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Bad News In The Walk Department

January 11th 2008 9:54 am
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Yesterday my grandma fell in her driveway and broke her foot!! Yup, can you pups believe it?? She was just goin to the mailbox and her ankle gave out and a bone in her foot snapped!! Mommy was out for awhile last night, at the hospital and then helpin grandpa get grandma settled in!! She has crutches now. But here is the worstest part of all!!!!! She won't be able to do walkies with us for about 2 months!!!

Walks have been a little scarce here anyway, because it has been raining a lot since December. And rain equals no walkies for us, because all the fur on our legs, feet, and bellies get filthy with mud. Lots of times Grandma comes over on Wednesdays and the weekends to walk with us. But it will be awhile before she can do that!!

As usual it is raining here AGAIN today. I am very sick of rain.


The Bestest One On Christmas!

December 26th 2007 4:02 pm
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Christmas this year was good to me!!! I got lots of presents and was even the best behaved doggy at mom-mom's seashore house!! Richter and Dixie each ruined something of someones, but I was on my best manners!! I want to bark special thank yous to everyone who thought of me this Christmas!!

First, a thank you to my Aunt Brooke, Uncle Chad, Kuzco and Bridgette for my real tennis balls and yummy snacks!! I have already played with every one of my balls, and stole a few chews off of Richter and Dixie's peanut butter chewies!! Yum!

Second, a HUGE thank you to our sweet furiend Kim for our favorite gift!! She brought us a huge bag filled to the top with toys, scrumptious snacks, balls, and a very generous giftcard to Petsmart!!! Kim said in her nice card that she wanted to do something extra special for us because we have given Dixie such a good home!!! But she didn't have to do all that for us, we (yes, even me!) were happy to do it!!! We love Dixie and she is a part of our family now!!

Third a big thank you to grandma and grandpa, for the delightful candy cane chewies and gift cards to Petsmart!! Boy do I have a lot of shopping to do!!

Fourth a thank you to Aunt Connie and Scott for some festive Christmas chewies!! Always a big hit here!

Fifth, a thank you to mom-mom for some more balls to play fetch with!

Sixth, a thanks to Uncle Chris and Nikki for our 2 bags of Canine Carry-Outs!! Always a good treat!

Mommy says it will be awhile before we get to go shopping for stuff because she says we got so many presents for Christmas!! I say we can never get enough stuff!!

Now there is talk of possibly a pawty here in a few days, for New Year's Eve! Mommy and daddy are still working out the details. Boy I sure do hope we have a pawty, pawties are my specialty!!! I am a super hostess!!


Happy Anniversary Mommy And Daddy!

December 1st 2007 7:57 pm
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Wow time sure flies when you are having fun being a puppy dog!!! It seems like just yesterday I was writing a similar entry for mommy and daddy's anniversary last year!!!!

This Monday is a real special day at our house!! It is our mommy and daddy' s anniversary!! They got married 3 years ago on December 3rd. I remember it like it was just yesterday!! Mommy didn't stay home with us the night before. I think she slept at grandma's or somethin. The morning of the wedding, Daddy got dressed up with our friend Beaky, Uncle Chris, Matt, PJ and Mike. He looked sooooo handsome!! Then a big fancy car came, and there was our mommy!! She looked just like an angel in a big pretty white dress!! I was outside and I wanted to see her sooo bad, and you know what? Our mommy came right outside with me and Richter!!!! Not a lot of mommies would hold their puppies in such a beautiful dress, but our mommy sure did!!!! We took pictures together and everything!! And mommy had the bestest lookin group of lovely ladies I had ever seen!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Connie, Aunt Brooke, Bobbi, Jenn and Aunt Kelly looked so beautiful! The week after was real sad because mommy and daddy were gone to a hunnymoons or something, but me and Richter welcomed them home by rippin up sparkly paper and tinsel all over the house for confetti!!

Be sure to check out my pictures from that special day!!

Our house is halfway decorated now! We have the outside done, and the living room. Tomorrow night we will do the family room!! One of our trees is up, the big 10 foot one in the living room!!! Next week we are goin to get the smaller real one for the family room!! All this decorating makes me a little nervous, I am not a big fan of things being amiss or changed around!! But I laid on the reclining chair last night (mommy even left the foot rest up for me after she got up. We were sharing a seat!) and took it all in, and I am ok with the changes now!!! Dixie sure seems confused though!!! We had to show her where her chewies were relocated to!!



The Super Spectacular Macy's Parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 18th 2007 2:31 pm
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Just a reminder to everypup!! One of the best parts of Thanksgiving, my very own PARADE will be on Thursday morning!! It is on NBC from 9 am til noon!!!!! I just can't wait, I mean not everyone has a parade named after them!!!! Actually, mommy says that the parade was around long before I was, but I like to think it is mine!! At least in our house, we pretend it is in honor of me!!! BOL!!!

I just love the parade, there are all kinds of really cool humungous balloons, pawesome floats, and marchin bands!! Then, at the end, is the best part of all!!!!!! Santa Paws!!!!! He comes at the end of the parade and waves to everyone!!! Mommy says he does that to remind all the children, and puppies and kitties too, that he will be watchin extra hard for the next few weeks!!!!! Better be sure to be nice and not naughty!!!!

I am a little concerned about that because if you all will recall from last year, a certain someone in this house (a BOY dog) had 2 wee wee accidents with the Christmas tree. He sure better behave himself this year, I can't have the stress of wondering if Santa will decide that we are all naughty and not come!!!!!!

I wish every pup and kitty and their families a happy, healthy, and delicious Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


Princess Birthday #2

November 7th 2007 6:19 pm
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Today was our second birthday celebration in a few weeks. It is my mommy's birthday today and she is 196 years old (that's 28 in people years!!). I better hurry up with this entry and post it quick before mommy sees I blabbed her age! BOL!

We were busy all morning helping daddy wrap presents and go buy a birthday cake!! I can't wait to have a little bite! I just know my mommy will share with me!

Nothing else is too exciting here. Howl-O-Ween was ok, I got dressed up in my lady bug costume and went out front for a bit, but I bark a lot when I get excited and I was starting to scare trick-or-treaters, so mommy put me in the back room with Richter and Sophia. Richter was back there so he wouldn't get too scared and Sophia just went back there with us so mommy shut her in too!! She said the less the better for trying to make sure everyone stays put when the door is opening and closing so much!!

Well, gotta go get ready for our car ride to the coffee store!! Then it is time for cake!!! Hooray!!



Silly Rabbit, My Yard Is For Dogs!

October 27th 2007 7:28 pm
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You guys won't even believe what happened very very early this morning in our backyard!!! Daddy got home from work really late last night. Mommy was already asleep on the couch, and daddy just wanted to take us for our goodnight woos and poos, and then turn in.

We got outside, and this tricky little rabbit that has been terrorizing Richter and I all week, was all the way in the far corner of the yard. He lives under our shed, and can get out of our yard from under the fence by the shed. Lately, he has been hanging out completely across the yard from the shed, so when we come out, we chase him all the way across the yard until he ducks under the fence.

So last night we saw him and the usual chase began. But when the rabbit tried to dive under the fence, he must have gotten stuck somehow, because he couldn't get all the way through! Richter and I caught up to him in a flash, and the rabbit started screaming like crazy!!!!! We wern't even hurtin him, we were just sniffin him and stuff, but he was really freaked out!!! Daddy came runnin over and shooed us away with his umbrella (yes it was pouring!!!)! The rabbit freed himself and then dove under the shed!!

Daddy made us go in the house, and got mommy. They came out with flashlights to see if they could see the bunny and make sure he was ok, but they didn't see him. We hope he is ok, but we also hope he learned his lesson and that he stays on the right side of the yard!! Silly bunny!!



Happy Birthday Baby!!!

October 23rd 2007 7:12 pm
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OMD, you pups would not believe what a fabulous birthday I had!!!!!! Today is my 4th birthday!! It was a whole day of celebratin!!!! Mommy came home on her lunch break, and her and daddy took me outside and gave my presents!!!! I got a Chewie Vitton squeaky purse (!!!!!!!) a pink loofa dog, (AKA- Bobos). Mommy told me this is a special Bobo, because it has a pretty pink ribbon on it!!! That means that when mommy bought this Bobo, some money from the purchase went to help fight breast cancer!!! I am very proud to own such an important toy!!! I also got a bag of little T-Bone treats!!! Yummy!!!!!

Then daddy took us for a great big walk!! When mommy came home from work, Aunt Connie came over and she brought........................
CHICK-Fil-A!!!!!! Have you pups ever had some?!?!? It is de-lish-shos little morsels of chicken!!!!! Aunt Connie brought us our own box of nuggets and mommy let us have 2 each!!! Wowee!!!!! Then, Aunt Connie brought out a gift for me....oh you just won't believe it, me and mommy still can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Connie and grandma went in together and bought me (tail wiggling so hard it is about to fall off!!!) A COACH COLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I feel like a movie star!!!!!!! It is so beautiful, it is hot pink with brown c's on it!!!! Oh I just love love love love it!!!!!!!! I am wearing it right now!!! Mommy said I can wear it til daddy gets home to show him, but that this collar is strictly for special occasions!!! That is ok because I don't want my super duper fancy deluxe collar to get dirty!!! Am I just the luckiest girl or what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Me, Richter, and Dixie just shared one of my vanilla/vanilla birthday cupcakes!!!! Now I think I am going to rest my little head (and belly!) for awhile!!! I can't even ever remember a more special day than this!!

Thanks to all my super sweet dogster pals for the rosettes, stars and birthday wishes!!!!! Those are the bestest gifts of all!!!

Be sure to check out my BD pictures!!



Never Mess With A Mother Cat!

October 14th 2007 9:19 am
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That is my advice to all dogs!! I found out the hard way on Friday that mommy cats are very protective of their kittens!!!

I went with mommy and daddy to great gramdmas house on Friday. She has a mommy kitty that lives outside and she just had kittens a few weeks ago under the porch. When we got there, I ran up on the porch and saw this black kitty sittin on a bale of hay. I went over to say hello to her, and all of a sudden she hopped up on her feet and smacked me in the nose and spit at me!!!! Can you believe that?? How rude!! She did it so fast that she scared me! I took a few steps back and then I wanted to tell her that I thought she was rude and that I was just tryin to say hello. I tried to go up to her again, and this time she attacked me!!! She hopped off her bale of hay and charged at me, claws out spitting all the way!!! OMD, I have never seen anything like this before!! I mean, my cats are nice, every once in a while, me and Sirius play and he swats me, but nothing like this!! I just turned around and walked away from her and into the house. By that time great grandma had heard all the fuss and came to let me in!! (the actual account of the event was that Macy ran behind my legs and screeched her "I'm scared" holwy bark as the cat charged at her!). Grrrrr, mommy, don't tell that part!!!

Mommy said that that kitty was acting mean because she had babies and she was protecting them. She had never seem me before so she thought I was a threat to her kittens! I mean, I can see how I can be mistakin for threatening, I can be ferocious after all (BOL!) but I would never hurt baby kitties!!! As a matter of fact, later on the little girl Karissa brought one of the kittens in to meet me and I was so nice and gentle to her!! She was all black and so cute!! Just in time for Howl-O-Ween!! There was also a black and white one. He looked like Sirius and the all black one looked like Sophia!! They sure were cutie pies!

Daddy took a picture of me sittin next to the kittens while they were sleepin in a basket! I came out a a little dark, but I will try to post it anyway!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


22 Days Til My Birthday!

October 2nd 2007 10:13 am
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Only 22 more days to go!! I hope I can hold out that long!! I will be 4 years old! I want a party, but I sure wish I could have one right in my backyard where all my dogster pals could come and play!! I could invite doggies from all over the world! Like Lily, from Czech Republic, Jelly from Cananda, Miss Bella and Larry the Dude from Cali, Kuzco from Connecticut, the Spaniels five from Florida, Ollie and Lily from next door!! The list goes on and on!

In other news, our clinic is staying open what with Dixie havin her dental surj-erry today! She is at the vet right now getting it done. Mommy has to go get her after work tonight! I hope she is doin ok!

My belly has been a-ok since the pep-sids. Tonight is the first night I will go without one, and we are gonna start mixin my regular food back in with my sore tummy food the vet gave me. Hopefully all goes well!! BOL!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston


The Huston Clinic Is Now Open

September 24th 2007 6:38 pm
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Today I went to the vet because of my tummy. In my last entry I barked about how I threw-up on Friday and Saturday mornings. Well, all day yesterday (Sunday) I was fine! I ate my rice and kibble for breakfast and dinner, and kept it down no problem. I have been totally acting like myself too, totally normal, except for the barf.

Well, this morning, I started with the barf again, so mommy and daddy decided it was time for me to see the dok-tur. Daddy took me, and the vet said that he thinks that I have too much acid in my tummy. He said that he thinks it gets bad at night, and that is why I usually get sick in the morning time! He told daddy that before we have to put me through tests and stuff, he wanted us to try somethin. He told daddy to get me somethin called Pep-sids from the store and stick one in with my supper at night. He also gave me a bag of some special sore tummy food for me to eat this week. The vet said that he really is not too too worried right now, especially since I am acting fine otherwise and am only barfin in the morning. Mommy says that the acid thing makes a lot of sense, because I have always had tummy troubles if it stays empty too long!! I guess all that acid is too much for my delicate little belly! (Mommy and daddy were teasin me this morning, saying that maybe I was havin puppies and had morning sickness!! BOL! If that were true I would be famous! I was spayed years ago!)

So here is the hysterical part......ready?? Now, daddy and Sophia are taking Prednisone, and daddy and I are taking the Pep-sids. Mommy says that she is gonna get us each a pill box with the days of the weeks on them so that we can keep everyones medicines straight!!! BOL!!! Sophia has to take her prednisones for the rest of her life, she takes a small dose, half a pill every other day. She takes it for her intestine disease. Daddy is taking 4 medicines now to keep his heart thingy under control. Luckily daddy only has to take these medicines short term, probably til about Christmas time. Now I am not sure how long I have to take my medicine, mommy has to find out from daddy when he gets home from work. Mommy says she is going to get a clinic sign and hang it on our front door!!! BOL!

Well, I will bark soon to let you pups know if my pep-sids are workin!!! I sure hope so, I am tired of barfin!!

Macy Noodles Weena Huston

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