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The Lovely Ladies Journal

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Merry Sulky Christmas!

January 2nd 2010 9:01 pm
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How was my Christmas? It was ok. Believe it or not, I am not a big fan. I think it is all the chaos and commotion that goes along with it. I don't like my house being re-arranged to accomodate Christmas decorations. I don't like all the fuss of wrapping paper, boxes, bags, tissue etc.. all over. I have never really liked Christmas morning, I usually get really clingy to mommy or daddy, and look disturbed all morning. This year, I kept going upstairs and sitting by myself, until Dixie joined me because they were taking pictures, and she hates the flash!

Another thing about that day that was really annoying to me was the weather! There was still about a foot of snow on the ground, and then it was raining all day! So everything was cold and slushy! And we only had a little spot dug out at aunt Kelly's to go potty. Grrrr!

I will say though, that I did not mind the bite of Christmas meatball that I got that night! YUM!


I Am 6 Today!!!

October 23rd 2009 10:40 am
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Today is my birthday and I am 6 years old!! I just got one of my pawresents, it is a leash that matches my coach collar!! A few years ago for my birthday, grandma and aunt Connie got me a Coach collar! It is lovely, but mommy always made me keep it in it's box and I was only allowed to wear it for special occasions. But then (FINALLY!) mommy realized that it was never getting used, so the other night, we threw out my old stinky collar, and daddy put my fancy Coach one on!! And now I have a leash to match it! Mommy told me she is very sorry that it is not an actual Coach leash, but they are too pricey, and it also wouldn't be too fair for Richter and Dixie!! But Mommy did a great job picking one out that matches really good, so that is ok with me!!

Tonight when daddy gets home, I will be getting the rest of my pawresents!! I can't wait!!!!

So in a few minutes, we are going to go for a walk so I can try it out! We better hurry though, it looks like it might start raining soon! But first, mommy has to change my little bruther's stinky diaper! EW BOYS!! Doesn't he know there should be no pooping on my birthday!?



October 19th 2009 9:03 pm
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I've been tagged by Hershey!!

This new tag game will be about HOWLOWE'EN! Just answer the following multiple-choice questions and tag some furs! (any # of pups may be tagged!)

1. What Costume??
Your pawrents are taking you out Trick or Treating! They're both ready in their costumes, but you're still stuck in your room choosing yours! Gotta hurry! What do you do?

a. Just grab a random costume and put it on! Who cares?? You know you always look good in any outfit!
b. Take your time and just find the purfect costume! Mom and Dad can wait, can't they?
c. Run to your pawrents and go trick or treating without any costume at all! Anyways, still got my fur.

Answer fur me: B! I have never minded wearing clothes or costumes, and do love to dress up and look lovely!!

2. Sugar Rush!
Looks like you caught the eye of the person at the first stop! She thinks you're so adorable she decided to let you choose the candy you want! What do you pick?

a. CHOCOLATE!!! It may not be good fur pups, but it's so worth it!
b. Cherry Lollipops, makes me look sassy!
c. Bubblegum! I just wuv the bubbles!

Answer fur me: A! Who doesn't love chocolate?!

3. Scary Monster!!! Oh noes! There's a huge scary monster on your front porch! Of course, you gotta protect your pawrents somehow! How will you do it?

a. Growl at the thing. Might be even be afraid of you!
b. Push your pawrents aside and run along with them! It's best that you're all safe.
c. Hide behind your pawrents. They're stronger, and not to mention braver, let them do the work.

Answer fur me: A!! I would bark like mad, growl, and probably even attack!! I am fearless!! I am also especially protective now with my new baby brother!!

4. Opinions?? So, what did you think about this game?

I've never done a multiple-choice tag before! Different is good!

So far, I've tagged Lily, Abigail, Cody and Francie!


Oh Baby!

October 3rd 2009 3:53 pm
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Well, the big news here at my house is that we have a new person living here!! My mommy had a baby recently and things are a little different around here now!! Good, but different!

First I must say that I have been a VERY good girl with my little bruther! I sniff him and give him kisses whenever I can reach him! And if he cries, I run to mommy or daddy and howl at them so they know to get up and go get him!! And when he cries, once he stops, mommy and daddy have to let me see him so I know he is ok before I will settle down!

The biggest difference so far for me is my walks. Now we have a stroller to deal with. But mommy or daddy just puts me on one side, Richter on the other, and away we go! Mommy says I actually walk better with the stroller than before!

Usually once a night mommy or daddy have to get up to feed and change him. At first I would lay by the gate (us doggies are gated in with mommy and daddy at night. That has happened since Dixie came to live here) and wait for them to come back, but now I just hop up in their spot on the bed to keep it warm!!

Well, gotta go for now, it is time for my bruther to eat, and I must rest. We just got back from a very big walk, and I ate my supper, so it is snooze time!!


Summer Summer Go Away!!

August 22nd 2009 12:12 pm
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I know a lot of pups love the Summer, but I am not a big fan! Summer to me means hot hot days, so we have to plan out my walks for either early morning or late evening, and sometimes they are shorter than normal. I am more of a Spring/Fall dog. I like cool temps with my sunshine! The only good thing about Summer is the ice cream!

Another thing that I hate about Summer is the thunderstorms and the firecracker holidays!! This past Tuesday we had storms so bad we were without power for 3 hours. And last night we had storms that started right when we went to bed, and continued through the night and morning, til about 9 am!! No one was too happy about this, especially mommy and daddy cause Richter kept barking all night!

I can't wait for cooler weather, so we can open the windows! Pretty Fall mums will be out, and pumpkins and corn stalks! Apples will be in season, so mommy can make us our apple cake. The nights will be just chilly enough to snuggle up with mommy and daddy and a blankie, and maybe have a fire outside with cider! So long Summer! Fall can't come fast enough!!


Summer Moving Right Along

August 10th 2009 3:07 pm
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So Summer is droning on now. It really hasn't been too bad until the past few weeks. June and July were pretty mild, so the walks and ball playing were plentiful! But lately it has been really hot and humid. Today we took our walk really early before it got too hot.

We had a super lovely lady pawty here last month. Aunt Connie had a super idea for us to throw a private pawty for mommy and the baby!! Connie, grandma and Madison came over early and we decorated really nice and cooked a yummy dinner! And we got mommy and baby some nice presents and wrapped them nice! When mommy got home from work, she was so so surprised! We had such a nice little pawty! Aunt Connie sure did a sweet job!

We are having guests over 2 nights this week! I am so excited cause I love having guests! I am quite the hostess! I have to help mommy make lots of food! Maybe some with accidentally drop on the floor!! BOL!

Well, gotta go have my supper now! BTYL!!


Ice Cream Game!!

July 5th 2009 6:13 am
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“Truly scrumptious, you‘re truly, truly scrumptious, Scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait….”

I’ve been tagged by my sweet furiend Francie with this one very important question - What kind of ice cream do you look like?

Ahem, well I believe that I look like vanilla with lots and lots of caramel, and then a little dollop of whipped cream on top!!! Yes that sounds delicious!! Since I have a white belly, chest and feets, then I am caramel colored all over except for the little tuft of white hair on my little head, I think this is a excellent choice!

Hmm, now I must tag 5 furiends, play if you wish!!

Miss Bella


Lovely Ladies And Cute Babies!

June 30th 2009 6:41 pm
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This past Saturday was a big day! Grandma, mom-mom and Aunt Connie threw a big party for mommy and the baby!! The biggest part of the party was at a restaurant, so I couldn't go, but after some ladies came back here and we had a little lovely ladies party right here!!

Mommy's party was supposed to get us ready for a baby to come live here! Our living room is full of the funniest things, little clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, big b0xes, little boxes, story books, you name it!!

Baby Madison was here for the party too! She is a cute baby, and I like to take some time now and then to sniff her and give her a kiss or two!!


Busy Week

June 13th 2009 10:24 pm
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I sure had a busy week last week. On Sunday, we helpled mommy and daddy do yard work and clean up around here. Mommy was busy in the kitchen makin some snacks and stuff. Then in the afternoon, mom-mom and poppy came over. Poppy and daddy did some yard work, then Uncle Chris and Nikki came over. Daddy and Uncle Chris did something on the roof. After all the chores were done, we all sat outside and had a cookout. After everyone ate, we were sitting outside with a fire going, and mommy picked me up and put me in her lap. That was when daddy noticed the telltale signs of one of my pesky hot spots! This one is on my neck. So Monday morning mommy called the vet and daddy and I went over later. They did the usual, shaved it, cleaned it out, took a scraping from it to check for mites (none thank goodness!!!!!!!!) and gave me some medicine and a spray.

That night mommy noticed that I was not acting myself, I was pacing the house and panting a lot. It was hot and humid, so mommy lowered the a/c. I settled down a tiny bit, but even when I tried to rest, I was panting and breathing hard. Daddy noticed this as well when he got home from work.
Tuesday morning, mommy woke up to see me sitting on the bed, staring at her and panting. She got up, took us out, and I wouldn't even run out into the yard! It was pretty early, but as soon as the doctors opened, mommy called. She talked to the vet and he told her to stop my anti-histamine. He said sometimes some doggies just have a bad reaction to it. So we stopped it and I have been myself ever since!

Now in the the meantime, while mommy was on the phone with my vet, the landscapers came. While the were doing out lawn, it all of a sudden got very very dark. So dark, in fact, that our motion sensor lights that only come on in the dark, were on out back!! And then all of a sudden the sky just opened up, and rain POURED down!! Lightening streaked accross the sky, and thunder shook the whole house!!! Mommy said if you didn't know any better you would think a hurricaine had come in!!

Then Wednesday morning, after breakfast, mommy loaded us all in the car and we were off to the groomers!! We spent the day there getting beautiful. It felt good to get a bath, and it made my poor hot spot feel better too!!


Baby Madison

April 26th 2009 5:45 pm
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Today I got quite a surprise when I went over to grandmas. I got there and ran right upstairs to where grandma and aunt Connie were working on the computer. I hopped up so grandma could pet me, but to my surprise, there was already someone there on her lap!!

Grandma was holdin this tiny little person! This little person was no bigger than the cats! I sniffed her a bit, and then made my rounds to say my hellos. Then later we all went downstairs and mommy took this little person, or baby as everyone was calling her, and said Macy, come here, who is this??? So I was allowed to hop up on the couch next to mommy, and get a good look at this baby. I sat real nice next to mommy, and sniffed this little girl, whose name is Madison. She sure smelled interesting, especially by her little nose and mouth! I didn't know people came in such small packages!

Baby Madison made a lot of noise a couple times, mommy says she was crying. Apparently that is what babies do when they want something. Mommy was glad to see that I really didn't seem phased at all by this noise. Then mommy pulled out this pink bag and sat down with me. She said, Macy come see whats in here! She pulled all kinds of funny lookin things out of this bag, lots of teeny tiny clothes, and some itty bitty things that sort of looked like Dixie's pants that she sometimes has to wear! Mommy says babies have to wear these things on their hineys til they are potty trained! I looked at and smelled all of these things!!

Then we all went for a walk! At the end, mommy took the thing baby Madison was riding in, and started pushing it while holding my leash. I was a really good girl, a couple times I tried to cross in front of it, but mommy stopped and showed me the right way to go and to stay on just one side of this stroller thingy.

Now you might be wonderin why mommy was so busy trying t make sure I saw all this new baby stuff. That is because we will soon be having a baby of our own here! Thats right, my mommy is preg-nint and is due in the summer! So far I really don't mind, except that mommy's lap seems to be getting smaller by the day! And I get scolded if I keep trying to step on mommy's big belly! But all in all, it's not so bad. The only thing that stinks is mommy is having a boy. I would much rather a girl, but then again, I don't think there is room for more than one lovely lady like myself in this house!!

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