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Lots Of Stuff Going On!

July 14th 2008 6:18 pm
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We sure have had abusy couple weeks at my house! The biggest news around here, which I am not too sure if I am happy about yet, is that we are going to have a baby in our house soon! Yup, my mommy is preg-nint. I don't really understand all this, all I know is that everyone keeps saying "Macy what are you gonna do when your mommy's belly gets too big for you to lay on her lap?". This kind of talk makes me sad, cause I love to lay on my mommy's lap! But mommy told me not to worry, we will figure out something! She also tells me that I am her very special girl, and that nothing is going to change that! We are all going to be going through this big change together, me, mommy, daddy, Richter, Dixie, the kitties, and the new baby. Mommy sure knows how to make me feel better!

The other big news that I have is that Petey is not Petey. Actually, Petey is not even a boy!! I got the 411 from our furiend Kim, she said that my little furiend behind us is a girl doggy named Daphne. So now instead of having a boyfuriend, I have a girlfuriend to have girl talk through the fence with!

The other night, mommy and daddy came home with a big bag from Petsmart. I got lots of new things! I got a new leash and collar, and also a brand new summer toy! I have a picture with it on my page now! It is in the shape of a drink and is called a Cosmopawliton!! I love my new toy! Mommy tells me to take a sip for her!!

So I guess that is all in my world right now! I keep checking mommy's lap to make sure I still fit there, and so far so good! I'll keep you pups posted!


Bad Petey!

June 22nd 2008 5:32 pm
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In a past entry I barked about a dog that we call Petey that lives (or visits, we aren't sure since it doesn't seem like he is there all the time) behind us. He made me really upset today. I heard his back door open, which is an immediate cue for me to grab a ball and tear across the yard to the fence and peek through the hole to see if he is ready to play. Well, guess what?!? Petey was outside alright, but he was playing with someone at his house! He didn't even bother to come over to the fence so I could do my super scary growly noise at him!! A man at his house had the hose out, and was sprayin water all over and Petey was hopin up and getting sprayed by the water! I stared through the hole, wagged my little tail, barked a couple times, and even shook my head once and made my growly noise, but Petey didn't even care! He just kept tryin to catch the water in his mouth. I had to resort to playin with Richter and our cousin Cody who was over.


The Verdict (Really Late!)

June 13th 2008 5:02 pm
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The jury has reached a verdict reguarding the case of the missing oreos. Here are the results!! (sorry, mommy has been very tied up with work for the past few weeks!)!!

Suspect #1, Miss Macy, was cleared of all charges. She has no history of trash dumping, and her belly would have sold her down the river if she had eaten the oreos. In the case of the missing oreos, Macy is found not guilty on all counts.

Suspect #2, Richter Meatball, was cleared of one charge, but found guilty of another. In the case of the missing oreos, for the charge of dumping the trash, Richter was found not guilty. However for the charge of eating the oreos, Richter was found guilty as charged!!! There were some not so pleasant trips to the back yard for him that gave him away!!!

Suspect #3, Dixie, was also cleared of one charge but found guilty on a another. In the case of the missing oreos, for the charge of dumping the trash can Dixie was found guilty, as she has been so many times before!! She is the only one who has ever been caught dumping the trash, and has had previous convictions of this crime, one time in particular involving a hot dog roll. In the charge of actually eating the oreos, Dixie was found not guilty, because Richter's poops for the week spoke for themselves!!!



A Special Diary Pick Day For Me!

June 5th 2008 8:26 pm
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Wow, I was one of the diary picks of the day today!! Thanks so much for choosin me, Dogster!!!

This gives me the perfect opportunity to let you all have a sneak peak at the sentencing from last weeks crime scene!

The verdict for Macy:

Macy has no history of trash picking or dumping, and her belly definitely would have given her away if she had eaten the oreos. Based on these facts, the jury finds Macy Noodles Weena Huston NOT GUILTY, and she is cleared of all charges!!


Interview With Suspect #1

May 29th 2008 8:31 pm
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The following is Case File # 101 "The Case Of the Stale Oreo Fiasco" as it was reported to the absent party (mommy) for sentencing. There are currantly 3 suspects being tried in the case, and one witness who stumbled on the crime scene after hearing "the rustling of the packaging". Almost the entire contents of a regular sized package of stale oreo cookies has disappeared without a trace!! Here are the details of the crime scene as reportd by the witness.

The witness claims his alarm went off at 9:15 am, at which point he noticed that suspect #2 was snuggled in the blankets on the bed. He claims that about 15-20 minutes later, he was awakened by a rustling sound, like someone was playing with a sort of plastic. As the witness approached the top of the stairs he claims to have seen trash littering most of the living room floor. Suspect #1 was sniffing through the debris, suspect #3 was asleep in her bed which was located a floor above the crime scene. And suspect #2 was flat-belly laid out in the middle of the evidence, with the packaging in question right between his paws. The jury should be aware that suspect #3 does have a history of trash dumping on her record.

The following is the statement provided by suspect #1, Miss Macy.

It was a lovely morning on Thursday May 29th. I woke up and had my normal morning routine with my mommy. Got up, went potty, chased Sirius and Jada around a little. Had my breakfast which consisted of 1 scoop of Purina One Sensitive Systems and a forkful of Beneful Simmered Chicken Medley mixed in. Napped on mommy and daddy's bed with daddy while mommy got ready for work. Followed mommy and Dixie downstairs, had a little heart cookie with Dixie as mommy left for work.

As soon as I finished my heart cookie, I returned upstairs to the bed to rest with daddy some more. Alarm went off about 9:15. Daddy hit snooze. Heard a rustling noise. Went to check it out. Found the entire contents of the trash can strewn about the kitchen and living room, which included what was once almost a full package of stale oreos, that was now empty. When the said witness (daddy) appeared, I was sniffing around the trash that was everywhere, trying to find a clue as to who done it. Don't want to point any paws, but Dixie was asleep in her bed. Richter was caught red pawed with the empty package inbetween his feet.

I Miss Macy Noodles Weena Huston did not, in fact eat a whole package of stale oreo cookies. Past history reveals violent tummy upset if I stray form my normal diet, and my tummy has been fine!! With the evidence from the scene of the crime literally at his paws, one could only conclude that it was Richter who devoured the whole pack.


I Do NOT Have A Boyfuriend

May 11th 2008 7:00 am
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Everyone in this house teases me and says I am in love with the dog that lives behind us. We call him Petey, but we do not know if that is his real name, or if he is even a boy! But mommy says he looks like a Petey, he is all white with a brown spot around his one eye.

There is a little separation in the fence that divides our yards. The very FIRST order of business for me when I am let out is to grab one of my outside balls and tear across the yard to the hole. Then I peek through to see if Petey is there. If he is, he usually barks real loud and runs to the fence, and I do my super scary growly thing where I shake my head as hard as I can with my ball in my mouth! Then we chase each other back and forth along the fence, barkin the whole way. Richter does this too, but he is bad, he bites at the fence. We usually get maybe 2 runs in before our mommy or daddy and somone in Petey's family comes over and says ENOUGH!!

We think Petey must just visit on the weekends, cause that is usually the only time we see him. But all through the week, I still check the fence first thing everytime I go out. Sometimes I even sit right next to it and peer into Petey's backyard for as long as I am allowed to stay outside. This is when the boyfuriend comments start. I do not have a boyfuriend, I just want to make sure Petey knows I am the boss!!! (Macy is in love with Petey, she just won't admit it!) Grrr, stop it mommy!

Anyways, today is mommy's day, and We are busy getting ready for grandma to come over for breakfast!!!! We are having fresh sticky buns with walnuts, and a big fruit salad! We got grandma a gift certificate for the Country Shop down the road, so mommy is gonna see if grandma wants to go take a look around!! And then.........FINALLY!!!!! We are gonna take our first walk with grandma since January!!! If you recall, grandma broke her foot on January 10th, and is just now able to do good walkies!!! So as a mommy's day pawresent, Richter and I are gonna do the honors and take her for a walk!!!!!!

I hope every pup enjoys the day with their mommys and grandmommys!!!!!!!!


My New Ducky!

April 23rd 2008 7:49 pm
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The other day my daddy brought me home a special present! It is a new ducky toy!! The best part about him is that you can either put the squeakers in him or take them out! Since I don't care whether or not my toys squeak, and that noise is what makes Richter ruin them, we left all the squeakers out of my new ducky! Richter pulled some of the hair off of his head, but that was it!! No guts all over!! And since my ducky is silent, Richter lost interest, so he is safe!!!

By the way, I have been feeling good! My belly has been behavin itself!!! I am all done my medicine, and am just stickin to a really strict feeding schedule and diet! Phew, thank goodness!!


I'm Doing Good!

April 1st 2008 5:46 pm
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Just wanted to tell everyone that I have been feeling good!! I am all done my medicine, and have been back on my normal diet for a few days now!!

I sure am glad to be feeling better!! The only thing that stinks is that mommy and daddy have been VERY strict about snacks. We have had absolutely NO table food, and only milkbones for treats since my episode. We were never fed platefulls off the table or anything, but usually we would each get a tiny morsel of chicken or beef, or a nibble of spaghettis or something.

Oh, and don't tell Richter and Dixie, but mommy was cleaning out the cabinets the other day, and she found 2 packages of "The Goodlife Recipe" wholesome bones. Guess what? We are giving them away to our cousin Cody. Mommy says she is not taking any chances. Richter and Dixie haven't seen the bones, so I hope mommy sneaks them out so they don't get mad at me!

So yeah, it stinks not being able to have treats, but even I will admit that I do not want a repeat of last week!


A Rough Weekend!

March 23rd 2008 5:45 pm
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Whew, I am kind of glad this Easter weekend is over!! It was certainly a rough one for me, ending with me getting stuck in some sticker bushes at Aunt Kelly's house, and mommy having to get her hands all knicked up to get me out!

My Easter was nice, I got up, had my boiled chicken and rice, took my pill like a good girl, then went back to sleep with mommy, daddy, Richter and Dixie. Then we got up and us 3 dogs went with mommy to get some coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Then we came home and got some stuff ready and then we went to Shop-rite and Petsmart. We all stayed in the car with daddy while mommy went into Shop-rite. I went into Petsmart with daddy and Dixie and Richter stayed in the car with mommy. Then we went to Aunt Kelly's. We played outside for a bit, then went inside and watched everyone play Bailey's new Wii game. Everything was nice except we didn't get nibbles of anything!!! Not even a bite of Easter ham. Everyone (Richter, Dixie, and Nikki) has strong suspicions that that had a lot to do with me:(

Then on our last trip outback before we came home, I was in the back of the yard and I got tangled up in some sticker bushes that were hidden under some leaves! Mommy had to come lift me up and untangle the stickers from my fur. When we came in mom-mom said, Boy, Macy sure is having a rough time lately!! Boy is she ever right!!

All in all, I am happy to report that I am feeling much better!!! I am eating my boiled chicken and rice that my mommy made for me, I am taking my medicine like a good girl. In a day or two, I think we are gonna start mixing my regular food with my chicken so I can try to get back to normal! I am doing my poos again and they all look pretty normal!! Mommy said she never thought she would be so happy to see some poop!! (Normal looking poop that is!).

Hope every pup had a Happy Easter with their family!!


I Am Home

March 22nd 2008 4:53 am
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I am home now! I had to go a big Emergency Vet Hospital over in Philadelphia!!!

We mostly have good news, I had blood work and x-rays done of my belly. The Doctor and daddy looked at my x-rays together and the vet said that everything looks to be normal. Nothing is enlarged, there are no masses, and my pancreas looks ok. They did see a lot of gas pockets in my belly, and a little fluid in my one lung, but the vet thinks I might have breathed in a little of my throw up, and that that should clear up on its own. My blood work came back fine, just showed that I am a little dehydrated.

The vet was really feeling my tummy and pushin on it and stuff and told daddy that with Pancreatitis, dogs are usually very sore and sensitive in their abdomens, and usually when you push on their bellies they throw right up. I didn't appear to be in any pain while they were pokin my belly, and didn't throw up.

So it basically came down to this. I got an injection of fluids under my skin to help with the dehydration, and was allowed to go home!! I also got an anti-nausea shot. My saving grace was that I was acting very bright, alert and didn't seem to be in obvious discomfort. The vet said that it I was lethargic, or acting out of the ordinary they would recommend keeping me overnight for an ultrasound in the morning, but that she could see no reason to tell daddy that I had to stay. So they decided to take me home, continue my chicken and rice and medicine that I got at the ER vet, and see how I did. They also told daddy that if I started throwing up or having hiney episodes again to bring me right back.

So home I came, and so far, things have been ok. I rested a lot yesterday! The doctors told daddy not to feed me anything til 8:00 last night. But around 6, I was acting really hungry! Usually mommy is very strict about sticking to what doctors say, but she said she had a really bad feeling about not feeding me when I was acting hungry, cause she was afraid the acid in my tummy would start, and then I would throw up from that and then refuse to eat and we would start the whole process over again!! So she fed me at 6, and told daddy she would take the heat if something happend. So far, mommy was right!! I ate then and have been eating 1/4 cup of my chicken and rice about every 4-6 hours since and so far so good!!!!

We are keeping our paws crossed that I stay on the good side of things!! Mommy said she is glad it is the weekend so her and daddy don't have to leave me home alone and can keep a close eye on me!!!

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