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The Lovely Ladies Journal

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Mommy Steps In

March 21st 2008 10:04 am
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This is Macy's mommy reporting for her! Macy was ok overnight, but was vomiting and refusing food again this morning. Her daddy took her to our regular vet and while she was there, there was another "hiney issue" just like last night. As soon as our vet saw that, he told my husband to take her directly to the University Of Pennsylvania over in Philadelphia, as they are suspecting pancreatitis. If it is, she will unfortunatley be spending the night.

I was at work at the time, and am now home with Richter and Dixie. Last we heard from my husband, they are doing x-rays of Macy's belly now, and we will go from there. We are glad to say that she is in good spirits, and is alert and active. She is actually acting pretty normal except for the belly issues, which all 3 Vets she has been to in the last 24 hours say is a very good sign. They says that's an indication that if it is pancreatitis that it is not to an unmanagable level.

We will keep everyone updated as we hear news!!! Thanks for all your thoughts and gifts and p-mails, we will be sure to forward your love to her!!


A Scary Night

March 20th 2008 9:58 pm
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Guess where I ended up tonight pups? The Emergency Vets. It was horrible!! If you or your hew-mans have a weak stomach, you might not want to read further!

It all started this morning, when after my breakfast, I threw up my food. Now those who know me know that I sometimes have a sensitive tummy, so daddy just cleaned it up and didn't think too much about it. When mommy was home for lunch I was fine, and ate a milkbone. When mommy and daddy got home from work, I had thrown up 2 little bile spots, which is not unusual when I get hungry. But then I wouldn't eat my supper. So mommy and daddy tried to entice me to eat something, even just a nibble hoping it would stimulate my appetite. They offered me my supper, some chicken beneful on a fork, a little piece of hamburger, and some macaronis with a little butter on them. I would not eat any of it. So mommy gave me one of my pep-sids. Not long after that, I threw up again, only this time it was dark brown and almost looked a little bloody. Then we went up into the kitchen and mommy and daddy were trying to decide if we should do the ER Vet or try to wait out the night for our regular vet to open. But then the worstest most horrible thing that ever happened to me happened. Here is where it gets really gross and we'll try to make it as neat as possible.

All of a sudden, I was just sitting there, and all this brownish red bloody looking stuff started just oozing out of my hiney. I wasn't even squatting like I was trying to go potty or nothing, it just started running out of me!!! I got so terribly upset, and I tried to run away and hide, but mommy was holding me in the kitchen cause there is tile floor there, and her and daddy looked right at each other and said "Let's Go!!!". They cleaned me and my mess up, put Dixie in her crate, got some towels and stuff together and we ran out to the car. Mommy called the ER number on the way and when she told them what happened they said to bring me right over.

Luckily, other than what happened, I was acting fine, hopping around, barking at other dogs in the vet. And I didn't have any more hiney or barfing episodes!!! They came out and triaged me right away, and not too long after that I was in my room. We waited in there awhile, and then a really nice vet came in. He talked to mommy and daddy, and then looked at me all over and was really nice and gentle with me. He felt my tummy all over, and checked my gum color, my eyes and ears. They took my temperature.

Then he told mommy and daddy that since I was acting ok otherwise ( I was alert and moving around, not appearing to be in any pain), my vitals were all normal, and they didn't feel any masses or abnormalities in my belly. The doctor told mommy and daddy that he thinks I have a GI upset, or colitis, or something along those lines. What he recommended to mommy and daddy for now, was to give me a shot of stuff that is like my pep-sids, and some medicine to take home that is an antibiotic and also an anti-inflammatory. He told mommy to put me on a boiled chicken and rice diet for a few days along with my medicine, and see how I did. He said he really expected me to be ok with that, but if not, then we should look into some blood tests, x-rays of my belly, and a test to check for pancreatitis. But for now, he said that as long as mommy and daddy were ok with taking the conservative route, that he felt that was the best way to go.

So far he has been right, I got my shot at the vet, came home and rested in the chair for a bit. Then they gave me my pill, and mommy cooked up some boiled chicken and rice. The vet said they didn't have to worry about feeding me tonight, but I was acting like I was really hungry, so mommy gave me a tiny bit of the chicken and rice, and I gobbled it down!! Then daddy gave me a quick bath, cause I was a mess between the barf and my hiney episode! Then we went out for good night woos and poos, and now I am all curled up with my pink ball, and ready to rest for the whole night (we hope!!!).

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!


To The Outback

March 6th 2008 9:46 am
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Monday night me, Richter, Dixie and Mommy went over to grandma's house for supper. Connie, Scott and Cody were there too!! (By the way, mommy is happy to report that I have been a VERY nice girl with Cody!!). Anyways, we ordered from this restaurant called Outback!! Aunt Connie was going to go get it, cause she used to work there, and she wanted to go see her furiends! Her one furiend asked if she was going to bring Cody, and Connie said no, cause he is naughty in the car. Then she asked mommy if she could take one of us!! Richter is scared of people and Dixie wants nothing to do with being away from mommy, so that left cute little me!!. I'll go anywhere where people will adore me!!
So off we went, just me and Aunt Connie. We got there and we got out and went up to the take-out door. All Aunt Connie's furiends came out to pet me!! I rolled on my back right there on the sidewalk, so everyone could rub my belly!! I was a big hit!! It was pawsome!


Not Feeling Too Good

February 17th 2008 10:32 am
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My belly is really upset today. It hasn't felt too good for a few days. Guess it is time for me to get my pep-sids again! I hate taking those!! Even though mommy takes special care to squish it into the middle of one of my chicken chunks in my Beneful, I still pick it out and spit it on the floor. Yuck!! But now mommy says she is going to have to force it down for me. Grrrr!

I think I had one too many treats on Valentine's day. It's not fair, Richter and Dixie can eat anything they want and feel great! But my poor little belly just doesn't like that stuff! Now they are probably gonna be mad at me, cause it is looking like it's no more howliday treats for us. Again, I say Grrrrrr!!!!!!!

I did get some nice presents from mommy and daddy for Valentine's. I got a chewy that has hearts on it, and 3 real tennis balls. But guess what color the tennis balls are??????? PINK!!!! I have always wanted to play with pink balls, but I will only play with real tennis balls. Those other balls, like the ones from Petsmart, just don't bounce right!! I like a ball that bounces high so I can jump up and catch it! But, real tennis balls usually only come in green or yellow. But my mommy found pink ones for breast cancer awareness!! So now not only do I have pink balls to play with but we supported a great cause too!!

I sure hope my belly gets better soon, so I can play with my new balls!!


All By My Little Lonesome!

February 6th 2008 1:56 pm
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I had such a relaxing day today!! I was home all by myself!! Mommy and daddy were at work and Richter and Dixie were at the groomers, so that left me and the cats. And I don't count them cause they all go take naps all day!!

I had to whole couch downstairs to myself! I could stretch out on the back, and fluff up the pillows for a comfy little nest! I had all the chewies and remnents of bully sticks to myself! Stress free!!


A Model Of Course!!

February 2nd 2008 6:01 am
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My persons job would definitly be a model. I would have all the latest styles and be super lovely wearing them!!! I would have beautiful blond hair, just like now, except that I would be able to brush it myself and not have to have daddy pulling at the tangles! I would always have my nails done like when I have my pink nail pawlish on. I would have Louis Vuitton bags, like my Chewy Vuitton one. I would have diamond necklaces like my (fakey) diamond collar. And I would be my own agent cause I am VERY good at bossing people around!

What a good question Jelly, thanks!!!


New Attire

January 30th 2008 3:22 pm
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Mommy just dressed me in my new Valentine's attire!! It is a bandana with red, pink, and white hearts on it, and it has GLITTER!!!! So Diva!! I love it!!


Busy Little Bee

January 26th 2008 9:47 am
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I had a VERY busy schedule this week!! It went a little somethin like this:

Sunday: Daddy's birthday pawty! Hepled mommy make a turkey dinner, helped daddy clean up round here. Entertained guests.

Monday: Helped daddy work in the cat room, pullin down wood trim.

Tuesday: Daddy's birthday!!! Woke him up with birthday kisses! Gave him some pawresents! Let him take me for a walk!

Wednesday: Went to the groomer ALL BY MYSELF! No Richter and Dixie this time, just little old me. Got my bath and haircut, now I look glamorous!! Was in a cage on the other side of the counter when mommy came to get me. Mary told on me that I was not playing well with others.

Thursday: Monitored mommy and daddy watchin hockey games! Daddy was downstairs watchin Flyers, mommy was upstairs watchin Rangers. Reported to each one when something big happened!

Friday: Went to the vet with grandma's grumpy cat Oliver. We had to take him with us cause grandma can't take him with her broken foot! He was REALLY REALLY mad about goin in his carryin box!! Then they made me sit next to him on the backseat!! I just sat as close to the door as pawsible and looked out the window! My vet check-up went great!!! I lost 3 lbs since my last visit (which is a good thing) and the vet reported that I have very muscular legs. I got 2 shots and didn't even flinch! Dr. Levie said that everything looked fantastic on me 'cept for my teeth. I need to get them cleaned again! I build up tarter really fast, and up until the very begining of this year, mommy wasn't really diligent about my brushing, so there you go. That will probably be in a month or so.

Anyway, as mean as old Oliver is, I felt really really bad for him last night. He has something seriously wrong with his teeth, and very sadly the vet thinks there is a pawsibility of oral cancer. Me and daddy had to leave the room while mommy and the vet and the vet tech examined him because he was freakin out! They almost had to sedate him just to look in his mouth! It took a little while but finally (with some hawk gloves, some giant towels and lots of hands) they got a look inside his mouth. He has to go back this Thursday so they can get in there and see what is what. Poor Ollie!

Oh, and in the midst of my busy schedule this week, I got a new cousin!! He is another cocker spaniel that my Aunt Connie found and is gonna keep! I did a real good job being nice to him!! You can learn more about him from Richter, he is gonna tell the whole story in his diary!



Sweet Valentine Tag!

January 20th 2008 6:57 pm
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What a sweet day, I was tagged by my pal Champ!! This is a Valentine tag, how fun!!

Here are the rules!

First list 5 of your most special Valentine Wishes!! Then chose 5 special pups, and p-mail or send them a rosette to let them know that they have been tagged!

My special Valentine wishes are:

1) For my daddy to get all-the-way better!

2) For grandma to have a speedy recovery from her broken foot so she can do walkies with us again!

3) For some new bandanas from the very talented bandana lady!! Pink of course!

4) For a good check-up at the vet this week!

5) A Valentine Bobo, since Richter ruined one of my pink ones tonight!

I now tag these 5 lovely pals!!

1) Miss Bella
2) Francie (Weena!!)
3) Sugar
4) Lola
5) Duce


Tooth Brushins

January 18th 2008 4:18 pm
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Today I would like to talk about tooth brushins. My furiend Jelly inspired me, she mentioned that her mommy has been brushin her teeth more lately. We have been getting our teeth brushed more lately too, ever since it turned 2008. Now most peoples make New Year's Resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, quit smoking, pay off debts, things like that. But not our mommy. Guess what her resolution brush our teeth on a regular basis. Can you believe how silly she is?!?!

We used to get our teeth brushed a couple times a week. But now, it has been just about every night since January 1st. Every night after our snack, mommy gets out our little toothbrush holder that is a ceramic doggy, and gets to work. Literally to work for mommy since that is what she does all day, clean teeth. People teeth, not doggies teeth. But that doesn't stop her from getting us in a head lock, stickin her fingers in our cheeks, all the way to the back of our mouths, pulling our cheeks all the way out, and brushin all over!! Daddy is a little nicer about it, he just sticks the toothbrush back there, but not mommy. She is relentless!!

We all have our own toothbrushes. Mine has cute teddy bears and hearts on it, Richter's has dinosaurs, and Dixie's has apples and grapes! And we all get chicken toothpaste, which is really quite yummy!

I don't mind gettin my teeth brushed, but I really would rather just do it myself! I think I would do a fine job without mommy's fingers in my mouth!! But mommy says we need to make sure it is an extra good job, because dirty teeth can lead to a whole slew of diseases and complications. And all that leads to something mommy and daddy REALLY don't like. Something called sky high vet bills. Don't know what that is, but do know mommy and daddy sure don't like those words!!

We have had 2 dental vet bills that mommy and daddy sure didn't like!! I had to have my teeth cleaned a couple years ago, and Dixie, well, she ran them up a real good one when she first came to live here!! Her mouth was really extra dirty, and she even had to have some teeth pulled out!!! Yikes!! But it wasn't her fault, she just never had anyone who wanted to take good care of her before!! But she sure does now!

Happy Brushing!!

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