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The Lovely Ladies Journal

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Today I Am 5!!

October 23rd 2008 2:37 pm
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Today is my birthday!! I am 5 whole years old! Mommy came home from work early, and we are going to have supper soon! As soon as Daddy gets home, I am going to get my PAWRESENTS!!!! Yipee!

I also hope that I get a walk. I want mommy and daddy to take us through the neighborhood that has the house with the really spooky decorations so I can bark at them!

My belly still isn't 100%, so unfortunately I won't be getting to many birthday treats. :( Oh, well!! Guess not having treats is better than having a sick belly!

I'll let you pups know what I get later!! BOL!


Belly Woes

October 16th 2008 7:35 pm
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My bad belly is at it again! I had a horrible bout tonight. Mommy and daddy both had to work late, so I didn't get my supper on time, and boy was that a disaster! I had a super big accident in the house, and I was so ashamed, but mommy and daddy didn't care at all, all they cared about was that I am ok! (Sniff!). They had A LOT of cleaning up to do though!

We went out to the store and got me chicken and rice, and mommy boiled them and cooked them up real nice for me. I already had some, and it is good! Right now I am resting, but I think I feel better!


How Valuable Can A PS3 Be??

October 11th 2008 10:03 am
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I always sit with my daddy and watch him play PS3 (playstation 3). We play Soul Caliber, and Star Wars. Mommy doesn't mind that we play it, but she teases us all the time. Last night, when she was watching her Rangers game, the announcers were saying how 2 of the Rangers players were playing the new NHL game on PS3, and they tried a line combo on the ice that they came up with in the game, and boy did that line sure work like magic last night!!!!! Daddy said maybe now mommy will realize just how valuable a PS3 can be!!! BOL!!

Guess what pups? My birthday is in 13 days! I will be 5 years old! I hope I get another designer purse and some other good toys!

We have been decorating for Fall and Howl-O-Ween. Sometimes decorating makes me nervous, I don't like things all astray! But when we are done I feel better! We all got to sit out front while mommy and daddy decorated yesterday. We got cornstalks, a bale of hay, and some mums. Sometime this week we have to pick up some pumpkins!


If You Want Something Done You Have To Do It Yourself!

September 20th 2008 10:16 pm
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Yesterday we had a busy house day. What I mean by that is that daddy was doing yard work outside and mommy was tidying up inside. When they split up like that, I stay outside with daddy! I love to be outside! Dixie and Richter always go inside with mommy though!

Yesterday, daddy was going from the front yard to the back yard, so the gate wasn't latched. Now that is usually no worries for us, we don't go out the front door or out the gate unless we are told we can. But yesterday as I was wandering around the yard, I heard Kim out front! OMD, we haven't seen Kim in awhile (she was on vacation). Daddy was all the way back in the shed, and there wasn't enough time to try to let mommy know Kim was here!! So I decided to let myself out the gate! I ran right out front to meet Kim, and boy was she surprised to see me all by myself! She said hi to me, then we walked to the front door. Kim knocked, and when mommy came down, she was also quite surprised to see me out there! Then a few minutes later daddy came running out of the backyard looking for me! Ha! Boy I sure tricked everyone! But us dogs got a nice treat from Kim, and told her we sure are glad she is back!


Some Sad, Sad News

September 17th 2008 1:10 pm
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Oh, pups, we are very very sad here at our house right now. The other day, mommy and daddy came home from the doctors, and told us that the baby that was growing inside mommy's tummy, has gone to baby Heaven.

This was completely a shock for us, as my mommy was into her second trimester and had just gone for a regular check-up. To make a long story short, the doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat, and after having an emergency ultrasound, the doctors found that a blood clot had formed
behind the placenta and cut off supplies to the baby.

Mommy had to have a small surgery done today, but she is home now and doing well. We are all very very devastated, but are trying to make peace with the fact that nature has a way of working things out, even though it may make for some hard times.

The good news is that the doctors say mommy and daddy should be fine to try again, but that mommy will be considered high risk, and may have to take some medicines for her blood during the pregnancy. That just means that the doctors will keep an extra close eye on mommy and the baby.

Sorry to share such bad news, but we will be back with our regular doggy and kitty tales hopefully soon!


A Lovely Ladies Day

September 14th 2008 9:41 am
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Yesterday I went for one of the biggest day trips I have ever been on!! Mommy and I went to visit Aunt Brooke, Uncle Chad, Kuzco and Bridgette in Maryland! It was so so fun!
Kuzco and Bridgette are Shiba Inus. They are really nice, pretty doggies! Mommy and I drove for about 2 hours. We went on lots of busy roads, and over a couple of bridges, the biggest one being the Delaware Memorial Bridge! I went from New Jersey to Delaware to Maryland!

When we got to Aunt Brooke's, she took me and Kuzco for a big walk right away (mommy had to run inside to the loo) and when we got back, me, mommy, Aunt Brooke, Kuzco and Bridgette all went for another walk around the neighborhood! Walking doggies together right away is a good way for them to settle down and get used to the fact that we are gonna spend some time together!

When we were finally done our walks, we went inside and had a big drink and the peoples had a light lunch. Then we saw Aunt Brooke's house, which was very lovely! The best part was that the windows were all really low, so us doggies could look right out them! Then we went out back for a bit. Bridgette and Kuzco want to run, romp, and play, but those kind of games are not for me!

Then we got in the car again, and drove to a town called Annapolis. There were streets and streets of little stores and houses! So we walked through the town. Every store or house we came to with steps to the door, I ran up the steps to peek inside! We went into a doggy boutique store, and mommy bought me a gulpy. If you don't know, a gulpy is a super neato water bottle that attaches to a little tray. So when I want a drink, mommy flips open the tray and the water squirts out of the bottle and I can drink it out of the tray!! Refreshing!

Then we went to a place called the Sly Fox Pub. This was one of the best places!!! They had a really nice outdoor seating area and dogs are more than welcome!!!!! When we sat down, the waitress brought us 2 big bowls of water! Mommy and Aunt Brooke each got a chicken sandwich, and mommy let me have a bite of chicken and little piece of bread! Then when the check came, we each got a bone! Yummy!!

Then we walked to a sweet shop, and Mommy got a big caramel covered apple with peanuts on the outside. Aunt Brooke got chocolate covered graham crackers and some little things called turtles. They had chocolate on them! Yikes! At first I thought they were baby turtles covered in chocolate, but mommy assured me that that is just what they call these candies!

By now us pups were getting hungry for supper, so we hopped back in the car and went back to Aunt Brooke's. We had supper and then us pups relaxed while the ladies chatted. After awhile, mommy took me out and I did my woos and poos, and then we had to head home! I slept the whole way on the back seat!

What a super nice day! I had so much fun! Kuzco and Bridgette got each of us a cookie! Mine is a martini glass, Richter's is a Maryland crab, and Dixie's is a bone that says "Good Girl". We all just shared Richter's crab, maybe later we can have my martini!


My Funny Looking Hair And My New Balls

September 5th 2008 9:46 am
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The other day daddy came home from the store and collected all my balls from inside and out and THREW THEM IN THE TRASH! Do you believe that?!?! All of my precious balls that it took me so long to get just the right amount of dirty- GONE. Those who fell victim to the big lawn mowers our landscapers use had some chunks missing out of them, but I didn't care!!! I still tried to play with them, although I do admit, once they tango with the lawn mowers they never bounce right again! However, daddy didn't leave me with nothing! He had gotten me 2 new containers of balls at the store! I have 3 pink ones for inside, and 3 yellow ones for outside. I don't know about this. I am used to having about 5 balls inside and 8 outside, but daddy says 6 is plenty. I don't think so!

Also, something is up with my hair. I have this puff on top of my head that just won't go down! Mommy laughs at me everytime she sees me and says, "Macy look at your hair!!" or "Macy what's up with your hair?". Grrr. Someone needs to fix it!! Actually we had an appointment with the groomer in 2 weeks but mommy said between my hair and Dixie who is looking quite shaggy, she called the groomer today and got us moved up to this Wednesday! Thank goodness, cause next Saturday me and mommy are taking a lovely lady day trip to visit Aunt Brooke in Maryland. At least now I will be glamorous for that!!!


My Tail of Devotion for Macy

August 26th 2008 6:47 pm
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My sweet little Macy Girl,

Oh, I don't even know where to start!! Even though they can be trying at times, I absolutely LOVE and sometimes even admire the aspects of your awesome little personality!! Independant, strong-willed, fearless and stubborn, you do not hesitate to let anyone know you are here!! You know what you want and you go out and get it!! You tend to be the leader, the one everyone else let's to the front of the line to take care of business!!! Yet, when you look past that tough little shell, you find a beautiful, sweet little soul!!! Eager to please, and longing to be loved to pieces! I relate so well to you, and it has to be because we are very much alike!!! (We are both Scorpios you know!). So many times a day I look at those sweet, lovely brown eyes, and know we have an unbreakable, everlasting bond. I love those pretty eyes, lovely ears, and little brown nose!! I love the freckles on your muzzle, and your little tiny feet!! I can't even imagine what I ever did without my little sidekick!! And now, as we prepare for our next big journey in life (a little baby on the way!!) I can only hope that if I have a daughter, she will be just like you!! Strong enough to take on the world, yet with a delicate soft side, and an unmistakable radiance that no one can ignore!!

I love you Miss Macy Noodles Weena Huston!!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Hot Spots!

August 17th 2008 9:27 am
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Uncle Chris just called us to ask about my hot spots. Apparently our cousin Nikki has one on her tail!! I had hot spots once. I kept getting them after I came home from the groomer, and after a couple of trial and errors, (using oatmeal shampoos, unscented shampoos, etc....) we finally figured out I have a problem with the razors. When Mary would use the razor to shave my face, I would get so irritated that I would scratch and dig at my cheeks until I got hot spots! After all our shampoo trials didn't work, Mary said "you know what, I am going to use thinning shears on her face this time, because some dogs are really sensitive to the razor". And guess what??? I have not had a hot spot since! That Mary sure is smart!!
After we figured out it was the razor, mommy remembered that I had a horrible time after I was spayed. I got really bad razor burn where they shaved my belly, and I kept chewin at that spot. At first mommy and daddy thought I was biting at my incision, but when the looked they realized I was biting at the razor burn.
So no razor shaving for the dog! I have very delicate skin, you know!
As for poor Nikki, she is gonna go the vet tomorrow. I bet they will have to shave her tail to clean it up and then she will need some cream or spray on it. She might have to take anti-by-ott-iks too!
BTW, I still fit on mommy's lap! So far so good!


I'm Brave

August 11th 2008 6:46 pm
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We had lots of severe thunderstorms here yesterday! They went on all day and night! I was a very brave girl, and just laid on mommy and daddy's bed for most of the time! Everyone else was really scared, but not me! I am no chicken!

So far mommy's lap is still fine for me to fit in! I check everyday! Grandma came over the other day and her and mommy ordered furniture for the baby. I will have to check it out as soon as it gets here!

The past few days here have been very cool, high 70's low 80's, and low humidity! This is a nice change, because we had a lot of days 90 degrees or over in July! We have been able to have the windows opened and the fresh air feels so nice!!

Friday was a fun day because we all went out to celebrate Dixie's anifursary! We had some chicken for lunch, went to Petsmart, Petco, and all shared a puppy cup at our favorite ice cream store! We all got some treats at Petco off the cookie bar, and a new chewy off the rawhide bar!

What a fun special day!!

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