pm
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Hi pups!

On Wednesday I went back to my roots! It was so cool, see, Wednesday was the first day that my daddy was allowed to drive since the surj-erry. So after supper, we all got in daddy's car, and we drove back to our old neighborhood. When we lived there it was just me and Sirius. There is a school with a big field there that I used to run in, and sometimes I would see deers!!! I was just a little pup back then, so mommy and daddy would take me to the tennis courts so I could be enclosed and play with me! I used to have to go on walks to go potty, I didn't have a big fenced in yard there!! This may be the reason why I still to this day will not go out into our yard to go potty unless mommy or daddy is outside with me!

We walked all around the old hood. I showed Macy around, and smelled all the old smells. We went runnin in the fields at the school! What a great doggy day!

Daddy did real good drivin. He is coming along great!


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