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No More Snow! Spring Please!

March 2nd 2009 3:00 pm
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Geez, just when I thought Spring was coming, we get about a foot of snow dumped on us last night!!! It was awful, there was so much snow, it was all the way up to our chests! Daddy had to shovel us some pathways so we could get out to potty! Not to mention all my balls were buried! I had to frantically run all around the backyard to dig them out! Mommy took some pictures today and put them up so you can see.

But there is hope. Mommy says the weather says it might be near 60 degrees by Saturday! That sure will be nice considering it is 25 out now! Then maybe all this yuck will melt, and I can get back to my walks and ball playing!

Spring, where are you?!?


An Early Easter Egg Hunt

January 30th 2009 12:42 pm
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I felt like I got to go to an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday! We went over Cody's house, and there was yummy treats and bones hidden all over his house!! In his crate, under his blankets, behind furniture, they were everywhere!! Dixie and I spent all afternoon sniffing out these scrumptious treasures!!

Of course, the next day, my belly paid the price. I had some unpleasant poos, so mommy and daddy started me on my chicken and rice again. I am glad, I love my chicken and rice!

We are getting a new stove today. Mommy and daddy went and bought it the other day, and it is being delivered soon! I think this means me and Richter will be put outside or in the mud room. We don't do too well with strangers in our house! The old oven broke right before mommy was supposed to make a big turkey dinner for daddy's birthday! So we had to have spaghetti and meatballs instead!! But I am glad mommy is getting a new oven. I want her to make us some doggy apple treats!!


My Little Celebration

January 4th 2009 9:23 am
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I had a little celebration with mommy and daddy the other day. January 2, 2009 was my 5 year anniversary of coming to live with mommy and daddy!

I was a pet store puppy. I was in a cage with my brother, all the way at the top, first one in the row, closest to the door. Mommy and daddy were walking by, when daddy spotted me peering out the door at him! He thought I was the cutest thing in the whole world, so him and mommy came in to look. Then they left. Hours went by, when all of a sudden, they were back! The man came and took me out of the cage, and I played with mommy and daddy a bit. Then I went in the back and got cleaned up while mommy and daddy paid for me, and then it was bye-bye yucky horrible cage!! It was cold out, so daddy put me inside his coat, and out we went to the car, where Richter was waiting to meet me! Daddy got in the car with me, and we said our hellos, and then drove across the street to Petsmart! As soon as we walked inside, Richter pooped on the floor. Mommy and daddy put me in the cart so they could clean up, and when they finished they turned around to find me pooping in the cart!! Hee hee!

Thankfully, the pet store I came from is now closed down, as most of the ones around here are. Back then mommy and daddy weren't educated about the rotten puppy mills, but now we will adopt or buy from reputable breeders only!! But I am sure glad they came and rescued me that day! Even though I came from a store, I still needed a loving family!!


My Christmas

December 27th 2008 10:33 am
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I had a very nice Christmas! I get a little nervous with all the excitement of unwrapping gifts, but I managed. I got a Christmas bobo in my stocking along with an iced cookie from Jake's, a pretty blue bone with snowflakes on it, and a lamb flavored chewie! I got a gingerbread man toy from aunt Connie and uncle Scott, and a peanut butter flavored chew and a Petsmart giftcard from grandma and grandpa. Uncle Chris and Nikki gave me some snacks and a squeaky ball! And Kim gave us each a some toys and a big box of snacks!!!!! Yum!

I have to be really careful with all these snacks so my belly doesn't get sick. But I just have a little tiny one every couple days and that seems to work out!

And guess what? Mommy says that we have to use our Petsmart giftcards for practical things like poop bags and a new pooper scooper!! The one we had broke the other day! I think that stinks we should be able to get toys and yummy snacks! But mommy says we already have enough of both! Grr.

Well, I just got changed into my snoopy snowflake bandana, off came my Christmas one! Oh well, I guess I will be able to wear it again before I know it!


Hostess With The Mostest!!

December 17th 2008 3:47 pm
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On Sunday night I will be hosting a pawty here at my house!! I am so excited, I love hosting pawties!! Grandma, grandpa, Aunt Connie and Scott, mom-mom, Uncle Chris, Aunt Kelly and Bailey are all coming over for dinner!!! Everyone will see our house all decorated, all our lights out front and our tree! Dixie and I just got done helping mommy put together some cookie dough!

We are gonna have so much yummy food!! Aunt Connie is gonna make her buffalo chicken dip, mommy is making a warm cheese spread, and we are gonna have chips for daddy and grandpa cause they don't like fancy dips and stuff. Then we are gonna have 2 crock pots going, one with meatballs and one with hot roast beef, all for sandwiches! Then for dessert, we are having everyone bring some Christmas cookies! And you can bet on the fact that there will be Dunkin Donuts coffee here! Mommy's favorite! I am only gonna be allowed to have one TINY nibble of a meatball or roast beef (cuz of my belly:(, but I am really lookin forward to it!

I am just about ready, I got groomed last week, so daddy will probably brush me, and mommy bought us brand new Christmas bandanas to put on that day!

Yay, I can't wait! Mommy and daddy have to work all day tomorrow, but after that, on Friday and Saturday we will be cleaning up the house and preparing the food! I also have to make sure we have a top of the line Christmas song selection!

Sunday can't get here fast enough!


Our Crazy Weekend- Macy's Story

December 7th 2008 6:49 am
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We have had a crazy weekend here at our house, and it is only Sunday morning! Dixie had the biggest event of all with a trip to the ER vet, but here is how I contributed. I kicked it all off with a bang!

Everyone knows how sensitive my belly is right?? Well, Thursday morning, mommy and daddy woke to me puking on the floor at the end of the bed. Out came the Little Green Machine (a mini carpet steamer) and also the boiled chicken and rice. I have been ok ever since but mommy and daddy need to keep an extra close eye on me and my feeding times for now to make sure I don't get sick again!

That is my part!


As Close To Heaven As You Can Get On A Leash!

November 14th 2008 2:31 pm
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The other day I got a super big treat! I got to go for a walk all by myself with mommy!! Usually, Richter and I go together and then Dixie goes herself. But since Richter has lymey the tick dizeeze, he get tired really fast on our walks. So for now, til he starts to feel better, he goes with Dixie and I go by myself!!

Mommy let me wear my extendible leash!! I trotted along the whole way, sniffing, chasing squirrels, crunching through leaves, etc!! Mommy let me stay out most of the time, except if I started pulling, then I got reeled in for a behavior check! I am pawroud to say that only happened once!


Tag Game!

November 12th 2008 8:51 am
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I was tagged by my furiend Finn! I have to list 7 facts about myself, then tag 7 others. Hmm, let's see.....

1) If I do not eat at my regularly scheduled times, I get a VERY sick belly( throw-up, the runs, you name it) for days.

2) I DO NOT like strange dogs. Mommy is waiting for me to challenge one that does not back away from me. We have yet to find one.

3) My teeth get very dirty fast. We brush them all the time, and I have to have regular dental cleanings. I am actually due for one now.

4) I only play with real tennis balls. I know a real from a fake. No imitations please!

5) I am obsessed with the dog that lives behind us. Her name is Daphne. Sometimes I fake that I have to go potty so I can go out there and stare through the little hole in the fence until she comes out.

6) I am always dressed in a bandana. I currantly have one on that is blue and green with martinis on it!

7) I am a high-energy high-strung little dog! I could walk for miles and then come home, grab a drink, and chase my ball! Nothing tires me out! It takes a special kind of person to keep up with me!!

Hmm, now for my furiends to tag. I tag Cody, Abigail, Francie, Bridgette, Miss Bella, Dixie, and Lily!


A Weekend Of Pawties!!

November 10th 2008 7:39 pm
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This past Friday was mommy's birthday (yes, we are both Scorpios, and funny thing, daddy and Richter are both Aquarius!!). It was a busy weekend! On Friday, Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Connie all came over! We had pizza for dinner and Connie made a super duper lovely ladies cake for mommy!! It was in the shape of a shoe box, and she made a shoe out of actual icing to put on top!! It looked so so cool! Mommy is going to post a pic of it on my page so you pups can see it!

On Saturday, mommy got dressed up real lovely and went out to dinner with her furiends! I wish I could have gone! I could have even brought my cosmopawliton!! But after dinner, Aunt Brooke came over!! Mommy opened her pawresent, and we had some tea and girly talk!!

Then yesterday we went over Aunt Kelly's house! Our human cousin Bailey has the same birthday as mommy, so we had a double pawty! I made sure I sat right on mommy's lap during pawresent time, so I could examine the gifts! We had sandwichs for lunch, but then daddy had to leave to go do a shoot:( But uncle Chris and mommy took me, Richter, and our cocker cousin Nikki for a big walk! We went to the lake and walked all around it! Mommy even let my leash go for a few minutes! It was great! Then we came home and took down all the Halloween decorations and put up our turkeys!! Mommy got some nice candles for her birthday, and we are burning them. They sure smell nice!


My Pawresents

October 29th 2008 1:28 pm
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Guess what? My belly is finally better! My pottys are looking fine, and as soon as I finish the batch of chicken and rice I have, mommy is going to put me back on my regular diet. I eat Purina One sensitive systems with Beneful. I like that fine, but sometimes it is nice to be spoiled with homemade chicky-rice!!

So for my birthday, I got a toy from Sniffany and Co (!!) and also a pretty pink stuffed bone with butterflies on it! I also got a bag of iced cookies from Jake's doghouse, which I shared with Richter and Dixie. Then grandma and grandpa gave me a Jake's giftcard, and a birthday cookie! Sweet! Mommy is gonna take me to spend it soon!

We are going to Mary's (the groomers) on Friday! I can't wait to get a clip and feel and smell beautiful!!

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